IBM patents granted on 10 May 2016

132 US patents granted on 10 May 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,338,935 System for removing an electronic component from a substrate
2 9,338,928 Optimizing free cooling of data centers through weather-based intelligent control
3 9,338,924 Dehumidifying cooling apparatus and method for an electronics rack
4 9,338,885 Ball grid array rework
5 9,338,675 Priority message management
6 9,338,652 Dynamic password-less user verification
7 9,338,599 Location-based mobile object management in a distributed cloud for enhancing access and performance
8 9,338,595 Location-based mobile object management in a distributed cloud for enhancing access and performance
9 9,338,302 Phone call playback with intelligent notification
10 9,338,291 Using an ISDN message header to support time zone identification
11 9,338,243 Tracking contacts across multiple communications services
12 9,338,241 Tracking contacts across multiple communications services
13 9,338,229 Relocating an application from a device to a server
14 9,338,202 Managing a collaborative space
15 9,338,193 Remote procedure call with call-by-reference semantics using remote direct memory access
16 9,338,162 CAPTCHA challenge incorporating obfuscated characters
17 9,338,132 Providing notification of spam avatars
18 9,338,127 Browser based hostname resolution for non-DNS (domain name service) and/or different DNS environments
19 9,338,117 Electronic notification systems and methods
20 9,338,106 Integrating and searching electronic communications received from a plurality of different communication platforms
21 9,338,072 Optimizing the quality of audio within a teleconferencing session via an adaptive codec switching
22 9,338,063 Automatic extraction, modeling, and code mapping of application user interface display screens and components
23 9,337,852 Removing deterministic phase errors from fractional-N PLLs
24 9,337,845 Solving constraint satisfaction problems using a field programmable gate array
25 9,337,363 Low resistance, low reflection, and low cost contact grids for photovoltaic cells
26 9,337,335 Structure and method to form localized strain relaxed SiGe buffer layer
27 9,337,309 Reducing direct source-to-drain tunneling in field effect transistors with low effective mass channels
28 9,337,255 Reducing direct source-to-drain tunneling in field effect transistors with low effective mass channels
29 9,337,254 Integrated FinFET capacitor
30 9,337,196 III-V FinFET CMOS with III-V and germanium-containing channel closely spaced
31 9,337,173 Three-dimensional inter-chip contact through vertical displacement MEMS
32 9,337,148 Chip with programmable shelf life
33 9,337,144 E-fuse structure with methods of fusing the same and monitoring material leakage
34 9,337,143 E-fuse structure with methods of fusing the same and monitoring material leakage
35 9,337,094 Method of forming contact useful in replacement metal gate processing and related semiconductor structure
36 9,337,088 MOL resistor with metal grid heat shield
37 9,337,087 Multilayer structure in an integrated circuit for damage prevention and detection and methods of creating the same
38 9,337,079 Prevention of contact to substrate shorts
39 9,337,050 Methods of forming fins for finFET semiconductor devices and the selective removal of such fins
40 9,337,033 Dielectric tone inversion materials
41 9,337,022 Virtual relaxed substrate on edge-relaxed composite semiconductor pillars
42 9,336,860 Complementary bipolar SRAM
43 9,336,833 Identifying a digital data handling unit
44 9,336,816 Determining estimated position information of a magnetic recording tape using media thickness estimation
45 9,336,805 Recording medium having independent track for velocity, timing and/or longitudinal position
46 9,336,778 Method and system for using conversational biometrics and speaker identification/verification to filter voice streams
47 9,336,564 GPU enabled database systems
48 9,336,523 Managing a secure transaction
49 9,336,516 Scheduling for service projects via negotiation
50 9,336,504 Eliminating execution of jobs-based operational costs of related reports
51 9,336,497 System and method for an expert question answer system from a dynamic corpus
52 9,336,485 Determining answers in a question/answer system when answer is not contained in corpus
53 9,336,405 Photographic copy prevention of a screen image
54 9,336,401 Implementing enhanced security with storing data in DRAMs
55 9,336,400 Information asset placer
56 9,336,399 Information asset placer
57 9,336,392 Verification of intellectual property core trusted state
58 9,336,391 Verification of intellectual property core trusted state
59 9,336,343 Calculating circuit-level leakage using three dimensional technology computer aided design and a reduced number of transistors
60 9,336,341 Memory frame proxy architecture for synchronization and check handling in a simulator
61 9,336,306 Automatic evaluation and improvement of ontologies for natural language processing tasks
62 9,336,296 Cross-domain clusterability evaluation for cross-guided data clustering based on alignment between data domains
63 9,336,294 Autonomically defining hot storage and heavy workloads
64 9,336,274 Scalable acceleration of database query operations
