IBM patents granted on 10 February 2009

133 US patents granted on 10 February 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,490,354 Virus detection in a network
2 7,490,349 System and method of enforcing hierarchical management policy
3 7,490,342 Content provisioning system and method
4 7,490,340 Selectively de-scrambling media signals
5 7,490,331 Mapping to and from native type formats
6 7,490,327 System and method for programmatic distributed transaction commit prioritization mechanism
7 7,490,326 Gathering operational metrics within a grid environment using ghost agents
8 7,490,324 System and method for transferring data between virtual machines or other computer entities
9 7,490,323 Method and system for monitoring distributed applications on-demand
10 7,490,322 Software distribution method and system
11 7,490,320 Method and apparatus for transforming Java Native Interface function calls into simpler operations during just-in-time compilation
12 7,490,316 Method and apparatus to implement adaptive scripting tool
13 7,490,310 Method for creating a layout for an electronic circuit
14 7,490,308 Method for implementing overlay-based modification of VLSI design layout
15 7,490,305 Method for driving values to DC adjusted/untimed nets to identify timing problems
16 7,490,304 Determining geometrical configuration of interconnect structure
17 7,490,303 Identifying parasitic diode(s) in an integrated circuit physical design
18 7,490,299 System and method for handling unexpected focus change messages in a computing device
19 7,490,298 Creating documentation screenshots on demand
20 7,490,297 Window scroll bar
21 7,490,292 Web-based instruction
22 7,490,289 Depth indicator for a link in a document
23 7,490,286 Help option enhancement for interactive voice response systems
24 7,490,281 Segmented algorithmic pattern generator
25 7,490,280 Microcontroller for logic built-in self test (LBIST)
26 7,490,265 Recovery segment identification in a computing infrastructure
27 7,490,264 Method for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
28 7,490,246 Method for encryption of data based on an iteration of a stored encryption key
29 7,490,242 Secure management of authentication information
30 7,490,241 Time stamping method employing user specified time
31 7,490,235 Offline analysis of packets
32 7,490,234 Methods and apparatus for automatic system parameter configuration for performance improvement
33 7,490,226 Method using vector component comprising first and second bits to regulate movement of dependent instructions in a microprocessor
34 7,490,224 Time-of-life counter design for handling instruction flushes from a queue
35 7,490,217 Design structure for selecting memory busses according to physical memory organization information stored in virtual address translation tables
36 7,490,206 Method and structure for low memory relocation for dynamic memory reconfiguration
37 7,490,205 Method for providing a triad copy of storage data
38 7,490,204 Using constraints to simplify a memory controller
39 7,490,203 Method for dumping data in processing systems to a shared storage
40 7,490,202 Data processing system and method for efficient L3 cache directory management
41 7,490,201 Method and bus prefetching mechanism for implementing enhanced buffer control
42 7,490,200 L2 cache controller with slice directory and unified cache structure
43 7,490,186 Memory system having an apportionable data bus and daisy chained memory chips
44 7,490,184 Systems and methods for data intervention for out-of-order castouts
45 7,490,183 Information kit integration architecture for end-user systems
46 7,490,180 Method, system, and computer program product for dynamically selecting software buffers for aggregation according to current system characteristics
47 7,490,179 Device for, method of, and program for dynamically switching modes for writing transaction data into disk
48 7,490,168 Service oriented integration server architecture
49 7,490,154 Method, system, and storage medium for providing context-based dynamic policy assignment in a distributed processing environment
50 7,490,153 Smart nodes for providing interoperability among a plurality of web services in a chain and dynamically orchestrating associated processes
51 7,490,140 Peer data transfer orchestration
52 7,490,132 System allowing participant in a chat session to use either private tag or public tag to manage chat histories
53 7,490,121 Modular binary multiplier for signed and unsigned operands of variable widths
54 7,490,120 Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using a selectable one of six possible level 3 L1 kernel routines
55 7,490,119 High speed adder design for a multiply-add based floating point unit
56 7,490,115 Commitment chains for conflict resolution between disconnected data sharing applications
57 7,490,113 Database log capture that publishes transactions to multiple targets to handle unavailable targets by separating the publishing of subscriptions and subsequently recombining the publishing
58 7,490,111 Efficient handling of mostly read data in a computer server
59 7,490,110 Predictable query execution through early materialization
60 7,490,105 Externalized selection middleware for variability management
61 7,490,101 Method and structure for deleting leaves in tree table structures
62 7,490,100 Dynamic graphical database query interface
63 7,490,098 Apparatus, system, and method for processing hierarchical data in disparate data repositories
64 7,490,095 Scope and distribution of knowledge in an autonomic computing system
65 7,490,090 Information extraction system, information processing apparatus, information collection apparatus, character string extraction method, and storage medium
66 7,490,088 Apparatus, system, and method for preserving connection/position data integrity during file server serialization reinitialization
