IBM patents granted on 11 August 2015

273 US patents granted on 11 August 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,107,327 Data center cooling method
2 9,107,291 Formation of a composite pattern including a periodic pattern self-aligned to a prepattern
3 9,107,132 Trajectory-aware location-based hand-offs
4 9,107,037 Determining points of interest using intelligent agents and semantic data
5 9,106,985 Networking device port multiplexing
6 9,106,969 Filtering
7 9,106,966 Multi-dimensional channel directories
8 9,106,854 Pixel sensor cell with hold node for leakage cancellation and methods of manufacture and design structure
9 9,106,766 Phone call management
10 9,106,763 Advertising ringtone coverage
11 9,106,754 Method, system, and program product for contacting conference call participants
12 9,106,753 Method, system, and program product for contacting conference call participants
13 9,106,752 Method, system, and program product for contacting conference call participants
14 9,106,751 Voicemail pausing
15 9,106,745 Voice response unit harvesting
16 9,106,682 Method for directing audited data traffic to specific repositories
17 9,106,675 Intelligent network storage planning within a clustered computing environment
18 9,106,657 Web conference overstay protection
19 9,106,656 Opcode counting for performance measurement
20 9,106,652 Web conference overstay protection
21 9,106,637 Identification of a protocol used in a message
22 9,106,627 Method, system and program product for managing download requests received to download files from a server
23 9,106,616 Systems and method for secure delivery of files to authorized recipients
24 9,106,610 Regional firewall clustering in a networked computing environment
25 9,106,601 Selective delivery of content via electronic mail
26 9,106,598 Enhanced privacy and control features for an electronic message
27 9,106,597 Updating an E-mail recipient list
28 9,106,594 Packet buffering system and method
29 9,106,588 Reservation system for an Ethernet network
30 9,106,565 Loop avoidance for event-driven virtual link aggregation
31 9,106,560 Solving network traffic congestion using device grouping
32 9,106,545 Hierarchical occupancy-based congestion management
33 9,106,543 Signal overload management in major events and disasters
34 9,106,536 Identification and classification of web traffic inside encrypted network tunnels
35 9,106,529 Virtual network configuration and management
36 9,106,508 Providing services to virtual overlay network traffic
37 9,106,451 Generating production server load activity for a test server
38 9,106,450 System and method for communication management
39 9,106,391 Elastic auto-parallelization for stream processing applications based on a measured throughput and congestion
40 9,106,366 Distributing data to multiple clients from server
41 9,106,258 Early data tag to allow data CRC bypass via a speculative memory data return protocol
42 9,106,254 Generating a code alphabet of symbols to generate codewords for words used with a program
43 9,106,252 Selective recompression of a string compressed by a plurality of diverse lossless compression techniques
44 9,106,251 Data compression utilizing longest common subsequence template
45 9,106,100 Adaptive appliance scheduling for managing electricity consumption
46 9,105,854 Transferable transparent conductive oxide
47 9,105,853 N-dopant for carbon nanotubes and graphene
48 9,105,842 Method for manufacturing a carbon-based memory element and memory element
49 9,105,841 Forming magnetic microelectromechanical inductive components
50 9,105,805 Enhancing efficiency in solar cells by adjusting deposition power
51 9,105,787 Techniques for enhancing efficiency of photovoltaic devices using high-aspect-ratio nanostructures
52 9,105,779 Method of fabricating a flexible photovoltaic film cell with an iron diffusion barrier layer
53 9,105,775 Textured multi-junction solar cell and fabrication method
54 9,105,770 Shallow junction photovoltaic devices
55 9,105,769 Shallow junction photovoltaic devices
56 9,105,751 Integrated semiconductor devices with single crystalline beam, methods of manufacture and design structure
57 9,105,745 Fabrication of low threshold voltage and inversion oxide thickness scaling for a high-k metal gate p-type MOSFET
58 9,105,742 Dual epitaxial process including spacer adjustment
59 9,105,741 Method of replacement source/drain for 3D CMOS transistors
60 9,105,725 Semiconductor-on-insulator device including stand-alone well implant to provide junction butting
61 9,105,723 Multi-height FinFETs with coplanar topography
62 9,105,722 Tucked active region without dummy poly for performance boost and variation reduction
63 9,105,718 Butted SOI junction isolation structures and devices and method of fabrication
64 9,105,707 ZRAM heterochannel memory
65 9,105,702 Transistors from vertical stacking of carbon nanotube thin films
66 9,105,693 Microelectronic structure including air gap
67 9,105,691 Contact isolation scheme for thin buried oxide substrate devices
68 9,105,686 Fabrication of localized SOI on localized thick box using selective epitaxy on bulk semiconductor substrates for photonics device integration
