IBM patents granted on 11 October 2011

136 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,037,532 Application protection from malicious network traffic
2 8,037,525 Access control and entitlement determination for hierarchically organized content
3 8,037,484 Building compound extensible AJAX applications
4 8,037,479 Implementing container managed batch jobs in an enterprise java bean environment
5 8,037,473 Method to share licensed applications between virtual machines
6 8,037,472 Building and installing dynamic installation packages using a declarative authoring tool
7 8,037,471 Systems and methods for constructing relationship specifications from component interactions
8 8,037,467 Single stream processing with multi-version support of application operating environments
9 8,037,464 Generating optimized SIMD code in the presence of data dependences
10 8,037,463 Computer program functional partitioning system for heterogeneous multi-processing systems
11 8,037,462 Framework for parallelizing general reduction
12 8,037,461 Program code conversion
13 8,037,459 Recovery from nested exceptions in an instrumentation routine
14 8,037,454 Method of generating and utilizing debug history
15 8,037,451 Method for tracking code revisions with a checksum data value being automatically appended to source files
16 8,037,441 Gridded-router based wiring on a non-gridded library
17 8,037,439 Data aligner in reconfigurable computing environment
18 8,037,438 Techniques for parallel buffer insertion
19 8,037,433 System and methodology for determining layout-dependent effects in ULSI simulation
20 8,037,431 Structure for interleaved voltage controlled oscillator
21 8,037,420 Maintaining browser navigation relationships and for choosing a browser window for new documents
22 8,037,416 Presenting and filtering objects in a virtual world
23 8,037,409 Method for learning portal content model enhancements
24 8,037,404 Construction and analysis of markup language document representing computing architecture having computing elements
25 8,037,395 Encoding and decoding method for packet recovery
26 8,037,380 Verifying data integrity of a non-volatile memory system during data caching process
27 8,037,366 Issuing instructions in-order in an out-of-order processor using false dependencies
28 8,037,364 Forced management module failover by BMC impeachment consensus
29 8,037,361 Selective write protect for disaster recovery testing
30 8,037,349 Data replication based on capacity optimization
31 8,037,346 Avoiding a part of tape where error occurs by computing a number of records and a number of boundary marks included in an error data unit
32 8,037,341 Determining recovery time for interdependent resources in heterogeneous computing environment
33 8,037,340 Apparatus and method for micro performance tuning of a clocked digital system
34 8,037,337 Structures including circuits for noise reduction in digital systems
35 8,037,332 Quad-state power-saving virtual storage controller
36 8,037,293 Selecting a random processor to boot on a multiprocessor system
37 8,037,284 Stream processing in optically linked super node clusters of processors by mapping stream graph to nodes and links
38 8,037,278 Dynamic address translation with format control
39 8,037,272 Structure for memory chip for high capacity memory subsystem supporting multiple speed bus
40 8,037,270 Structure for memory chip for high capacity memory subsystem supporting replication of command data
41 8,037,261 Closed-loop system for dynamically distributing memory bandwidth
42 8,037,258 Structure for dual-mode memory chip for high capacity memory subsystem
43 8,037,252 Method for reducing coherence enforcement by selective directory update on replacement of unmodified cache blocks in a directory-based coherent multiprocessor
44 8,037,251 Memory compression implementation using non-volatile memory in a multi-node server system with directly attached processor memory
45 8,037,248 Displaying memory statistics for a keydrive
46 8,037,240 System and method for using reversed backup operation for minimizing the disk spinning time and the number of spin-up operations
47 8,037,221 Dynamic allocation of DMA buffers in input/output adaptors
48 8,037,217 Direct memory access in a hybrid computing environment
49 8,037,215 Performance evaluation of algorithmic tasks and dynamic parameterization on multi-core processing systems
50 8,037,213 Replenishing data descriptors in a DMA injection FIFO buffer
51 8,037,205 Method, system, and computer program for monitoring performance of applications in a distributed environment
52 8,037,203 User defined preferred DNS reference
53 8,037,197 Client-side selection of a server
54 8,037,190 Managing multiple network application versions
55 8,037,187 Resource exchange management within a cloud computing environment
56 8,037,185 Dynamic application placement with allocation restrictions, vertical stacking and even load distribution
57 8,037,184 Query governor with network monitoring in a parallel computer system
58 8,037,171 System and program for selecting one of multiple paths to communicate with a device
59 8,037,157 Apparatus and method for generating and using a customized uniform resource locator
60 8,037,156 Host discovery in multi-blade server chassis
61 8,037,154 Asynchronous dual-queue interface for use in network acceleration architecture
62 8,037,153 Dynamic partitioning of messaging system topics
63 8,037,146 Email annotation
64 8,037,140 System, method and program product for managing communications pursuant to an information technology (IT) migration
65 8,037,137 Method and system for efficient attachment of files to electronic mail messages
66 8,037,133 Business to business event communications
67 8,037,124 System and method for describing and locating web services
