IBM patents granted on 10 June 2014

140 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,752,210 Implementing data theft prevention
2 8,752,202 Secure distribution of media data
3 8,752,197 Application independent system, method, and architecture for privacy protection, enhancement, control, and accountability in imaging service systems
4 8,752,182 Pinpointing security vulnerabilities in computer software applications
5 8,752,164 Language independent login
6 8,752,162 Secure sharing of transport layer security session keys with trusted enforcement points
7 8,752,071 Identifying subscriber data while processing publisher event in transaction
8 8,752,068 Transmitting operator message commands to a coupling facility
9 8,752,059 Computer data processing capacity planning using dependency relationships from a configuration management database
10 8,752,056 Running native code across single or multi-core hybrid processor achitecture
11 8,752,055 Method of managing resources within a set of processes
12 8,752,053 Facilitating processing within computing environments supporting pageable guests
13 8,752,052 Sub-dispatching application server
14 8,752,051 Performing an allreduce operation using shared memory
15 8,752,043 Providing guidance for software installation
16 8,752,028 Efficient monitoring in a software system
17 8,752,026 Efficient code instrumentation
18 8,752,025 Protecting breakpoints in a software debugger
19 8,752,024 Resuming a prior debug session
20 8,752,023 System, method and program product for executing a debugger
21 8,752,022 Thread-specific event management in a non-stop debugging environment
22 8,752,020 System and process for debugging object-oriented programming code leveraging runtime metadata
23 8,752,004 System and a method for generating a domain-specific software solution
24 8,752,002 Automatically generating artifacts for service delivery
25 8,751,989 Cost-function based routing techniques for reducing crosstalk in electronic package designs
26 8,751,982 Implementing dual speed level shifter with automatic mode control
27 8,751,980 Automatic wafer data sample planning and review
28 8,751,955 Scrollbar user interface for multitouch devices
29 8,751,951 Controlling computer-based instances
30 8,751,949 Selectable variable speed controlled object movement
31 8,751,946 Enhanced display of properties for a program object
32 8,751,930 Seamlessly sharing and reusing knowledge between an administrator console and user interaction
33 8,751,927 System and method for dynamic multi-content cards
34 8,751,919 Creation and retrieval of global annotations
35 8,751,898 Utilizing error correcting code data associated with a region of memory
36 8,751,879 Intelligently monitoring and dispatching information technology service alerts
37 8,751,873 Proactively removing channel paths in error from a variable scope of I/O devices
38 8,751,871 Method for modifying a user interface
39 8,751,866 Autonomic fault isolation in a highly interconnected system
40 8,751,859 Monitoring lost data in a storage system
41 8,751,858 System, method, and computer program product for physical drive failure identification, prevention, and minimization of firmware revisions
42 8,751,856 Determining recovery time for interdependent resources in heterogeneous computing environment
43 8,751,830 Memory address translation-based data encryption/compression
44 8,751,789 General purpose distributed encrypted file system
45 8,751,787 Method and device for integrating multiple threat security services
46 8,751,785 Memory tagging and preservation during a hot upgrade
47 8,751,775 Non-quiescing key setting facility
48 8,751,762 Prevention of overlay of production data by point in time copy operations in a host based asynchronous mirroring environment
49 8,751,758 Delayed instant copy operation for short-lived snapshots
50 8,751,751 Method and apparatus for minimizing cache conflict misses
51 8,751,749 Data caching method
52 8,751,748 Reader set encoding for directory of shared cache memory in multiprocessor system
53 8,751,747 Management of cache replacement status in cache memory
54 8,751,724 Dynamic memory reconfiguration to delay performance overhead
55 8,751,716 Adaptive data throttling for storage controllers
56 8,751,713 Executing virtual functions using memory-based data in a PCI express SR-IOV and MR-IOV environment
57 8,751,696 Performing device configuration rediscovery
58 8,751,688 Client-server methods for dynamic content configuration for microbrowsers
59 8,751,655 Collective acceleration unit tree structure
60 8,751,643 Correlating event streams from independent processes in a complex business system using metadata associated with the transport interconnections
61 8,751,641 Optimizing clustered network attached storage (NAS) usage
62 8,751,635 Monitoring sensors for systems management
63 8,751,623 Reduction of alerts in information technology systems
64 8,751,620 Validating deployment patterns in a networked computing environment
65 8,751,603 Exploiting cluster awareness infrastructure through internet socket based applications
66 8,751,600 Administering globally accessible memory space in a distributed computing system
67 8,751,595 Completion processing for data communications instructions
68 8,751,581 Selectively blocking instant messages according to a do not instant message list
69 8,751,569 Environment aware business delegates
