IBM patents granted on 11 January 2011

183 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,870,607 Security and analysis system
2 7,870,594 Applying compliance standards to a computer within a grouping hierarchy
3 7,870,569 System and method for asynchronously invoking dynamic proxy interface using supplemental interfaces
4 7,870,567 Configuring a device using information from a device table
5 7,870,566 Application integration for operating systems without inter-process integration support
6 7,870,560 Method of receiving a message processable by a component on one of plurality of processing threads
7 7,870,559 Methods, systems, and computer program products for continuous availability of non-persistence messages in a distributed platform
8 7,870,557 Apparatus, system, and method for autonomously maintaining a single system image in a parallel systems complex
9 7,870,555 Workload scheduling method and system with improved planned job duration updating scheme
10 7,870,551 Optimization of thread wake up for shared processor partitions
11 7,870,546 Collaborative classloader system and method
12 7,870,544 Insuring maximum code motion of accesses to DMA buffers
13 7,870,536 Computer implemented method and system for sharing resources among hierarchical containers of resources
14 7,870,531 System for using partitioned masks to build a chip
15 7,870,528 Method and system for unfolding/replicating logic paths to facilitate modeling of metastable value propagation
16 7,870,525 Slack sensitivity to parameter variation based timing analysis
17 7,870,519 Method for determining features associated with fails of integrated circuits
18 7,870,515 System and method for improved hierarchical analysis of electronic circuits
19 7,870,510 Method and apparatus for generating and managing parts-configuration information
20 7,870,509 Method and apparatus for improving the visibility of a treemap
21 7,870,494 Providing feedback to an e-meeting presenter
22 7,870,487 Inserting into a document a screen image of a computer software application
23 7,870,482 Web browser extension for simplified utilization of web services
24 7,870,464 System and method for recovery of data for a lost sector in a storage system
25 7,870,459 High density high reliability memory module with power gating and a fault tolerant address and command bus
26 7,870,454 Structure for system for and method of performing high speed memory diagnostics via built-in-self-test
27 7,870,448 In system diagnostics through scan matrix
28 7,870,442 Read interchange optimization
29 7,870,441 Determining an underlying cause for errors detected in a data processing system
30 7,870,438 Method, system and computer program product for sampling computer system performance data
31 7,870,433 Minimizing software downtime associated with software rejuvenation in a single computer system
32 7,870,427 Accessing removable storage management services to obtain replacement instructions indicating whether to replace removable storage
33 7,870,426 Apparatus, system, and method for transactional peer recovery in a data sharing clustering computer system
34 7,870,425 De-centralized nodal failover handling
35 7,870,422 Apparatus and method for backing up data on server using at least one cache as a client
36 7,870,419 Subscription-based management and distribution of member-specific state data in a distributed computing system
37 7,870,417 Apparatus, system, and method for adapter card failover
38 7,870,408 Universal serial bus wakeup circuit
39 7,870,406 Method and apparatus for frequency independent processor utilization recording register in a simultaneously multi-threaded processor
40 7,870,398 Integrity assurance of query result from database service provider
41 7,870,395 Load balancing for a system of cryptographic processors
42 7,870,392 Digital fingerprinting for management and recovery of data objects
43 7,870,390 Data watermarks created by using an uneven sampling period
44 7,870,386 Method for permanent decryption of selected sections of an encrypted document
45 7,870,384 Offload processing for secure data transfer
46 7,870,383 System, method and program to update certificates in a computer
47 7,870,381 Schema-based portal architecture for assessment and integration of silicon IPs
48 7,870,376 System, method and program product for controlling access to computer system
49 7,870,375 Apparatus, system, and method for updating a code image for a communication adapter
50 7,870,374 Validating physical and logical system connectivity of components in a data processing system
51 7,870,370 Determining thermal characteristics of instruction sets
52 7,870,368 System and method for prioritizing branch instructions
53 7,870,360 Storage area network (SAN) forecasting in a heterogeneous environment
54 7,870,359 System and method for persistent and robust storage allocation
55 7,870,353 Copying storage units and related metadata to storage
56 7,870,343 Managing coherence via put/get windows
57 7,870,341 Cache line replacement techniques allowing choice of LFU or MFU cache line replacement
58 7,870,339 Extract cache attribute facility and instruction therefore
