IBM patents granted on 10 January 2012

104 US patents granted on 10 January 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 D651,995 Vertical kiosk terminal
2 8,095,991 Digital rights management of streaming captured content based on criteria regulating a sequence of elements
3 8,095,986 Method for enabling a trusted dialog for collection of sensitive data
4 8,095,980 Detecting malicious behavior in data transmission of a de-duplication system
5 8,095,975 Dynamic document merging method and system
6 8,095,941 System for portion of a day out of office notification
7 8,095,933 Grid project modeling, simulation, display, and scheduling
8 8,095,922 Constructor argument optimization in object model for folding multiple casts expressions
9 8,095,921 Identifying code that wastes time switching tasks
10 8,095,918 Software development apparatus for model that requires security
11 8,095,916 Grouping breakpoints by a criteria
12 8,095,909 System and method for model driven transformation filtering
13 8,095,907 Reliability evaluation and system fail warning methods using on chip parametric monitors
14 8,095,904 Methods and apparatus for providing flexible timing-driven routing trees
15 8,095,902 Design structure for couple noise characterization using a single oscillator
16 8,095,897 Methods and systems for layout and routing using alternating aperture phase shift masks
17 8,095,883 Indicating the default value for a property to enhance user feedback
18 8,095,881 Method for locating a teleport target station in a virtual world
19 8,095,880 System administration discussions indexed by system components
20 8,095,878 Method for spell check based upon target and presence of avatars within a virtual environment
21 8,095,873 Promoting content from one content management system to another content management system
22 8,095,869 Latches-links as virtual attachments in documents
23 8,095,867 System and computer program product for copying and pasting displayed elements of a range of cells in an electronic spreadsheet
24 8,095,862 End-to-end cyclic redundancy check protection for high integrity fiber transfers
25 8,095,861 Cache function overloading
26 8,095,858 File error identification, reporting, and replacement of media files
27 8,095,847 Exception condition handling at a channel subsystem in an I/O processing system
28 8,095,837 Method and apparatus for improving random pattern testing of logic structures
29 8,095,827 Replication management with undo and redo capabilities
30 8,095,821 Debugging for multiple errors in a microprocessor environment
31 8,095,814 Computing device power management
32 8,095,811 Reducing power consumption while synchronizing a plurality of compute nodes during execution of a parallel application
33 8,095,802 System and method for securely saving a program context to a shared memory
34 8,095,779 System and method for optimization within a group priority issue schema for a cascaded pipeline
35 8,095,777 Structure for predictive decoding
36 8,095,773 Dynamic address translation with translation exception qualifier
37 8,095,768 VSAM smart reorganization
38 8,095,766 Method and system for approximating object sizes in an object-oriented system
39 8,095,758 Fully asynchronous memory mover
40 8,095,755 System, method and computer program product for generating a consistent point in time copy of data
41 8,095,754 Transparent autonomic data replication improving access performance for a storage area network aware file system
42 8,095,751 Managing set of target storage volumes for snapshot and tape backups
43 8,095,750 Transactional memory system with fast processing of common conflicts
44 8,095,741 Transactional memory computing system with support for chained transactions
45 8,095,739 Barriers processing in a multiprocessor system having a weakly ordered storage architecture without broadcast of a synchronizing operation
46 8,095,738 Differential caching mechanism based on media I/O speed
47 8,095,733 Virtual barrier synchronization cache castout election
48 8,095,720 Voltage indicator signal generation system and method
49 8,095,712 Apparatus and method to read information from an information storage medium
50 8,095,691 Multi-node configuration of processor cards connected via processor fabrics
51 8,095,658 Method and system for externalizing session management using a reverse proxy server
52 8,095,656 Geo-positionally based data access security
53 8,095,652 Analysis system, information processing apparatus, activity analysis method and program product
54 8,095,641 Method and system for virtualized health monitoring of resources
55 8,095,636 Process, system and program product for executing test scripts against multiple systems
56 8,095,628 Consolidated notifications to NFS clients
57 8,095,604 Automatically modifying distributed communications
58 8,095,599 Mail-based web application and document delivery
59 8,095,585 Efficient implementation of multidimensional fast fourier transform on a distributed-memory parallel multi-node computer
60 8,095,579 Method and system for updating attachment files
61 8,095,574 Dynamically mapping and maintaining a customized method set of tags particular to an extention point
62 8,095,570 Decorated model architecture for efficient model-driven application development
63 8,095,569 Customized context menu for files based on their content
64 8,095,556 Controlling modification of components in a content management system
65 8,095,553 Sequence support operators for an abstract database
66 8,095,552 Data tag descriptor
67 8,095,535 Updating indexing tables in a database system
68 8,095,524 Method and system for integrating personal information search and interaction on web/desktop applications
69 8,095,519 Multifactor authentication with changing unique values
70 8,095,512 Managing database resources used for optimizing query execution on a parallel computer system
71 8,095,510 Data restoration in a storage system using multiple restore points
72 8,095,505 Online system and method for restoring electronic media on electronic storage devices
73 8,095,502 Lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) administrator task notification control
74 8,095,498 Data mining model interpretation, optimization, and customization using statistical techniques
75 8,095,497 Process for data driven application integration for B2B
76 8,095,494 Rules-based cross-FSM transition triggering
77 8,095,416 Method, system, and computer program product for the dynamic generation of business intelligence alert triggers
78 8,095,352 System and method for automatic selection of transmission line macromodels
79 8,095,265 Recording, storing, and retrieving vehicle maintenance records
80 8,095,230 Method for optimizing the routing of wafers/lots based on yield
81 8,095,128 Device management system for remotely accessing terminal equipments
82 8,094,940 Input method transform
83 8,094,919 Magnetic ink character recognition (`MICR`) signal generation for a MICR
84 8,094,887 Method and system for analyzing image identifications to identify an entity
85 8,094,706 Frequency-based, active monitoring of reliability of a digital system
86 8,094,681 Method and apparatus for adaptive bandwidth control with defined priorities for different networks
87 8,094,585 Membership management of network nodes
88 8,094,557 Adaptive fast retransmit threshold to make TCP robust to non-congestion events
89 8,094,453 Compliant conduction rail assembly and method facilitating cooling of an electronics structure
90 8,094,407 Servomechanism with adjustable predictor filter
91 8,094,406 Apparatus and method to adjust the positions of a write element and read element disposed on a read/write head
92 8,094,402 Systems and methods for correcting magnetic tape dimensional instability
93 8,094,397 System, method, and computer program product for characterizing media associated with data storage channels
94 8,094,122 Guides and indicators for eye movement monitoring systems
95 8,094,015 Wavelet based hard disk analysis
96 8,093,910 Cross-talk processing in serial link buses
97 8,093,868 In situ verification of capacitive power support
98 8,093,679 Integrated BEOL thin film resistor
99 8,093,657 Circuit and methods to improve the operation of SOI devices
100 8,093,099 Lock and key through-via method for wafer level 3D integration and structures produced
101 8,092,288 Managing multi-player video game input
102 8,091,782 Using cameras to monitor actual inventory
103 8,091,614 Air/fluid cooling system
104 8,091,219 Method for establishing a high speed mezzanine connection