69 9,105,677 Base profile of self-aligned bipolar transistors for power amplifier applications
70 9,105,663 FinFET with silicon germanium stressor and method of forming
71 9,105,662 Method and structure to enhance gate induced strain effect in multigate device
72 9,105,650 Lateral bipolar transistor and CMOS hybrid technology
73 9,105,642 Interlevel dielectric stack for interconnect structures
74 9,105,641 Profile control in interconnect structures
75 9,105,639 Semiconductor device channels
76 9,105,638 Via-fuse with low dielectric constant
77 9,105,637 Anti-fuse structure and fabrication
78 9,105,629 Selective area heating for 3D chip stack
79 9,105,627 Coil inductor for on-chip or on-chip stack
80 9,105,617 Methods and structures for eliminating or reducing line end epi material growth on gate structures
81 9,105,614 Local interconnects compatible with replacement gate structures
82 9,105,606 Self aligned contact with improved robustness
83 9,105,583 Catalytic etch with magnetic direction control
84 9,105,577 MOSFET with work function adjusted metal backgate
85 9,105,573 Visually detecting electrostatic discharge events
86 9,105,571 Interface engineering to optimize metal-III-V contacts
87 9,105,559 Conformal doping for FinFET devices
88 9,105,535 Copper feature design for warpage control of substrates
89 9,105,518 Method of large-area circuit layout recognition
90 9,105,517 Wafer to wafer alignment by LED/LSD devices
91 9,105,509 Ball grid array and card skew matching optimization
92 9,105,500 Non-hermetic sealed multi-chip module package
93 9,105,498 Gate strain induced work function engineering
94 9,105,482 Nanowire PIN tunnel field effect devices
95 9,105,465 Wafer edge conditioning for thinned wafers
96 9,105,381 High frequency inductor structure having increased inductance density and quality factor
97 9,105,342 Read circuit for memory
98 9,105,298 Digital life recorder with selective playback of digital video
99 9,105,291 Tape recording head having non-parallel gaps and dissimilar transducer pitches
100 9,105,272 Vocal source extraction by maximum phase detection
101 9,105,238 Active matrix triode switch driver circuit
102 9,105,185 Managing traffic flow
103 9,105,134 Techniques for visualizing the age of data in an analytics report
104 9,105,098 Detection and tracking of moving objects
105 9,105,084 Hazard detection for asset management
106 9,105,071 System management of clinical procedures scheduling based on environmental thresholds
107 9,105,036 Visualization of user sentiment for product features
108 9,105,035 Method and apparatus for customer experience segmentation based on a web session event variation
109 9,105,034 Implementing computer interaction response tests
110 9,105,015 Scheduling events for multiple invitees
111 9,105,014 Interactive avatar in messaging environment
112 9,105,001 Analytic solution integration
113 9,104,997 Expert exchange during UML design updates
114 9,104,996 Task management for changes to shared artifacts
115 9,104,985 Processing system using metadata for administering a business transaction
116 9,104,967 Applying ruleset limiting criteria for affirming rule inputs and outputs
117 9,104,963 Self organizing maps for visualizing an objective space
118 9,104,927 Using a RFID paging infrastructure
119 9,104,919 Multi-cue object association
120 9,104,897 Transceiver locking assembly
121 9,104,884 Implementing role based security in an enterprise content management system
122 9,104,875 Policy-driven administration of mobile applications
123 9,104,865 Threat condition management
124 9,104,848 Cross-platform authentication from within a rich client
125 9,104,839 De-duplication aware secure delete
126 9,104,834 Systems and methods for single cell product path delay analysis
127 9,104,832 Identifying and mitigating electromigration failures in signal nets of an integrated circuit chip design
128 9,104,813 Software installation method, apparatus and program product
129 9,104,808 Debugging visual and embedded programs
130 9,104,806 Tracking of code base and defect diagnostic coupling with automated triage
131 9,104,804 Method and system for invoking just-in-time debugger
132 9,104,802 Stack overflow protection device, method, and related compiler and computing device
133 9,104,801 Analyzing concurrent debugging sessions
134 9,104,800 Distributed debugging of an application in a distributed computing environment
135 9,104,799 Debugging a graphical user interface code script with non-intrusive overlays
136 9,104,798 Enabling remote debugging of virtual machines running in a cloud environment
137 9,104,796 Correlation of source code with system dump information
138 9,104,795 Integrating compiler warnings into a debug session
139 9,104,792 Modular refrigeration unit health monitoring
140 9,104,790 Arranging data handling in a computer-implemented system in accordance with reliability ratings based on reverse predictive failure analysis in response to changes
141 9,104,786 Iterative refinement of cohorts using visual exploration and data analytics
142 9,104,785 Presenting unique search result contexts
143 9,104,784 Detecting multi-column composite key column sets