67 7,490,083 Parallel apply processing in data replication with preservation of transaction integrity and source ordering of dependent updates
68 7,490,082 System and method for searching internet domains
69 7,490,081 Method and system for automatic identification and notification of relevant software defects
70 7,490,080 Method for delivering information with caching based on interest and significance
71 7,490,077 Extensible dependency management framework and method
72 7,490,069 Anonymous payment with a verification possibility by a defined party
73 7,490,062 Method of payment by means of an electronic communication device
74 7,490,058 Automated dynamic negotiation of electronic service contracts
75 7,490,042 Methods and apparatus for adapting output speech in accordance with context of communication
76 7,490,040 Method and apparatus for preparing a document to be read by a text-to-speech reader
77 7,490,038 Speech recognition optimization tool
78 7,490,033 System for compiling word usage frequencies
79 7,490,023 Method for analyzing effects of performance characteristics of an application based on complex configuration models
80 7,490,017 Analytical generation of software thermal profiles
81 7,489,980 Factory level and tool level advanced process control systems integration implementation
82 7,489,840 Optical link module, optical interconnection method, information processor including the optical link module, signal transfer method, prism and method of manufacturing the prism
83 7,489,827 Scaling of multi-dimensional data in a hybrid domain
84 7,489,823 Method for using a reentry data set to decode compressed data
85 7,489,821 Method, system and program product for representing a perceptual organization of an image
86 7,489,774 Routing telecommunications to a user in dependence upon device-based routing preferences
87 7,489,698 Mediator based architecture for first responder interoperability systems (FRIS)
88 7,489,679 Providing telephony services using proxies
89 7,489,639 Root-cause analysis of network performance problems
90 7,489,596 Methods and apparatus capable of indicating elapsed time intervals
91 7,489,582 Low overhead switched header power savings apparatus
92 7,489,572 Method for implementing eFuse sense amplifier testing without blowing the eFuse
93 7,489,519 Power and ground ring snake pattern to prevent delamination between the gold plated ring and mold resin for wirebond PBGA
94 7,489,512 Optimized thermally conductive plate and attachment method for enhanced thermal performance and reliability of flip chip organic packages
95 7,489,494 Guard wafer for semiconductor structure fabrication
96 7,489,475 Information output from a single character display for LTO drives
97 7,489,474 Magnetic head having a notched pole piece structure
98 7,489,465 Apparatus, system, and method for timing based servo tape formating
99 7,489,440 Optical spectral filtering and dispersion compensation using semiconductor optical amplifiers
100 7,489,334 Method and system for reducing the cost of sampling a moving image
101 7,489,322 Apparatus for priority transmission and display of key areas of image data
102 7,489,247 Wireless system provided in a vehicle to detect presence of child in a baby car seat
103 7,489,246 System and method to record environmental condition on an RFID tag
104 7,489,224 Ferrite core, and flexible assembly of ferrite cores for suppressing electromagnetic interference
105 7,489,207 Structure for voltage controlled oscillator
106 7,489,204 Method and structure for chip-level testing of wire delay independent of silicon delay
107 7,489,163 FPGA powerup to known functional state
108 7,489,161 Method for extending lifetime reliability of digital logic devices through removal of aging mechanisms
109 7,489,039 Metal fill region of a semiconductor chip
110 7,489,038 Design of BEOL patterns to reduce the stresses on structures below chip bondpads
111 7,489,025 Device and method for fabricating double-sided SOI wafer scale package with optical through via connections
112 7,488,967 Structure for confining the switching current in phase memory (PCM) cells
113 7,488,771 Stabilization of vinyl ether materials
114 7,488,687 Methods of forming electrical interconnect structures using polymer residues to increase etching selectivity through dielectric layers
115 7,488,682 High-density 3-dimensional resistors
116 7,488,680 Conductive through via process for electronic device carriers
117 7,488,679 Interconnect structure and process of making the same
118 7,488,677 Interconnect structures with encasing cap and methods of making thereof
119 7,488,661 Device and method for improving interface adhesion in thin film structures
120 7,488,660 Extended raised source/drain structure for enhanced contact area and method for forming extended raised source/drain structure
121 7,488,659 Structure and methods for stress concentrating spacer
122 7,488,658 Stressed semiconductor device structures having granular semiconductor material
123 7,488,656 Removal of charged defects from metal oxide-gate stacks
124 7,488,643 MIM capacitor and method of making same
125 7,488,642 Process for forming a buried plate
126 7,488,640 Aluminum nitride and aluminum oxide/aluminum nitride heterostructure gate dielectric stack based field effect transistors and method for forming same
127 7,488,630 Method for preparing 2-dimensional semiconductor devices for integration in a third dimension
128 7,488,624 Techniques for providing decoupling capacitance
129 7,488,364 Layered disposable air filter with dust capture topology
130 7,488,192 Apparatus and method that minimizing dimensional instability and solder stress in surface mounted interconnections
131 7,488,182 Land grid array (LGA) interposer structure providing for electrical contacts on opposite sides of a carrier plane
132 7,488,131 Pen retention apparatus
133 7,487,913 Method and system for reducing waste due to product spoilage within a grocery environment