65 9,336,273 Range query methods and apparatus
66 9,336,264 Collaborative filtering of a graph
67 9,336,258 Reducing database locking contention using multi-version data record concurrency control
68 9,336,253 Semantic discovery and mapping between data sources
69 9,336,252 Mobile application cache based on extreme scale technology
70 9,336,247 Control data driven modifications and generation of new schema during runtime operations
71 9,336,246 Generating composite key relationships between database objects based on sampling
72 9,336,243 Image information search
73 9,336,236 Geospatial queries using associated distribution data
74 9,336,223 Selective erasure of expired files or extents in deduplicating virtual media for efficient file reclamation
75 9,336,207 Measuring linguistic markers and linguistic noise of a machine-human translation supply chain
76 9,336,200 Assisting document creation
77 9,336,188 Generating a statistical tree for encoding/decoding an XML document
78 9,336,169 Facilitating resource use in multicycle arbitration for single cycle data transfer
79 9,336,151 Performing asynchronous discard scans with staging and destaging operations
80 9,336,150 Performing asynchronous discard scans with staging and destaging operations
81 9,336,149 Partial volume access in a physical stacked volume
82 9,336,145 Techniques for cache injection in a processor system based on a shared state
83 9,336,142 Cache configured to log addresses of high-availability data via a non-blocking channel
84 9,336,140 Efficient management of hierarchically-linked data storage spaces
85 9,336,121 Capture and display of historical run-time execution traces in a code editor
86 9,336,120 Enhanced string analysis that improves accuracy of static analysis
87 9,336,109 Real-time rule engine for adaptive testing of integrated circuits
88 9,336,105 Evaluation of multiple input signature register results
89 9,336,100 Efficient debugging of memory miscompare failures in post-silicon validation
90 9,336,097 Salvaging hardware transactions
91 9,336,091 Reliability enhancement in a distributed storage system
92 9,336,071 Administering incomplete data communications messages in a parallel computer
93 9,336,061 Integrated metering of service usage for hybrid clouds
94 9,336,059 Forecasting capacity available for processing workloads in a networked computing environment
95 9,336,058 Automated scheduling management of MapReduce flow-graph applications
96 9,336,056 Extendible input/output data mechanism for accelerators
97 9,336,053 Constructing a logical tree topology in a parallel computer
98 9,336,047 Prefetching of discontiguous storage locations in anticipation of transactional execution
99 9,336,046 Transaction abort processing
100 9,336,042 Performing virtual machine live migration within a threshold time by adding available network path in multipath network
101 9,336,038 Refreshing memory topology in virtual machine operating systems
102 9,336,037 Analytics platform spanning a unified subnet
103 9,336,031 Managing allocation of hardware resources in a virtualized environment
104 9,336,029 Determination via an indexed structure of one or more partitionable endpoints affected by an I/O message
105 9,336,012 Global data establishment for storage arrays controlled by a plurality of nodes
106 9,336,007 Processor assist facility
107 9,335,995 Convert to zoned format from decimal floating point format
108 9,335,994 Convert from zoned format to decimal floating point format
109 9,335,993 Convert from zoned format to decimal floating point format
110 9,335,989 Building a pattern to define a topology and application environment using software components and software updates/fixes from external repositories from multiple vendors
111 9,335,987 Data object with common statement series
112 9,335,978 Computer aided visualization of a business object model lifecycle
113 9,335,975 Techniques for providing environmental impact information associated with code
114 9,335,970 Method of entropy randomization on a parallel computer
115 9,335,969 Method of entropy randomization on a parallel computer
116 9,335,968 Expanded scope incrementer
117 9,335,945 Transfer size monitor, determination, and optimization engine for storage devices
118 9,335,938 Optimized transfer and storage of highly denormalized data in an in-memory data grid
119 9,335,930 Performing asynchronous discard scans with staging and destaging operations
120 9,335,928 Using unused portion of the storage space of physical storage devices configured as a RAID
121 9,335,916 Presenting and zooming a set of objects within a window
122 9,335,898 Single page multi-tier catalog browser
123 9,335,862 Virtual multi-device navigation in surface computing system
124 9,335,830 Keyboard with macro keys made up of positionally adjustable micro keys
125 9,335,794 Configurable ergonomic keyboard for computing devices
126 9,335,775 Integrated circuit having regulated voltage island power system
127 9,335,471 Graphene plasmonic communication link
128 9,335,367 Implementing low temperature wafer test
129 9,335,183 Method for reliably operating a sensor
130 9,334,117 Moving cartridge between library strings
131 9,333,454 Silicone-based chemical filter and silicone-based chemical bath for removing sulfur contaminants
132 9,332,930 Use of a support device