IBM patents granted on 10 January 2006

75 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 6,986,147 Method for transparent, location-independent, remote procedure calls in a heterogeneous network environment
2 6,986,143 Reducing the size of generated code used to call common object model objects, while preserving type-checking
3 6,986,140 Method for determining idle processor load balancing in a multiple processors system
4 6,986,137 Method, system and program products for managing logical processors of a computing environment
5 6,986,125 Method and apparatus for testing and evaluating a software component using an abstraction matrix
6 6,986,122 IF statement having an expression setup clause to be utilized in structured assembly language programming
7 6,986,116 Signal balancing between voltage domains
8 6,986,114 Feedback cycle detection across non-scan memory elements
9 6,986,109 Practical method for hierarchical-preserving layout optimization of integrated circuit layout
10 6,986,102 Method and configurable model for storing hierarchical data in a non-hierarchical data repository
11 6,986,101 Method and apparatus for converting programs and source code files written in a programming language to equivalent markup language files
12 6,986,099 Error correction mechanisms in spreadsheet packages
13 6,986,090 Method for reducing switching activity during a scan operation with limited impact on the test coverage of an integrated circuit
14 6,986,078 Optimization of storage and power consumption with soft error predictor-corrector
15 6,986,066 Computer system having low energy consumption
16 6,986,061 Integrated system for network layer security and fine-grained identity-based access control
17 6,986,051 Method and system for controlling and filtering files using a virus-free certificate
18 6,986,047 Method and apparatus for serving content from a semi-trusted server
19 6,986,041 System and method for remote code integrity in distributed systems
20 6,986,039 Technique for synchronizing security credentials using a trusted authenticating domain
21 6,986,038 Technique for synchronizing security credentials from a master directory, platform, or registry
22 6,986,027 Universal load address/value prediction using stride-based pattern history and last-value prediction in a two-level table scheme
23 6,986,017 Buffer pre-registration
24 6,986,016 Contiguous physical memory allocation
25 6,986,013 Imprecise cache line protection mechanism during a memory clone operation
26 6,986,011 High speed memory cloner within a data processing system
27 6,986,008 Backup firmware in a distributed system
28 6,986,002 Adaptive shared data interventions in coupled broadcast engines
29 6,985,990 System and method for implementing private devices on a secondary peripheral component interface
30 6,985,988 System-on-a-Chip structure having a multiple channel bus bridge
31 6,985,972 Dynamic cache coherency snooper presence with variable snoop latency
32 6,985,970 Data transfer with implicit notification
33 6,985,955 System and method for provisioning resources to users based on roles, organizational information, attributes and third-party information or authorizations
34 6,985,952 Energy-induced process migration
35 6,985,951 Inter-partition message passing method, system and program product for managing workload in a partitioned processing environment
36 6,985,940 Performance testing of server systems
37 6,985,939 Building distributed software services as aggregations of other services
38 6,985,938 Workflow in a paperless office
39 6,985,936 Addressing the name space mismatch between content servers and content caching systems
40 6,985,933 Method and system for increasing ease-of-use and bandwidth utilization in wireless devices
41 6,985,923 Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for processing redundant electronic mail messages
42 6,985,916 Method, system, and article of manufacture for returning physical volumes
43 6,985,911 Mechanism for invocation of user-defined routines in a multi-threaded database environment
44 6,985,910 Tilting tree spinning cones method and system for mapping XML to n-dimensional data structure using a single dimensional mapping array
45 6,985,899 Method and system for composing a query for a database and traversing the database
46 6,985,868 System, method and program product for automatically managing contracts
47 6,985,863 Speech recognition apparatus and method utilizing a language model prepared for expressions unique to spontaneous speech
48 6,985,842 Bidirectional wire I/O model and method for device simulation
49 6,985,674 Fiber optic transceiver array and fiber optic transceiver channel for short wave fiber optic communications
50 6,985,645 Apparatus and methods for integrally packaging optoelectronic devices, IC chips and optical transmission lines
51 6,985,642 Image size reduction method and system
52 6,985,629 Image processing method, relative density detecting method and image processing apparatus
53 6,985,590 Electronic watermarking method and apparatus for compressed audio data, and system therefor
54 6,985,536 Block coding for multilevel data communication
55 6,985,431 Network switch and components and method of operation
56 6,985,384 Spacer integration scheme in MRAM technology
57 6,985,362 Printed circuit board and electronic package using same
58 6,985,338 Insulative in-stack hard bias for GMR sensor stabilization
59 6,985,320 Method and apparatus for encoding data to guarantee isolated transitions in a magnetic recording system
60 6,985,244 Print quotas
61 6,985,240 Method and apparatus for retrieving information about an object of interest to an observer
62 6,985,147 Information access method, system and storage medium
63 6,985,037 Amplifier arrangement, circuit and method with improved common mode rejection ratio
64 6,985,004 Wiring optimizations for power
65 6,984,997 Method and system for testing multi-chip integrated circuit modules
66 6,984,991 Initialization of a bidirectional, self-timed parallel interface with automatic testing of AC differential wire pairs
67 6,984,846 Gradiometer-based flux qubit for quantum computing and method therefor
68 6,984,792 Dielectric interposer for chip to substrate soldering
69 6,984,593 Beta control using a rapid thermal oxidation
70 6,984,591 Precursor source mixtures
71 6,984,564 Structure and method to improve SRAM stability without increasing cell area or off current
72 6,984,529 Fabrication process for a magnetic tunnel junction device
73 6,984,415 Delivery systems for gases for gases via the sublimation of solid precursors
74 6,984,286 Adjusting fillet geometry to couple a heat spreader to a chip carrier
75 6,983,535 Insertion of electrical component within a via of a printed circuit board