IBM patents granted on 10 August 2010

115 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,774,831 Methods and apparatus for processing markup language messages in a network
2 7,774,786 Resource scheduling in workflow management systems
3 7,774,785 Cluster code management
4 7,774,776 Single port initial context access to enterprise java bean
5 7,774,761 Use of memory watch points and a debugger to improve analysis of runtime memory access errors
6 7,774,737 Performance in model-based OPC engine utilizing efficient polygon pinning method
7 7,774,732 Method for radiation tolerance by automated placement
8 7,774,724 Specifying a configuration for a digital system utilizing dial biasing weights
9 7,774,696 Change approvals for computing systems
10 7,774,695 Presenting data to a user in a three-dimensional table
11 7,774,693 Differential dynamic content delivery with device controlling action
12 7,774,692 Method for generating display control information and computer
13 7,774,668 System and method for detecting non-reproducible pseudo-random test cases
14 7,774,662 Method and structure for picosecond-imaging-circuit-analysis based built-in-self-test diagnostic
15 7,774,660 Flexible row redundancy system
16 7,774,656 System and article of manufacture for handling a fabric failure
17 7,774,654 Method and apparatus for preventing soft error accumulation in register arrays
18 7,774,650 Power failure warning in logically partitioned enclosures
19 7,774,647 Method for counting instructions for logging and replay of a deterministic sequence of events
20 7,774,644 System and program for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
21 7,774,639 Subscription-based management and distribution of member-specific state data in a distributed computing system
22 7,774,617 Masking a boot sequence by providing a dummy processor
23 7,774,616 Masking a boot sequence by providing a dummy processor
24 7,774,589 System, method and program for selectivity rebooting computers and other components of a distributed computer system
25 7,774,571 Resource allocation unit queue
26 7,774,566 Physical tape interchange format
27 7,774,563 Reducing memory access latency for hypervisor- or supervisor-initiated memory access requests
28 7,774,561 Key-controlled object-based memory protection
29 7,774,555 Data processing system and method for efficient coherency communication utilizing coherency domain indicators
30 7,774,554 System and method for intelligent software-controlled cache injection
31 7,774,547 On-demand cache memory for storage subsystems
32 7,774,519 Channel communication array queues in hardware system area
33 7,774,496 System and program product for facilitating forwarding of data packets through a node of a data transfer network using multiple types of forwarding tables
34 7,774,491 Utilizing informed throttling to guarantee quality of service to I/O streams
35 7,774,488 Method and system for switching media streams in a client system based on environmental changes
36 7,774,462 Apparatus, system, and method for establishing an agency relationship to perform delegated computing tasks
37 7,774,453 System and method for handling location information
38 7,774,452 Method and apparatus for scaling a user interface adaptively to an object discovery/display system with policy driven filtering
39 7,774,450 Method for creating and processing a soap message, and method, apparatus and program for processing information
40 7,774,428 Automatic response time measurement of LDAP server operations
41 7,774,427 System and program product for caching web content
42 7,774,421 Mitigating address book weaknesses that permit the sending of e-mail to wrong addresses
43 7,774,420 Managing on-demand email storage
44 7,774,417 Method and system for sequencing of electronic mail to derive a specified response trajectory
45 7,774,416 Optimizing the expectation of a response in instant messaging with an automatic hierarchical instant message assistant
46 7,774,409 Providing common contact discovery and management to electronic mail users
47 7,774,407 Postponing an instant messaging session
48 7,774,406 Method and system for an independent collaborative computing community
49 7,774,386 Applying abstraction to object markup definitions
50 7,774,383 Displaying facet tree elements and logging facet element item counts to a sequence document
51 7,774,380 Technique for finding rest resources using an n-ary tree structure navigated using a collision free progressive hash
52 7,774,372 Computer program product and method for database management system supporting multiple temporary tables
53 7,774,364 Uniform name space referrals with location independence
54 7,774,357 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing enhanced query governor functions
55 7,774,355 Dynamic authorization based on focus data
56 7,774,354 Method and system for response time optimization for task list retrieval from databases
57 7,774,352 Method of reversing an erroneous invoice
58 7,774,338 Method and apparatus for displaying text information and numerical information in association with each other
59 7,774,336 Adaptively reordering joins during query execution
