IBM patents granted on 10 July 2012

113 US patents granted on 10 July 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,220,068 Monolithic high aspect ratio nano-size scanning probe microscope (SPM) tip formed by nanowire growth
2 8,220,052 Application based intrusion detection
3 8,220,040 Verifying that group membership requirements are met by users
4 8,220,034 User authentication based on authentication credentials and location information
5 8,220,032 Methods, devices, and computer program products for discovering authentication servers and establishing trust relationships therewith
6 8,220,017 System and method for programmatic generation of continuous media presentations
7 8,219,999 System and method for determining a number of threads to maximize utilization of a system
8 8,219,998 Method and system for load balancing of computing resources
9 8,219,997 Execution the job that is divided into job tasks based on the estimated completion time
10 8,219,991 Consolidated launching of multiple tasks
11 8,219,989 Partition adjunct with non-native device driver for facilitating access to a physical input/output device
12 8,219,988 Partition adjunct for data processing system
13 8,219,981 Processor dedicated code handling in a multi-processor environment
14 8,219,980 Identifying a potential breakpoint location in a code path in a computer program based upon the frequency of execution of the code path as identified in collected profile data
15 8,219,979 Method of tracing data collection
16 8,219,971 System and method for source code sectional locking for improved management
17 8,219,967 Method and apparatus for enabling enterprise project management with service oriented resource and using a process profiling framework
18 8,219,964 Method for creating electrically testable patterns
19 8,219,943 Physical design system and method
20 8,219,924 Color and symbol coded visual cues for relating screen items to each other
21 8,219,922 Dynamic point and extend user interface
22 8,219,921 Providing an ad-hoc 3D GUI within a virtual world to a non-virtual world application
23 8,219,917 Bubbling up task severity indicators within a hierarchical tree control
24 8,219,905 Automatically detecting keyboard layout in order to improve the quality of spelling suggestions
25 8,219,900 Programmatically hiding and displaying Wiki page layout sections
26 8,219,899 Verbal description method and system
27 8,219,857 Temperature-profiled device fingerprint generation and authentication from power-up states of static cells
28 8,219,848 Mechanism for recovery from site failure in a stream processing system
29 8,219,834 Predictive power gating with optional guard mechanism
30 8,219,833 Two-level guarded predictive power gating
31 8,219,830 Apparatus and method for management for file aggregates and file directories
32 8,219,802 System, method and program product for consolidated authentication
33 8,219,801 Method of authenticating digitally encoded products without private key sharing
34 8,219,784 Assigning and pre-decoding group ID and tag ID prior to dispatching instructions in out-of-order processor
35 8,219,763 Structure for performing cacheline polling utilizing a store and reserve instruction
36 8,219,746 Memory package utilizing at least two types of memories
37 8,219,745 Memory controller to utilize DRAM write buffers
38 8,219,740 Flash sector seeding to reduce program times
39 8,219,725 Cache optimized balanced handling of initiatives in a non-uniform multiprocessor computing system
40 8,219,687 Implementing browser based hypertext transfer protocol session storage
41 8,219,683 Enabling creation of converged internet protocol multimedia subsystem services by third-party application developers using session initiation protocol support
42 8,219,679 Detection and control of peer-to-peer communication
43 8,219,677 Method and apparatus for inspecting the properties of a computer
44 8,219,671 Testing applications within a grid environment using ghost agents
45 8,219,668 Resource property aggregation in a multi-provider system
46 8,219,667 Automated identification of computing system resources based on computing resource DNA
47 8,219,666 Generating an update status alert in a device
48 8,219,662 Redirecting data generated by network devices
49 8,219,648 Generalized credential and protocol management of infrastructure
50 8,219,632 Efficient use of peer cache space in large scale file distributions
51 8,219,629 Marking email as partially reviewed based on scrolling extent
52 8,219,628 Method to change instant messaging status based on text entered during conversation
53 8,219,626 Body-less email for asynchronous chat-like communications and email-chat integration
