IBM patents granted on 10 May 2011

98 US patents granted on 10 May 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,941,859 Reducing access to sensitive information
2 7,941,857 Data network and method for checking nodes of a data network
3 7,941,854 Method and system for responding to a computer intrusion
4 7,941,807 Transitional resolution in a just in time environment
5 7,941,806 Method, system and program product for optimizing communication and processing functions between disparate applications
6 7,941,805 Affinity dispatching load balancer with precise CPU consumption data
7 7,941,803 Controlling an operational mode for a logical partition on a computing system
8 7,941,799 Interpreting I/O operation requests from pageable guests without host intervention
9 7,941,797 Dynamically providing native libraries and their dependencies
10 7,941,788 Operating system support for thread-level breakpoints
11 7,941,780 Intersect area based ground rule for semiconductor design
12 7,941,775 Arbitrary waveform propagation through a logic gate using timing analysis results
13 7,941,772 Dynamic critical path detector for digital logic circuit paths
14 7,941,728 Method and system for providing an improved store-in cache
15 7,941,706 Autonomic resolution of system configuration
16 7,941,690 Reliable fault resolution in a cluster
17 7,941,689 Minimizing clock uncertainty on clock distribution networks using a multi-level de-skewing technique
18 7,941,681 Proactive power management in a parallel computer
19 7,941,680 Distributing integrated circuit net power accurately in power and thermal analysis
20 7,941,654 Local and global branch prediction information storage
21 7,941,652 Apparatus and computer program product for implementing atomic data tracing
22 7,941,644 Simultaneous multi-thread instructions issue to execution units while substitute injecting sequence of instructions for long latency sequencer instruction via multiplexer
23 7,941,633 Hash optimization system and method
24 7,941,628 Allocation of heterogeneous storage devices to spares and storage arrays
25 7,941,627 Specialized memory move barrier operations
26 7,941,620 Double-allocation data-replication system
27 7,941,611 Filtering snooped operations
28 7,941,577 Association of host translations that are associated to an access control level on a PCI bridge that supports virtualization
29 7,941,574 CKD partial record handling
30 7,941,570 Bi-directional data transfer within a single I/O operation
31 7,941,568 Mapping a virtual address to PCI bus address
32 7,941,553 Method and device for streaming a media file over a distributed information system
33 7,941,545 System and article of manufacture for establishing and requesting status on a computational resource
34 7,941,538 Dynamic management of resource utilization
35 7,941,523 Adapting information technology structures to maintain service levels
36 7,941,509 Method and apparatus for a secure network install
37 7,941,498 Method and system for internet transport acceleration without protocol offload
38 7,941,488 Authorizing message publication to a group of subscribing clients via a publish/subscribe service
39 7,941,478 Method and apparatus for distributed application execution
40 7,941,471 Differential approach to current-mode chaos based random number generator
41 7,941,466 On-demand service reconciliation, audit, and alert
42 7,941,461 System and method for developing and enabling model-driven XML transformation framework for e-business
43 7,941,460 Compilation model for processing hierarchical data in stream systems
44 7,941,454 Apparatus, methods and computer programs for monitoring processing in a data processing system or network
45 7,941,444 Universal annotation configuration and deployment
46 7,941,427 Dynamically managing computer resources based on valuations of work items being processed
47 7,941,426 Optimizing database queries
48 7,941,415 Method of editing recipient header fields based on email content
49 7,941,404 Coordinated federated backup of a distributed application environment
50 7,941,400 Systems, methods and computer program products for maintaining a state of a document in a document-centric model to maintain a task across systems with the document
51 7,941,397 Dynamically capturing data warehouse population activities for analysis, archival, and mining
52 7,941,390 System for managing multi-field classification rules relating to ingress contexts and egress contexts
53 7,941,387 Method and system for predicting resource usage of reusable stream processing elements
54 7,941,384 Canonical model to normalize disparate persistent data sources
55 7,941,377 Method and apparatus for metering usage of software products with automatic catalog population
56 7,941,363 System, method and computer program product for managing credit decisions
57 7,941,347 Self cancelling product order based on predetermined time period
58 7,941,339 Method and system for managing customer network value
59 7,941,334 Supplier planning information warehouse
60 7,941,332 Apparatus, system, and method for modeling, projecting, and optimizing an enterprise application system
61 7,941,321 Facilitating management of service elements usable in providing information technology service offerings
62 7,941,318 Public speaking self-evaluation tool
63 7,941,310 System and method for determining affixes of words
64 7,941,293 Apparatus of capacity learning for computer systems and applications
65 7,941,270 Navigation system
66 7,941,242 Apparatus and method to provide redundant accessor availability
67 7,940,917 Managing received calls
68 7,940,878 Unlock mode in source synchronous receivers
69 7,940,846 Test circuit for serial link receiver
70 7,940,785 Ethernet adapter packet management
71 7,940,754 Message formation and distribution in heterogeneous networks
72 7,940,706 Controlling the state of duplexing of coupling facility structures
73 7,940,672 Systems and methods for correlation of burst events among data streams
74 7,940,581 Method for low power sensing in a multi-port SRAM using pre-discharged bit lines
75 7,940,521 Blade server assembly
76 7,940,381 Semiconductor nanowire electromagnetic radiation sensor
77 7,940,285 Method and system for re-arranging a display
78 7,940,266 Dynamic reallocation of processing cores for balanced ray tracing graphics workload
79 7,940,265 Multiple spacial indexes for dynamic scene management in graphics rendering
80 7,940,172 Combining time and GPS locations to trigger message alerts
81 7,940,162 Method, system and program product for audio tonal monitoring of web events
82 7,939,930 Crosstalk reduction in electrical interconnects using differential signaling
83 7,939,914 Dual wired integrated circuit chips
84 7,939,911 Back-end-of-line resistive semiconductor structures
85 7,939,910 Structure for symmetrical capacitor
86 7,939,896 SOI substrate contact with extended silicide area
87 7,939,894 Isolated high performance FET with a controllable body resistance
88 7,939,876 Metallized conductive strap spacer for SOI deep trench capacitor
89 7,939,823 Method and structures for accelerated soft-error testing
90 7,939,621 Oligocarbonate molecular transporters
91 7,939,620 High density data storage medium, method and device
92 7,939,446 Process for reversing tone of patterns on integerated circuit and structural process for nanoscale fabrication
93 7,939,417 Bipolar transistor and back-gated transistor structure and method
94 7,939,413 Embedded stressor structure and process
95 7,939,395 High-voltage SOI MOS device structure and method of fabrication
96 7,939,390 Gap capacitors for monitoring stress in solder balls in flip chip technology
97 7,939,369 3D integration structure and method using bonded metal planes
98 7,938,976 Method of removing graphitic and/or fluorinated organic layers from the surface of a chip passivation layer having Si-containing compounds