70 8,751,549 Persistent data management in multi-image code load systems
71 8,751,542 Dynamically scalable modes
72 8,751,536 Method and system for managing faceted data
73 8,751,532 Nomadic data collection and management method including pessimistic locking of data
74 8,751,522 Search improvement using historic code points associated with characters
75 8,751,505 Indexing and searching entity-relationship data
76 8,751,496 Systems and methods for phrase clustering
77 8,751,487 Generating a semantic graph relating information assets using feedback re-enforced search and navigation
78 8,751,445 Method of synchronizing data between databases, and computer system and computer program for the same
79 8,751,422 Using a heuristically-generated policy to dynamically select string analysis algorithms for client queries
80 8,751,414 Identifying abnormalities in resource usage
81 8,751,398 Preventing an unauthorized card transaction
82 8,751,300 Pixel cluster transit monitoring for detecting click fraud
83 8,751,283 Defining and using templates in configuring information technology environments
84 8,751,253 Biomedical feedback method and system
85 8,751,216 Table merging with row data reduction
86 8,751,166 Parallelization of surprisal data reduction and genome construction from genetic data for transmission, storage, and analysis
87 8,751,043 Discovery and monitoring of an environment using a plurality of robots
88 8,751,034 Non-host interface for moving cartridges in a cartridge library to prevent bonding with library storage slots
89 8,750,824 Global mobility infrastructure for user devices
90 8,750,705 Protecting secret data entry from infrared and audio eavesdropping
91 8,750,704 Implementing reduced signal degradation for fiber optic modules
92 8,750,675 Accessing and storing original broadcast content
93 8,750,630 Hierarchical and index based watermarks represented as trees
94 8,750,597 Robust inspection alignment of semiconductor inspection tools using design information
95 8,750,595 Registering measured images to layout data
96 8,750,575 Reflexive iris template
97 8,750,516 Rekeying encryption keys for removable storage media
98 8,750,501 Collaborative agent encryption and decryption
99 8,750,489 System and method for automatic call segmentation at call center
100 8,750,485 Operating a call center based upon line information database (LIDB) data
101 8,750,461 Elimination of typing noise from conference calls
102 8,750,393 Determining the configuration of a power distribution system
103 8,750,375 Echocardiogram view classification using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
104 8,750,307 Mac learning in a trill network
105 8,750,131 Dynamic mapping in a multicasting environment
106 8,750,129 Credit-based network congestion management
107 8,750,120 Confirmed delivery of bridged unicast frames
108 8,750,033 Reading a cross point cell array
109 8,750,013 Racetrack memory with low-power write
110 8,750,012 Racetrack memory with low-power write
111 8,749,922 Magnetically biased tilting roller bearing tape guidance
112 8,749,912 Method and apparatus for bipolar servo marks writing with self DC-erase
113 8,749,760 Asymmetric complementary dipole illuminator
114 8,749,570 Identifying and generating color and texture video cohorts based on video input
115 8,749,554 Visualization of virtual image relationships and attributes
116 8,749,388 System and method for safeguarding wafers and photomasks
117 8,749,293 Stackable programmable passive device and a testing method
118 8,749,268 High-speed driver circuit
119 8,749,187 Dynamically modified fan speed table for cooling a computer
120 8,749,059 Semiconductor device having a copper plug
121 8,749,057 Methods of forming structures with a focused ion beam for use in atomic force probing and structures for use in atomic force probing
122 8,748,991 Control of flatband voltages and threshold voltages in high-k metal gate stacks and structures for CMOS devices
123 8,748,985 Semiconductor structures with thinned junctions and methods of manufacture
124 8,748,871 Graphene devices and semiconductor field effect transistors in 3D hybrid integrated circuits
125 8,748,309 Integrated circuits with improved gate uniformity and methods for fabricating same
126 8,748,308 Through wafer vias and method of making same
127 8,748,296 Edge-exclusion spalling method for improving substrate reusability
128 8,748,288 Bonded structure with enhanced adhesion strength
129 8,748,285 Noble gas implantation region in top silicon layer of semiconductor-on-insulator substrate
130 8,748,258 Method and structure for forming on-chip high quality capacitors with ETSOI transistors
131 8,748,252 Replacement metal gate transistors using bi-layer hardmask
132 8,748,207 Hybrid MEMS RF switch and method of fabricating same
133 8,748,063 Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) multilayer defect compensation and EUV masks
134 8,747,977 Multilayer hose with leak preventative interfacial layer containing super absorbent polymer (SAP)
135 8,747,128 Locking device for electrical socket
136 8,747,125 Mitigating electromagnetic interference using dummy plugs
137 8,747,122 Implementing connection of two large electronic boards utilizing LGA interconnect
138 8,747,115 Building an ontology by transforming complex triples
139 8,746,000 Information technology equipment cooling system
140 8,745,850 Method of manufacturing superconducting low pass filter for quantum computing