IBM patents granted on 10 October 2006

72 US patents granted on 10 October 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,120,907 Unrolling loops with partial hot traces
2 7,120,901 Method and system for tracing and displaying execution of nested functions
3 7,120,888 Method, system and storage medium for determining circuit placement
4 7,120,887 Cloned and original circuit shape merging
5 7,120,880 Method and system for real-time determination of a subject’s interest level to media content
6 7,120,870 Method, system, and program for presenting data in a limited display area
7 7,120,864 Eliminating superfluous namespace declarations and undeclaring default namespaces in XML serialization processing
8 7,120,863 Method, system, and program for interfacing with elements in a document
9 7,120,826 Partial mirroring during expansion thereby eliminating the need to track the progress of stripes updated during expansion
10 7,120,824 Method, apparatus and program storage device for maintaining data consistency and cache coherency during communications failures between nodes in a remote mirror pair
11 7,120,823 Method and apparatus for recovering logical partition configuration data
12 7,120,799 Method and apparatus for dual hardware and software cryptography
13 7,120,789 System and method for portable on-demand central processing unit
14 7,120,784 Thread-specific branch prediction by logically splitting branch history tables and predicted target address cache in a simultaneous multithreading processing environment
15 7,120,780 Method of renaming registers in register file and microprocessor thereof
16 7,120,759 Storage system and method for prestaging data in a cache for improved performance
17 7,120,753 System and method for dynamically adjusting read ahead values based upon memory usage
18 7,120,748 Software-controlled cache set management
19 7,120,747 Lower overhead shared cache invalidations
20 7,120,746 Technique for data transfer
21 7,120,732 Content addressable memory structure
22 7,120,704 Method and system for workload balancing in a network of computer systems
23 7,120,703 Transforming data automatically between communications parties in a computing network
24 7,120,702 System and method for transcoding web content for display by alternative client devices
25 7,120,697 Methods, systems and computer program products for port assignments of multiple application instances using the same source IP address
26 7,120,693 Method using two different programs to determine state of a network node to eliminate message response delays in system processing
27 7,120,691 Secured and access controlled peer-to-peer resource sharing method and apparatus
28 7,120,685 Method and apparatus for dynamic configurable logging of activities in a distributed computing system
29 7,120,681 Cluster control in network systems
30 7,120,671 Method and system for multiple-party, electronic mail receipts
31 7,120,665 System and method for dynamic negotiation of device name list
32 7,120,650 Implementing data management application programming interface access rights in a parallel file system
33 7,120,648 System and method for predicting execution time of a database utility command
34 7,120,643 Method, system, and storage medium for creating and maintaining an enterprise architecture
35 7,120,638 Method, system, program, and data structure for cleaning a database table
36 7,120,635 Event-based database access execution
37 7,120,630 Full match (FM) search algorithm implementation for a network processor
38 7,120,628 System and method for enabling a user to subscribe to updates from information sources
39 7,120,621 Object-oriented framework for generic adaptive control
40 7,120,595 Method and system for providing online comparison shopping
41 7,120,575 Method and system for the automatic segmentation of an audio stream into semantic or syntactic units
42 7,120,327 Backplane assembly with board to board optical interconnections
43 7,120,303 Adaptive generation of Q-table2 for improved image quality
44 7,120,255 Java applications for secured palm held cellular communications
45 7,120,119 Management of protocol information in PNNI hierarchical networks
46 7,120,019 Coaxial air ducts and fans for cooling and electronic component
47 7,119,976 Planar servo format verifier head
48 7,119,974 Storing data to magnetic tape both to one set of tracks and in the same operation rewritten to another set of tracks
49 7,119,745 Apparatus and method for constructing and packaging printed antenna devices
50 7,119,593 Delayed signal generation circuits and methods
51 7,119,587 High frequency divider state correction circuit
52 7,119,545 Capacitive monitors for detecting metal extrusion during electromigration
53 7,119,528 Low voltage bandgap reference with power supply rejection
54 7,119,511 Servo system for a two-dimensional micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)-based scanner and method therefor
55 7,119,433 Packaging for enhanced thermal and structural performance of electronic chip modules
56 7,119,416 Bipolar transistor structure with self-aligned raised extrinsic base and methods
57 7,119,403 High performance strained CMOS devices
58 7,119,401 Tunable semiconductor diodes
59 7,119,333 Ion detector for ion beam applications
60 7,119,016 Deposition of carbon and nitrogen doped poly silicon films, and retarded boron diffusion and improved poly depletion
61 7,119,012 Stabilization of Ni monosilicide thin films in CMOS devices using implantation of ions before silicidation
62 7,119,003 Extension of fatigue life for C4 solder ball to chip connection
63 7,118,999 Method and apparatus to increase strain effect in a transistor channel
64 7,118,997 Implantation of gate regions in semiconductor device fabrication
65 7,118,995 Yield improvement in silicon-germanium epitaxial growth
66 7,118,986 STI formation in semiconductor device including SOI and bulk silicon regions
67 7,118,837 Photoimaged dielectric polymer and film, and circuit package containing the same
68 7,118,385 Apparatus for implementing a self-centering land grid array socket
69 7,118,274 Method and reference circuit for bias current switching for implementing an integrated temperature sensor
70 7,118,037 Radio frequency identification (RFID) household system for tracking and managing RFID tag containing household possessions within short range RF limited boundaries of a household facility
71 7,118,026 Apparatus, method, and system for positively identifying an item
72 7,117,583 Method and apparatus using a pre-patterned seed layer for providing an aligned coil for an inductive head structure