IBM patents granted on 11 December 2007

80 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,308,717 System and method for supporting digital rights management in an enhanced Java.TM. 2 runtime environment
2 7,308,716 Applying blocking measures progressively to malicious network traffic
3 7,308,714 Limiting the output of alerts generated by an intrusion detection sensor during a denial of service attack
4 7,308,690 System and method to improve harvesting of zombie processes in an operating system
5 7,308,689 Method, apparatus, and program for associating related heterogeneous events in an event handler
6 7,308,687 Method and system for managing resources in a data center
7 7,308,683 Ordering of high use program code segments using simulated annealing
8 7,308,681 Control flow based compression of execution traces
9 7,308,679 Method and computer program product for providing a meta-data programming language level interface
10 7,308,669 Use of redundant routes to increase the yield and reliability of a VLSI layout
11 7,308,668 Apparatus and method for implementing an integrated circuit IP core library architecture
12 7,308,663 Circuit design verification using checkpointing
13 7,308,662 Capacitance modeling
14 7,308,661 Method and apparatus for characteristic impedance discontinuity reduction in high-speed flexible circuit applications
15 7,308,657 Method for generating hints for program analysis
16 7,308,649 Providing scalable, alternative component-level views
17 7,308,646 Integrating diverse data sources using a mark-up language
18 7,308,630 Mechanism to provide test access to third-party macro circuits embedded in an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit)
19 7,308,626 Method and structure for picosecond-imaging-circuit-analysis based built-in-self-test diagnostic
20 7,308,621 Testing of ECC memories
21 7,308,617 Apparatus, system, and method for automatically freeing a server resource locked awaiting a failed acknowledgement from a client
22 7,308,616 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enhanced diagnostic test error reporting utilizing fault isolation registers
23 7,308,609 Method, data processing system, and computer program product for collecting first failure data capture information
24 7,308,606 System and method for persistent and robust storage allocation
25 7,308,603 Method and system for reducing memory faults while running an operating system
26 7,308,600 Managing access to spare data storage devices
27 7,308,598 Algorithm to encode and compress array redundancy data
28 7,308,593 Interlocked synchronous pipeline clock gating
29 7,308,592 Redundant oscillator distribution in a multi-processor server system
30 7,308,591 Power management of multi-processor servers
31 7,308,587 Method and apparatus for preventing the transitioning of computer system power modes while the system is in motion
32 7,308,584 System and method for securing a portable processing module
33 7,308,580 System and method for ensuring security with multiple authentication schemes
34 7,308,578 Method and apparatus for authorizing execution for applications in a data processing system
35 7,308,574 Method and system for key certification
36 7,308,562 System and method for improved branch performance in pipelined computer architectures
37 7,308,559 Digital signal processor with cascaded SIMD organization
38 7,308,558 Multiprocessor data processing system having scalable data interconnect and data routing mechanism
39 7,308,557 Method and apparatus for invalidating entries within a translation control entry (TCE) cache
40 7,308,551 System and method for managing metrics table per virtual port in a logically partitioned data processing system
41 7,308,543 Method and system for shredding data within a data storage subsystem
42 7,308,539 Concurrent read access and exclusive write access to data in shared memory architecture
43 7,308,538 Scope-based cache coherence
44 7,308,537 Half-good mode for large L2 cache array topology with different latency domains
45 7,308,536 System bus read data transfers with data ordering control bits
46 7,308,527 System for indicating a plug position for a memory module in a memory system
47 7,308,505 Method, system and program product for facilitating forwarding of data packets through a node of a data transfer network using multiple types of forwarding tables
48 7,308,501 Method and apparatus for policy-based packet classification using hashing algorithm
49 7,308,488 Method, system and program products for distributing portal content processing
50 7,308,476 Method and system for participant automatic re-invite and updating during conferencing
51 7,308,456 Method and apparatus for building one or more indexes on data concurrent with manipulation of data
52 7,308,455 System and method for decomposition of multiple items into the same table-column pair without dedicated mapping constructs
53 7,308,438 Adaptive management method with authorization control
54 7,308,437 Optimization of queries using retrieval status of resources used thereby
55 7,308,416 Single level bill of material available to promise
56 7,308,415 Dynamic resource allocation using projected future benefits
57 7,308,407 Method and system for generating natural sounding concatenative synthetic speech
58 7,308,400 Adaptation of statistical parsers based on mathematical transform
59 7,308,360 Technique for audibly providing driving directions using a mobile telephone
60 7,308,321 System, method and program product for house automation
61 7,308,275 High-rate proximity detection with the ability to provide notification
62 7,308,084 Method and apparatus of associating file description during a browser-initiated download
63 7,308,082 Method to enable instant collaboration via use of pervasive messaging
64 7,308,079 Automating testing path responses to external systems within a voice response system
65 7,308,029 Method and apparatus for implementing B-picture scene changes
66 7,307,951 Timeout determination method and apparatus
67 7,307,911 Apparatus and method for improving sensing margin of electrically programmable fuses
68 7,307,856 Apparatus for tool-less removal of PCB assembly
69 7,307,837 Method and apparatus for enforcing of power control in a blade center chassis
70 7,307,835 Computer module connection
71 7,307,551 Delimiter lookup using processor permutation instruction
72 7,307,467 Structure and method for implementing oxide leakage based voltage divider network for integrated circuit devices
73 7,307,457 Apparatus for implementing dynamic data path with interlocked keeper and restore devices
74 7,307,447 Self series terminated serial link transmitter having segmentation for amplitude, pre-emphasis, and slew rate control and voltage regulation for amplitude accuracy and high voltage protection
75 7,307,323 Structure to use an etch resistant liner on transistor gate structure to achieve high device performance
76 7,307,011 Structure and method for forming a dielectric chamber and electronic device including the dielectric chamber
77 7,306,983 Method for forming dual etch stop liner and protective layer in a semiconductor device
78 7,306,970 Method and apparatus for manufacturing an optoelectronic device
79 7,306,853 Patternable low dielectric constant materials and their use in ULSI interconnection
80 7,306,163 Smart card and method for its production