144 9,104,777 Method for improving accessibility to rich internet applications through collaborative crawling and computer program for the same
145 9,104,776 Efficient identity mapping with self-correction for cascaded server systems
146 9,104,774 Consistent web application presentation
147 9,104,771 Providing relevant product reviews to the user to aid in purchasing decision
148 9,104,754 Object selection based on natural language queries
149 9,104,749 Semantically aggregated index in an indexer-agnostic index building system
150 9,104,740 Enhanced attribute synchronization in a content management system
151 9,104,730 Indexing and retrieval of structured documents
152 9,104,729 Querying spatial events in a vehicle network, and optimized querier
153 9,104,720 Generation of technical description of report from functional description of report
154 9,104,713 Managing a temporal key property in a database management system
155 9,104,712 Parallelizing I/O processing of index insertions during insertion of data into a database
156 9,104,709 Cleansing a database system to improve data quality
157 9,104,693 Version visualization
158 9,104,692 Recording backup information for backed-up data items in a data item list
159 9,104,689 Method for synchronizing documents for disconnected operation
160 9,104,688 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
161 9,104,684 Cache handling in a database system
162 9,104,683 Enabling intelligent media naming and icon generation utilizing semantic metadata
163 9,104,682 Method and apparatus to elegantly and automatically track emails and its attachments for enhanced user convenience
164 9,104,673 Method for supporting multiple filesystem implementations
165 9,104,672 Virtual security zones for data processing environments
166 9,104,667 Social media event detection and content-based retrieval
167 9,104,660 Attribution using semantic analysis
168 9,104,657 Using lexical analysis and parsing in genome research
169 9,104,656 Using lexical analysis and parsing in genome research
170 9,104,643 OpenFlow controller master-slave initialization protocol
171 9,104,632 Enhanced failover mechanism in a network virtualized environment
172 9,104,631 Enhanced failover mechanism in a network virtualized environment
173 9,104,629 Autonomic reclamation processing on sequential storage media
174 9,104,627 Reusing snapshots in a network data management protocol backup operation
175 9,104,626 Processing a copy command directed to a first storage architecture for data that is stored in a second storage architecture
176 9,104,625 Disaster recovery internet protocol address failover
177 9,104,622 Retrieval and recovery of data chunks from alternate data stores in a deduplicating system
178 9,104,617 Using accelerators in a hybrid architecture for system checkpointing
179 9,104,613 Disaster recovery in a networked computing environment
180 9,104,608 Facilitating comprehension in communication systems
181 9,104,607 Simulation engine for use in disaster recovery virtualization
182 9,104,604 Preventing unrecoverable errors during a disk regeneration in a disk array
183 9,104,602 Method and apparatus for performing mapping within a data processing system having virtual machines
184 9,104,601 Merging direct memory access windows
185 9,104,600 Merging direct memory access windows
186 9,104,597 Destaging cache data using a distributed freezer
187 9,104,587 Remote memory management when switching optically-connected memory
188 9,104,586 Address space management while switching optically-connected memory
189 9,104,583 On demand allocation of cache buffer slots
190 9,104,581 eDRAM refresh in a high performance cache architecture
191 9,104,577 Optimizing memory bandwidth consumption using data splitting with software caching
192 9,104,576 Dynamic buffer size switching for burst errors encountered while reading a magnetic tape
193 9,104,575 Reduced-impact error recovery in multi-core storage-system components
194 9,104,568 Detection of memory cells that are stuck in a physical state
195 9,104,564 Early data delivery prior to error detection completion
196 9,104,562 Enabling communication over cross-coupled links between independently managed compute and storage networks
197 9,104,553 Extending cache for an external storage system into individual servers
198 9,104,545 Thick and thin data volume management
199 9,104,532 Sequential location accesses in an active memory device
200 9,104,514 Automated deployment of applications with tenant-isolation requirements
201 9,104,513 Managing quiesce requests in a multi-processor environment
202 9,104,512 Fencing data transfers in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
203 9,104,509 Providing by one program to another program access to a warning track facility
204 9,104,508 Providing by one program to another program access to a warning track facility
205 9,104,506 Assembly and deployment of multi-platform flow-based applications
206 9,104,505 Acceleration prediction in hybrid systems
207 9,104,503 Processing a unit of work
208 9,104,502 Managing resource pools for deadlock avoidance
209 9,104,501 Preparing parallel tasks to use a synchronization register