59 7,870,337 Power-aware line intervention for a multiprocessor snoop coherency protocol
60 7,870,334 Distributed task queues in a multiple-port storage system
61 7,870,314 Method and system for implementing store buffer allocation
62 7,870,309 Multithreaded programmable direct memory access engine
63 7,870,308 Programmable direct memory access engine
64 7,870,301 System and method for modification of virtual adapter resources in a logically partitioned data processing system
65 7,870,300 Remote management of storage controllers
66 7,870,295 Parsing messages with multiple data formats
67 7,870,286 Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing an e-business connector builder
68 7,870,278 Classification support system and method for fragmented IP packets
69 7,870,267 Creating global sessions across converged protocol applications
70 7,870,264 Methods and apparatus for providing communications from a plurality of network devices to a user
71 7,870,257 Enhancing real-time performance for java application serving
72 7,870,254 Method and apparatus for measuring web site performance
73 7,870,252 System and method for networking educational equipment
74 7,870,250 Method for continuous adaptation of user-scoped navigation topologies based on contextual information and user behavior
75 7,870,244 Monitoring performance of applications in a distributed environment
76 7,870,243 Method, system and program product for managing network performance
77 7,870,241 Automated power control policies based on application-specific redundancy characteristics
78 7,870,235 Highly scalable and highly available cluster system management scheme
79 7,870,234 Highly scalable and highly available cluster system management scheme
80 7,870,230 Policy-based cluster quorum determination
81 7,870,226 Method and system for an update synchronization of a domain information file
82 7,870,212 System and method for embedding a record of activity within electronic messages
83 7,870,210 Apparatus and system for identifying and filtering emails based on content
84 7,870,209 Method and apparatus for user moderation of online chat rooms
85 7,870,208 Dynamic reader-instigated categorization and distribution restriction of mailing list threads
86 7,870,206 Method, computer program product, and user interface for making non-shared linked documents in electronic messages accessible to recipients
87 7,870,193 Collaborative, event driven system management
88 7,870,192 Integrated voice and video conferencing management
89 7,870,183 Multicast enabled mail
90 7,870,173 Storing information in a common information store
91 7,870,170 Method and apparatus for determining leaks in a Java heap
92 7,870,169 Method for enabling traceability and recovery from errors during migration of software applications
93 7,870,159 Algorithm for sorting bit sequences in linear complexity
94 7,870,152 Attaching and displaying annotations to changing data views
95 7,870,150 Virtual foldering system for blending process and content in a collaborative environment
96 7,870,149 Data mining method for finding deviations in data
97 7,870,146 Data mapping between API and persistent multidimensional object
98 7,870,145 Utilization of logical fields with conditional constraints in abstract queries
99 7,870,144 Method and system for updating attachment files
100 7,870,141 Method and system for finding a focus of a document
101 7,870,130 Techniques for identifying a matching search term in an image of an electronic document
102 7,870,129 Handling error documents in a text index
103 7,870,120 Method and system for processing a database query by a proxy server
104 7,870,119 Advanced scrolling for relational database applications
105 7,870,111 Method, system, and program for lock and transaction management
106 7,870,110 Method and system for generating a transaction-bound sequence of records in a relational database table
107 7,870,102 Apparatus and method to store and manage information and meta data
108 7,870,101 Method and apparatus for presentation of a security-focused repository with a party-focused repository
109 7,870,100 Methods and systems for publishing electronic documents with automatic fragment detection
110 7,870,095 Apparatus, system, and method for replication of data management information
111 7,870,085 Risk assessment between aircrafts
112 7,870,082 Method for machine learning using online convex optimization problem solving with minimum regret
113 7,870,074 Dynamic transferring of avatars between virtual universes
114 7,870,053 Apparatus and methods for auctioning time and desktop space to product and service suppliers
115 7,870,047 System, method for deploying computing infrastructure, and method for identifying customers at risk of revenue change
116 7,870,041 Method and storage medium for managing collaborative forecasting and replenishment
117 7,870,029 Determining the availability of purchasable items in a network environment
118 7,870,016 Report management system
119 7,869,987 Methods involving translating text emphasis
120 7,869,980 Using statistics to locate signals in noise
