IBM patents granted on 10 February 2015

156 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,955,153 Privacy control in a social network
2 8,955,139 Sound and effective data-flow analysis in the presence of aliasing
3 8,955,125 Snoop echo response extractor
4 8,955,094 User session management for web applications
5 8,955,071 Controlled password modification method
6 8,955,070 Controlled password modification method and apparatus
7 8,955,058 Automatically generating challenge questions inferred from user history data for user authentication
8 8,955,057 Managing access to class objects in a system utilizing a role-based access control framework
9 8,955,052 System and method for maintaining dual identity in a server process
10 8,954,997 Resource affinity via dynamic reconfiguration for multi-queue network adapters
11 8,954,991 Acknowledging incoming messages
12 8,954,988 Automated assessment of terms of service in an API marketplace
13 8,954,985 Dependency management in task scheduling
14 8,954,984 Environmentally aware load-balancing
15 8,954,982 Resource management using reliable and efficient delivery of application performance information in a cloud computing system
16 8,954,981 Method for resource optimization for parallel data integration
17 8,954,974 Adaptive lock list searching of waiting threads
18 8,954,973 Transferring architected state between cores
19 8,954,969 File system object node management
20 8,954,967 Adaptive parallel data processing
21 8,954,961 Geophysical virtual machine policy allocation using a GPS, atomic clock source or regional peering host
22 8,954,949 Smart patch delivery system
23 8,954,945 Profile-based global live-range splitting
24 8,954,944 Profile-based global live-range splitting
25 8,954,943 Analyze and reduce number of data reordering operations in SIMD code
26 8,954,940 Integrating preprocessor behavior into parsing
27 8,954,936 Enhancing functional tests coverage using traceability and static analysis
28 8,954,933 Interactive semi-automatic test case maintenance
29 8,954,932 Crash notification between debuggers
30 8,954,928 Version labeling in a version control system
31 8,954,922 Service emulator substituting for backend components to satisfy needs of front end components
32 8,954,921 Continuous updating of technical debt status
33 8,954,915 Structured placement of hierarchical soft blocks during physical synthesis of an integrated circuit
34 8,954,914 Graphical method and product to assign physical attributes to entities in a high level descriptive language used for VLSI chip design
35 8,954,912 Structured placement of latches/flip-flops to minimize clock power in high-performance designs
36 8,954,901 Parameter variation improvement
37 8,954,898 Source-mask optimization for a lithography process
38 8,954,869 Generating a front end graphical user interface for a plurality of text based commands
39 8,954,859 Visually analyzing, clustering, transforming and consolidating real and virtual machine images in a computing environment
40 8,954,850 Computer-implemented method and systems for assisting a user in applying a business process pattern
41 8,954,849 Communication support method, system, and server device
42 8,954,833 Half width counting leading zero circuit using comparators
43 8,954,811 Administering incident pools for incident analysis
44 8,954,810 Progressive validation check disabling based upon validation results
45 8,954,802 Method and system for providing immunity to computers
46 8,954,797 Reconfigurable recovery modes in high availability processors
47 8,954,785 Redundancy and load balancing in remote direct memory access communications
48 8,954,784 Reduced power failover
49 8,954,768 Storage system power management
50 8,954,765 Energy based resource allocation across virtualized machines and data centers
51 8,954,762 Peer to peer power management
52 8,954,760 Authentication of solution topology
53 8,954,756 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
54 8,954,755 Memory address translation-based data encryption with integrated encryption engine
55 8,954,753 Encrypting data in volatile memory
56 8,954,752 Building and distributing secure object software
57 8,954,751 Secure memory control parameters in table look aside buffer data fields and support memory array
58 8,954,733 Embedded extrinsic source for digital certificate validation
59 8,954,724 Anonymization of data within a streams environment
60 8,954,723 Anonymization of data within a streams environment
61 8,954,721 Multi-chip initialization using a parallel firmware boot process
62 8,954,713 Using predictive determinism within a streaming environment
63 8,954,712 Computer system including an all-to-all communication network of processors connected using electrical and optical links
64 8,954,707 Automatic use of large pages
65 8,954,704 Dynamic network adapter memory resizing and bounding for virtual function translation entry storage
66 8,954,702 Extended address volume (EAV) allocation verification
67 8,954,701 Address space management while switching optically-connected memory
68 8,954,698 Switching optically connected memory
69 8,954,688 Handling storage pages in a database system
70 8,954,685 Virtualized SAS adapter with logic unit partitioning
71 8,954,680 Modifying data prefetching operation based on a past prefetching attempt
72 8,954,678 Automatic pattern-based operand prefetching
73 8,954,668 Writing of data of a first block size in a raid array that stores and mirrors data in a second block size
74 8,954,652 Method and controller for identifying a unit in a solid state memory device for writing data to
75 8,954,645 Storage writes in a mirrored virtual machine system
76 8,954,639 Integrated link calibration and multi-processor topology discovery
77 8,954,631 Continuously transferring data using a USB mass storage device
78 8,954,627 Fibre channel N-port ID virtualization protocol
79 8,954,586 Pre-provisioning virtual machines in a networked computing environment
80 8,954,555 Using push notifications to reduce open browser connections
