IBM patents granted on 11 March 2014

66 US patents granted on 11 March 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,671,446 Method and system for configuring a rule file for firewall of web server
2 8,671,418 Environment modification in a hybrid node computing environment
3 8,671,412 Calculating and communicating level of carbon offsetting required to compensate for performing a computing task
4 8,671,408 Blocking applications to ensure task completion
5 8,671,399 Systems and methods for efficiently using stack registers and storage medium therefor
6 8,671,397 Selective data flow analysis of bounded regions of computer software applications
7 8,671,393 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with client-specific dynamic breakpoints
8 8,671,388 Software development and programming through voice
9 8,671,349 Virtual universe teleportation suggestion service
10 8,671,342 Desired font rendering
11 8,671,311 Multiprocessor switch with selective pairing
12 8,671,308 Optimizing disaster recovery systems during takeover operations
13 8,671,287 Redundant power supply configuration for a data center
14 8,671,284 Security model for actor-based languages and apparatus, methods, and computer programming products using same
15 8,671,276 Method for passing selective encrypted attributes of specific versions of objects in a distributed system
16 8,671,267 Monitoring processing time in a shared pipeline
17 8,671,256 Migrating contents of a memory on a virtual machine
18 8,671,253 Facilitation of simultaneous storage initialization and data destage
19 8,671,248 Architecture support of memory access coloring
20 8,671,247 Transfer of bus-based operations to demand-side machines
21 8,671,231 Fast cancellation of input-output requests
22 8,671,199 Converged call flow modeling and converged web service interface design
23 8,671,198 Resource acquisition and manipulation from within a virtual universe
24 8,671,180 Method and system for generic application liveliness monitoring for business resiliency
25 8,671,179 Dynamically adding best suited servers into clusters of application servers
26 8,671,175 Managing security features of a browser
27 8,671,172 Network device configuration
28 8,671,171 Wireless configuration for a computing device
29 8,671,159 Technique for previously providing estimate of time required for processing
30 8,671,134 Method and system for data distribution in high performance computing cluster
31 8,671,132 System, method, and apparatus for policy-based data management
32 8,671,131 Method and system enabling the cancellation of a previously-sent E-mail message
33 8,671,121 Model augmentation in a model-driven application development environment
34 8,671,111 Determination of rules by providing data records in columnar data structures
35 8,671,099 Clustering devices in an internet of things (`IoT`)
36 8,671,096 Methods and apparatus for context-sensitive information retrieval based on interactive user notes
37 8,671,090 Web service folder interface
38 8,671,084 Updating a data warehouse schema based on changes in an observation model
39 8,671,083 Adaptive, context-based file selection
40 8,671,079 System and method for hierarchical recovery of a cluster file system
41 8,671,007 Work packet enabled active project management schedule
42 8,670,973 Language translation reuse in different systems
43 8,670,967 Simulation method, system and article of manufacture
44 8,670,856 Algorithmic framework for the integrated optimization of hot strip mill and upstream molten metal operations for a large-scale steel manufacturing plant
45 8,670,782 Systems and methods for analyzing spatiotemporally ambiguous events
46 8,670,611 Background understanding in video data
47 8,670,556 Multi-participant communication system with audio manager responsive to mode change requests
48 8,670,534 Initiating a telephonic connection
49 8,670,450 Efficient software-based private VLAN solution for distributed virtual switches
50 8,670,281 Circuit for memory cell recovery
51 8,670,210 Magnetic writer having multiple gaps with more uniform magnetic fields across the gaps
52 8,670,199 Data-dependent noise-predictive maximum likelihood detection (DD-NPML) for magnetic recording
53 8,669,982 Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic culling graph view of multiply connected objects
54 8,669,978 Animating a moving object in a three-dimensional coordinate system
55 8,669,889 Using variable length code tables to compress an input data stream to a compressed output data stream
56 8,669,800 Implementing power saving self powering down latch structure
57 8,669,786 Clock phase shift detector
58 8,669,615 Techniques for metal gate workfunction engineering to enable multiple threshold voltage FINFET devices
59 8,669,466 Grid-line-free contact for a photovoltaic cell
60 8,669,182 Metal cap with ultra-low .kappa. dielectric material for circuit interconnect applications
61 8,669,167 Techniques for metal gate workfunction engineering to enable multiple threshold voltage FINFET devices
62 8,669,146 Semiconductor structures with thinned junctions and methods of manufacture
63 8,669,145 Method and structure for strained FinFET devices
64 8,669,137 Copper post solder bumps on substrate
65 8,668,834 Protecting a mold having a substantially planar surface provided with a plurality of mold cavities
66 8,668,514 Connecting multiple conduits