210 9,104,496 Submitting operations to a shared resource based on busy-to-success ratios
211 9,104,495 Shared resource segmentation
212 9,104,489 Dynamic run time allocation of distributed jobs with application specific metrics
213 9,104,483 System and method for automating and scheduling remote data transfer and computation for high performance computing
214 9,104,481 Resource allocation based on revalidation and invalidation rates
215 9,104,480 Monitoring and managing memory thresholds for application request threads
216 9,104,471 Transaction log management
217 9,104,465 Main processor support of tasks performed in memory
218 9,104,464 Main processor support of tasks performed in memory
219 9,104,463 Automated and optimal deactivation of service to enable effective resource reusability
220 9,104,457 Virtual machine-to-image affinity on a physical server
221 9,104,455 Virtual machine-to-image affinity on a physical server
222 9,104,454 Virtual image overloading for solution deployment
223 9,104,453 Determining placement fitness for partitions under a hypervisor
224 9,104,448 Restoring a previous version of a virtual machine image
225 9,104,447 Restoring a previous version of a virtual machine image
226 9,104,439 Providing context-aware input data
227 9,104,438 Mapping computer desktop objects to cloud services within a cloud computing environment
228 9,104,437 Efficient serialization of mutable objects
229 9,104,433 Trace generation method, trace generation device, trace generation program product, and multi-level compilation using trace generation method
230 9,104,432 Extracting stream graph structure in a computer language by pre-executing a deterministic subset
231 9,104,431 Deployment of a software image on multiple targets with streaming technique
232 9,104,427 Computing system with transactional memory using millicode assists
233 9,104,412 Mobile device offloading its task to a peer device when available power is below a threshold level
234 9,104,399 Dual issuing of complex instruction set instructions
235 9,104,389 Hierarchical functional and variable composition diagramming of a programming class
236 9,104,364 Generation and distribution of steered time interval pulse to a plurality of hardware components of the computing system
237 9,104,363 Determining a high contrast display setting on a client device to process a web document
238 9,104,337 Intercepting, transforming, and grouping data objects for storage
239 9,104,336 Intercepting, transforming, and grouping transformed data objects for storage
240 9,104,332 Managing metadata and data for a logical volume in a distributed and declustered system
241 9,104,323 Apparatus and method for storage cluster control
242 9,104,321 Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) system backup management
243 9,104,320 Data integrity protection in storage volumes
244 9,104,319 Data integrity protection in storage volumes
245 9,104,318 Apparatus, method and program product for determining the data recall order
246 9,104,316 Runtime dynamic performance skew elimination
247 9,104,305 Controlling a cursor on a touch screen
248 9,104,304 Computer device with touch screen and method for operating the same
249 9,104,303 Computer device with touch screen and method for operating the same
250 9,104,300 Drag and drop object attribute assignment for objects in a graphical user interface (GUI)
251 9,104,297 Indicating organization of visitor on user interface of user engaged in collaborative activity with visitor
252 9,104,287 System and method for data collection interface creation and data collection administration
253 9,104,236 Modifying information presented by an augmented reality device
254 9,104,235 Modifying information presented by an augmented reality device
255 9,104,234 Method and system for quantitative determination of software ease of use
256 9,104,113 Amplification method for photoresist exposure in semiconductor chip manufacturing
257 9,104,048 Three dimensional image projector with single modulator
258 9,103,972 Optical waveguide structure with waveguide coupler to facilitate off-chip coupling
259 9,103,879 Test coverage of integrated circuits with test vector input spreading
260 9,103,875 Probe-able voltage contrast test structures
261 9,103,874 Concurrent test instrumentation
262 9,103,855 Radiation signal measurement system for millimeter wave transceivers
263 9,103,776 Carbon based biosensors and processes of manufacturing the same
264 9,103,770 Determination of isoelectric points of biomolecules using capacitive sensors
265 9,103,677 Generating optimal itineraries based on network connectivity
266 9,103,653 Non-contact sheet conductivity measurements implementing a rotating magnetic braking system
267 9,103,652 Non-contact sheet conductivity measurements implementing a rotating magnetic braking system
268 9,102,540 Graphene nanomesh based charge sensor
269 9,102,517 Semiconductor structures provided within a cavity and related design structures
270 9,102,118 Forming patterned graphene layers
271 9,102,021 Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling
272 9,101,966 Cleaning magnetic tape
273 9,101,871 Filter systems