54 8,219,624 System, method, and apparatus for electronic communication initiation contingent on busyness
55 8,219,616 Use of information channels to provide communications in a virtual environment
56 8,219,607 Collaborative planning actions and recipes
57 8,219,605 Decimal floating-pointing quantum exception detection
58 8,219,604 System and method for providing a double adder for decimal floating point operations
59 8,219,592 Method and system for using overlay manifests to encode differences between virtual machine images
60 8,219,587 Method for searching a tree structure
61 8,219,582 System, method, and computer readable media for identifying a user-initiated log file record in a log file
62 8,219,568 Providing extensible document access to assistive technology providers
63 8,219,565 Filter range bound paged search
64 8,219,554 Generating receptivity scores for cohorts
65 8,219,552 Information theory based result merging for searching hierarchical entities across heterogeneous data sources
66 8,219,544 Method and a computer program product for indexing files and searching files
67 8,219,532 Smart mediation system in a service oriented architecture
68 8,219,520 Method and system for validating data
69 8,219,518 Method and apparatus for modelling data exchange in a data flow of an extract, transform, and load (ETL) process
70 8,219,498 Forming dynamic real-time activity groups
71 8,219,468 Device, system, and method of project planning and management
72 8,219,443 Variable road toll predicated on instantaneous point-to-point traffic volume calculation
73 8,219,440 System for enhancing business performance
74 8,219,402 Asynchronous receipt of information from a user
75 8,219,376 Verification using directives having local variables
76 8,219,281 Controlling vehicle operations based on object presence
77 8,219,261 Fan speed control from thermal diode measurement
78 8,219,259 Maintaining uniform power consumption from an electric utility by a local load in a power distribution system
79 8,219,062 Ambient information for usage of wireless communication devices
80 8,219,041 Design structure for transmitter bandwidth optimization circuit
81 8,219,040 Transmitter bandwidth optimization circuit
82 8,219,027 Proximity based smart collaboration
83 8,218,939 Intelligent synchronization of portable video devices
84 8,218,886 Transitioning compression levels in a streaming image system
85 8,218,871 Detecting behavioral deviations by measuring respiratory patterns in cohort groups
86 8,218,763 Method for ensuring the validity of recovered electronic documents from remote storage
87 8,218,750 Conference call management method and system
88 8,218,642 Macro-block video stream encoding
89 8,218,571 Fibre channel framing and signaling optional header for ethernet fabric configuration information
90 8,218,554 Generation and use of CRC in communications network
91 8,218,551 Hierarchical scheduling
92 8,218,549 Synchronization of message stream in a multi-tier messaging system
93 8,218,378 Word-line level shift circuit
94 8,218,265 Apparatus, system, and method for overcoming stiction in a magnetic tape device
95 8,217,953 Anisotropic texture filtering with texture data prefetching
96 8,217,854 Method and system for managing a multi-focus remote control session
97 8,217,671 Parallel array architecture for constant current electro-migration stress testing
98 8,217,531 Dynamically configuring current sharing and fault monitoring in redundant power supply modules
99 8,217,497 FIN differential MOS varactor diode
100 8,217,470 Field effect device including recessed and aligned germanium containing channel
101 8,217,456 Low capacitance hi-K dual work function metal gate body-contacted field effect transistor
102 8,217,455 Semiconductor-on-insulator device structures with a body-to-substrate connection for enhanced electrostatic discharge protection, and design structures for such semiconductor-on-insulator device structures
103 8,217,427 High density stable static random access memory
104 8,217,423 Structure and method for mobility enhanced MOSFETs with unalloyed silicide
105 8,217,380 Polysilicon emitter BJT access device for PCRAM
106 8,217,259 Enhanced efficiency solar cells and method of manufacture
107 8,216,912 Method, structure, and design structure for a through-silicon-via Wilkinson power divider
108 8,216,909 Field effect transistor with air gap dielectric
109 8,216,907 Process to fabricate a metal high-K transistor having first and second silicon sidewalls for reduced parasitic capacitance
110 8,216,902 Nanomesh SRAM cell
111 8,216,893 Stress enhanced transistor devices and methods of making
112 8,216,890 Lateral hyperabrupt junction varactor diode in an SOI substrate
113 8,215,074 Pattern formation employing self-assembled material