81 8,954,510 Parsing emails
82 8,954,504 Managing a message subscription in a publish/subscribe messaging system
83 8,954,490 Speculative and coordinated data access in a hybrid memory server
84 8,954,485 Range check based lookup tables
85 8,954,481 Managing the product of temporary groups in a community
86 8,954,480 End-to-end interoperability and workflows from building architecture design to one or more simulations
87 8,954,479 End-to-end interoperability and workflows from building architecture design to one or more simulations
88 8,954,468 Extracting a meaningful frequent itemset
89 8,954,466 Use of statistical language modeling for generating exploratory search results
90 8,954,463 Use of statistical language modeling for generating exploratory search results
91 8,954,437 Monitoring content repositories, identifying misclassified content objects, and suggesting reclassification
92 8,954,436 Monitoring content repositories, identifying misclassified content objects, and suggesting reclassification
93 8,954,433 Generating a recommendation to add a member to a receptivity cohort
94 8,954,428 Generating visualizations of a display group of tags representing content instances in objects satisfying a search criteria
95 8,954,417 Content management system that retrieves data from an external data source and creates one or more objects in the repository
96 8,954,408 Allowing writes to complete without obtaining a write lock to a file
97 8,954,407 System and method for partially deferred index maintenance
98 8,954,405 Content validation for documentation topics using provider information
99 8,954,403 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
100 8,954,402 Character string generation method, article of manufacture and system
101 8,954,400 Method, system and program product for managing structured data
102 8,954,376 Detecting transcoding tables in extract-transform-load processes
103 8,954,374 Community-driven map creation and access
104 8,954,364 Hierarchical contexts to drive live sensor applications
105 8,954,342 Publishing an industry business architecture model
106 8,954,311 Arrangements for extending configuration management in large IT environments to track changes proactively
107 8,954,310 Automatic designation of equivalent variable values
108 8,954,306 Component behavior modeling using separate behavior model
109 8,954,125 Low-loss superconducting devices
110 8,953,952 Optical receiver based on a decision feedback equalizer
111 8,953,910 Proof reading of text data generated through optical character recognition
112 8,953,851 Ocular biometric authentication with system verification
113 8,953,850 Ocular biometric authentication with system verification
114 8,953,796 Techniques for accessing features of a hardware adapter
115 8,953,792 Combining key control information in common cryptographic architecture services
116 8,953,789 Combining key control information in common cryptographic architecture services
117 8,953,756 Checking for permission to record VoIP messages
118 8,953,619 Dynamic optimization of a multicast tree hierarchy for a distributed switch
119 8,953,607 Internet group membership protocol group membership synchronization in virtual link aggregation
120 8,953,489 Selecting a master processor from an ambiguous peer group
121 8,953,471 Counteracting spam in voice over internet protocol telephony systems
122 8,953,468 Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) session quality
123 8,953,367 Three-dimensional memory array and operation scheme
124 8,953,365 Capacitor backup for SRAM
125 8,953,332 Positive pressure-applying compliant latch mechanism
126 8,953,317 Wicking vapor-condenser facilitating immersion-cooling of electronic component(s)
127 8,953,268 Methods for formatting and using linear recording media having a reduced servo band width
128 8,953,038 Distributed video surveillance storage cost reduction using statistical multiplexing principle
129 8,952,964 Generating animated voronoi treemaps to visualize dynamic hierarchical data with node insertion
130 8,952,813 Optimization of luggage placement in storage compartments
131 8,952,800 Prevention of texting while operating a motor vehicle
132 8,952,658 Set of standardized battery cartridges and recharger
133 8,952,551 Semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
134 8,952,539 Methods for fabrication of an air gap-containing interconnect structure
135 8,952,503 Organic module EMI shielding structures and methods
136 8,952,488 Low cost anti-fuse structure
137 8,952,486 Electrical fuse and method of making the same
138 8,952,460 Germanium oxide free atomic layer deposition of silicon oxide and high-k gate dielectric on germanium containing channel for CMOS devices
139 8,952,431 Stacked carbon-based FETs
140 8,952,258 Implementing graphene interconnect for high conductivity applications
141 8,951,906 Method of forming a through-silicon via utilizing a metal contact pad in a back-end-of-line wiring level to fill the through-silicon via
142 8,951,896 High linearity SOI wafer for low-distortion circuit applications
143 8,951,893 Fabricating polysilicon MOS devices and passive ESD devices
144 8,951,870 Forming strained and relaxed silicon and silicon germanium fins on the same wafer
145 8,951,868 Formation of functional gate structures with different critical dimensions using a replacement gate process
146 8,951,850 FinFET formed over dielectric
147 8,951,811 Magnetic domain wall shift register memory device readout
148 8,951,612 Method for processing a surface
149 8,951,599 Wound dressing
150 8,951,445 Bridging arrangement and method for manufacturing a bridging arrangement
151 8,951,000 Enhanced computer rack having an integrated lift rail and/or tool design
152 8,950,948 Light pipe with electromagnetic interference shielding
153 8,950,869 Three dimensional image projector with two color imaging
154 8,950,719 Integrated rack installation apparatus and method
155 8,950,661 Realizing desktop metaphors on a computer
156 8,950,239 Conductive dust detection