121 7,869,961 Spatial profiling of proteins using hydrophobic moments
122 7,869,940 Method and system for gathering and processing data for road use charging
123 7,869,936 Routing method and system
124 7,869,838 Global management of local link power consumption
125 7,869,604 System for an encryption key path diagnostic
126 7,869,603 Encryption key path diagnostic
127 7,869,597 Method and system for secure packet communication
128 7,869,583 Real time meeting setup service
129 7,869,544 System for measuring an eyewidth of a data signal in an asynchronous system
130 7,869,459 Communicating instructions and data between a processor and external devices
131 7,869,379 Method for monitoring channel eye characteristics in a high-speed SerDes data link
132 7,869,365 System and program storage device for controlling data packet flows by manipulating data packets according to an actual manipulation rate
133 7,869,358 Communication relay apparatus, information management system, and control method and program therefor
134 7,869,354 Analyzing and generating network traffic using an improved Markov Modulated Poisson Process model with one bursty state and a plurality of idle states
135 7,869,353 Method and system for transmitting a message between two isolated locations based on limited range communication means
136 7,869,349 Method and system for deducing network routes by querying routers
137 7,869,347 Futile neighbor state loop prevention in high availability networks
138 7,869,302 Programmable pulsewidth and delay generating circuit for integrated circuits
139 7,869,298 Determining relative amount of usage of data retaining device based on potential of charge storing device
140 7,869,204 Compact size portable computer having a fully integrated virtual keyboard projector and a display projector
141 7,869,163 Air bearing at opposite side of linear tape to support tape into contact with head slider
142 7,869,002 Reducing contamination in immersion lithography
143 7,868,894 Operand multiplexor control modifier instruction in a fine grain multithreaded vector microprocessor
144 7,868,809 Digital to analog converter having fastpaths
145 7,868,791 Pack unicode zSeries instructions
146 7,868,768 Tracking genetically modified organisms with RFIDs
147 7,868,763 Design structure for security system for inventory
148 7,868,759 Shopping cart bottom of the basket item detection
149 7,868,756 Zone boundary adjustment method and system
150 7,868,652 Off-die termination module with a spring loaded pin in a DIMM socket
151 7,868,651 Off-die termination of memory module signal lines
152 7,868,640 Array-based early threshold voltage recovery characterization measurement
153 7,868,608 Detecting open ground connections in surface mount connectors
154 7,868,606 Process variation on-chip sensor
155 7,868,484 Worldwide adaptive multi-coil automatic transfer switch
156 7,868,461 Embedded interconnects, and methods for forming same
157 7,868,459 Semiconductor package having non-aligned active vias
158 7,868,457 Thermo-compression bonded electrical interconnect structure and method
159 7,868,453 Solder interconnect pads with current spreading layers
160 7,868,423 Optimized device isolation
161 7,868,410 Gate stack engineering by electrochemical processing utilizing through-gate-dielectric current flow
162 7,868,391 3-D single gate inverter
163 7,868,374 Semitubular metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor
164 7,868,313 Phase change memory device and method of manufacture
165 7,867,910 Method of accessing semiconductor circuits from the backside using ion-beam and gas-etch
166 7,867,897 Low leakage metal-containing cap process using oxidation
167 7,867,895 Method of fabricating improved interconnect structure with a via gouging feature absent profile damage to the interconnect dielectric
168 7,867,893 Method of forming an SOI substrate contact
169 7,867,887 Structure and method for enhancing resistance to fracture of bonding pads
170 7,867,876 Method of thinning a semiconductor substrate
171 7,867,866 SOI FET with source-side body doping
172 7,867,842 Method and apparatus for forming planar alloy deposits on a substrate
173 7,867,839 Method to reduce threshold voltage (Vt) in silicon germanium (SiGe), high-k dielectric-metal gate, p-type metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors
174 7,867,832 Electrical fuse and method of making
175 7,867,820 Methods for forming co-planar wafer-scale chip packages
176 7,867,805 Structure replication through ultra thin layer transfer
177 7,867,689 Method of use for photopatternable dielectric materials for BEOL applications
178 7,867,469 Complexes of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes with molecular-clips and use thereof
179 7,866,952 Fan with improved heat dissipation
180 7,866,543 Security and privacy enforcement for discovery services in a network of electronic product code information repositories
181 7,866,542 System and method for resolving identities that are indefinitely resolvable
182 7,866,173 Variable performance server system and method of operation
183 7,866,015 High capacitance density vertical natural capacitors