68 8,037,116 Method and system for optimizing floating point conversion between different bases
69 8,037,103 Accessing a non-relational store with a container-managed persistence bean via a web service function
70 8,037,095 Dynamic webcast content viewer method and system
71 8,037,092 System and method for merging manual parameters with predefined parameters
72 8,037,090 Processing structured documents stored in a database
73 8,037,085 Predicate selection in bit-level compositional transformations
74 8,037,082 Isolated ordered regions (IOR) node order
75 8,037,081 Methods and systems for detecting fragments in electronic documents
76 8,037,066 System and method for generating tag cloud in user collaboration websites
77 8,037,061 System and computer readable medium for generating refinement categories for a set of search results
78 8,037,059 Implementing aggregation combination using aggregate depth lists and cube aggregation conversion to rollup aggregation for optimizing query processing
79 8,037,056 Online repair of a replicated table
80 8,037,049 System for automatic data retrieval based on context-traversal history
81 8,037,044 Search bar with intelligent parametric search statement generation
82 8,037,038 Controlling reuse of components in a content management system
83 8,037,034 Methods of creating a dictionary for data compression
84 8,037,029 Automated records management with hold notification and automatic receipts
85 8,037,025 Method and approach to hosting versioned web services
86 8,037,023 System and apparatus for optimally trading off the replication overhead and consistency level in distributed applications
87 8,037,017 Real-time chat and conference contact information manager
88 8,037,000 Systems and methods for automated interpretation of analytic procedures
89 8,036,957 Method for managing inventory under price protection
90 8,036,946 System and method for making an inference based on cumulative data
91 8,036,931 Process and heuristic statistic for prospect selection through data mining
92 8,036,930 Market segmentation analyses in virtual universes
93 8,036,927 Method for stock keeping, computer system and computer program
94 8,036,926 Techniques for selecting calendar events by examining content of user’s recent e-mail activity
95 8,036,921 System and method for optimization process repeatability in an on-demand computing environment
96 8,036,865 System and method for constructing flexible ordering to improve productivity and efficiency in process flows
97 8,036,860 Modeling homogeneous parallelism
98 8,036,857 Design modelling
99 8,036,843 Computer readable medium and method of improving ras characteristics relating to calibration algorithms in an automated robotic system
100 8,036,537 Optical pulse amplication apparatus and method
101 8,036,426 System and method for analyzing video from non-static camera
102 8,036,415 Method and system for nano-encoding and decoding information related to printed texts and images on paper and other surfaces
103 8,036,393 Providing audio-guided deployment of data processing systems
104 8,036,349 Ordering telephone messages left for a user
105 8,036,243 Single chip protocol converter
106 8,036,105 Monitoring a problem condition in a communications system
107 8,036,102 Protocol definition for software bridge failover
108 8,036,022 Structure and method of using asymmetric junction engineered SRAM pass gates, and design structure
109 8,036,014 Phase change memory program method without over-reset
110 8,035,970 Regulation of air flow through a computer blade chassis using mechanically actuated variable air flow dampers
111 8,035,926 System including a pivot assembly for adjusting misalignment and skew between a read/write head and a flexible data storage media
112 8,035,912 System and method for controlling traveling of tape
113 8,035,896 Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
114 8,035,895 Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
115 8,035,861 Method and system for obtaining parameter for simulation in invisible code printing support system
116 8,035,824 Differential critical dimension and overlay metrology apparatus and measurement method
117 8,035,497 Multi-face, multi-event, orientation sensor
118 8,035,490 Communication and filtering of events among peer controllers in the same spatial region of a sensor network
119 8,035,452 Structure for transforming an input voltage to obtain linearity between input and output functions and system and method thereof
120 8,035,409 System and method implementing short-pulse propagation technique on production-level boards with incremental accuracy and productivity levels
121 8,035,337 Micro grid sensor and actuator apparatus
122 8,035,228 High-density 3-dimensional resistors
123 8,035,200 Neutralization of trapped charge in a charge accumulation layer of a semiconductor structure
124 8,035,198 Through wafer via and method of making same
125 8,035,190 Semiconductor devices
126 8,035,173 CMOS transistors with differential oxygen content high-K dielectrics
127 8,035,141 Bi-layer nFET embedded stressor element and integration to enhance drive current
128 8,035,126 One-transistor static random access memory with integrated vertical PNPN device
129 8,035,050 Deformable cap for a computer pointing device
130 8,034,718 Method to recover patterned semiconductor wafers for rework
131 8,034,710 Bilayer metal capping layer for interconnect applications
132 8,034,699 Isolation with offset deep well implants
133 8,034,692 Structure and method for manufacturing asymmetric devices
134 8,034,637 Techniques for coupling in semiconductor devices
135 8,034,533 Fluorine-free heteroaromatic photoacid generators and photoresist compositions containing the same
136 8,034,532 High contact angle topcoat material and use thereof in lithography process