60 7,774,332 Enabling interactive integration of network-accessible applications in a content aggregation framework
61 7,774,317 Copy process substituting compressible bit pattern for any unqualified data objects
62 7,774,311 Method and apparatus of distributing data in partioned databases operating on a shared-nothing architecture
63 7,774,304 Method, apparatus and program storage device for managing buffers during online reorganization
64 7,774,302 Online analytical processing (OLAP)
65 7,774,301 Use of federation services and transformation services to perform extract, transform, and load (ETL) of unstructured information and associated metadata
66 7,774,300 System and method for data model and content migration in content management applications
67 7,774,289 Conceptual configuration modeling for application program integration
68 7,774,226 Accepting bids under uncertain future demands
69 7,774,218 Method for processing insurance coverage requests
70 7,774,189 System and method for simulating data flow using dataflow computing system
71 7,774,185 Protein structure alignment using cellular automata
72 7,774,163 Method, system, program for determining frequency of updating database histograms
73 7,774,095 System and program for virtualization of data storage library addresses
74 7,774,094 Selecting a source cluster by measuring system factors, calculating a mount-to-dismount lifespan, and selecting the source cluster in response to the lifespan and a user policy
75 7,773,844 Method for reducing bandwidth loss in data center applications with multiple fiber type connectivity
76 7,773,689 Multimodal memory controllers
77 7,773,602 CAM based system and method for re-sequencing data packets
78 7,773,522 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for managing performance and resource utilization within cluster-based systems
79 7,773,487 Apparatus and method to determine an optimal optical detector orientation to decode holographically encoded information
80 7,773,465 Media vaulting in an automated data storage library
81 7,773,437 Design structure for improved memory column redundancy scheme
82 7,773,333 Recording data simultaneously at two depths of a tilted magnetic medium
83 7,773,327 Multi-channel data detection phase locked loop frequency error combination logic
84 7,773,326 Methods for multi-channel data detection phase locked loop error combination
85 7,773,275 Apparatus and method to store information in a holographic data storage medium
86 7,773,274 Apparatus and method to store information in a holographic data storage medium
87 7,773,220 Method and system for collecting alignment data from coated chips or wafers
88 7,773,159 Switching system for signal monitoring and switch-back control
89 7,773,087 Dynamically configuring and selecting multiple ray tracing intersection methods
90 7,772,980 Method and systems for localizing objects using capacitively coupled RFIDs
91 7,772,918 Regulated voltage boost charge pump for an integrated circuit device
92 7,772,900 Phase-locked loop circuits and methods implementing pulsewidth modulation for fine tuning control of digitally controlled oscillators
93 7,772,866 Structure and method of mapping signal intensity to surface voltage for integrated circuit inspection
94 7,772,676 Strained semiconductor device and method of making same
95 7,772,663 Method and apparatus for bitline and contact via integration in magnetic random access memory arrays
96 7,772,656 Combination planar FET and FinFET device
97 7,772,651 Semiconductor-on-insulator high-voltage device structures, methods of fabricating such device structures, and design structures for high-voltage circuits
98 7,772,649 SOI field effect transistor with a back gate for modulating a floating body
99 7,772,647 Structure and design structure having isolated back gates for fully depleted SOI devices
100 7,772,582 Four-terminal reconfigurable devices
101 7,772,124 Method of manufacturing a through-silicon-via on-chip passive MMW bandpass filter
102 7,772,120 Chemical vapor deposition method for the incorporation of nitrogen into materials including germanium and antimony
103 7,772,119 Dual liner capping layer interconnect structure
104 7,772,095 Integrated circuit having localized embedded SiGe and method of manufacturing
105 7,772,083 Trench forming method and structure
106 7,772,071 Strained channel transistor and method of fabrication thereof
107 7,772,028 CMOS imager with Cu wiring and method of eliminating high reflectivity interfaces therefrom
108 7,772,016 Method for composition control of a metal compound film
109 7,771,695 Complexes of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes with molecular-clips and use thereof
110 7,771,604 Reduced mask count gate conductor definition
111 7,771,560 Methods to prevent ECC (edge chipping and cracking) damage during die picking process
112 7,771,541 Method of removing metallic, inorganic and organic contaminants from chip passivation layer surfaces
113 7,771,318 Device for monitoring a user’s posture
114 7,771,208 Metalized elastomeric electrical contacts
115 7,770,476 Capturing air samples for forensic investigation