IBM patents granted on 11 September 2007

69 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,269,836 System and method for providing multiplexing and remultiplexing of MPEG-2 streams
2 7,269,832 Generic virtual device driver
3 7,269,826 Apparatus, method and computer program product for resource locator using queries
4 7,269,822 Technique for enabling applications to use languages other than their built-in macro-languages without changing the applications
5 7,269,818 Circuit element function matching despite auto-generated dummy shapes
6 7,269,817 Lithographic process window optimization under complex constraints on edge placement
7 7,269,812 Apparatus and method for performing static timing analysis of an integrated circuit design
8 7,269,808 Design verification
9 7,269,806 Decoupling capacitance analysis method
10 7,269,794 Method and apparatus for viewpoint collaboration
11 7,269,792 System and method for generating high-function browser widgets with full addressability
12 7,269,786 Navigating an index to access a subject multi-dimensional database
13 7,269,764 Monitoring VRM-induced memory errors
14 7,269,758 Method and system for identifying runaway software agents
15 7,269,739 Method and system for allowing for the secure transmission and reception of data in a processing system
16 7,269,729 Relational database management encryption system
17 7,269,723 Reducing the boot time of a client device in a client device/data center environment
18 7,269,718 Method and apparatus for verifying data types to be used for instructions and casting data types if needed
19 7,269,715 Instruction grouping history on fetch-side dispatch group formation
20 7,269,706 Adaptive incremental checkpointing
21 7,269,701 Self-configuration of source-to-target mapping
22 7,269,684 Method and system for persistently storing objects in an object oriented environment
23 7,269,652 Algorithm for minimizing rebate value due to SLA breach in a utility computing environment
24 7,269,651 E-business operations measurements
25 7,269,647 Simplified network packet analyzer for distributed packet snooper
26 7,269,645 Seamless migration of one or more business processes and their work environment between computing devices and a network
27 7,269,633 Method and system for playback of dynamic HTTP transactions
28 7,269,630 Automatically switching shared remote devices in a dense server environment thereby allowing the remote devices to function as a local device
29 7,269,622 Watermarking messaging sessions
30 7,269,612 Method, system, and program for a policy based storage manager
31 7,269,610 System and method to observe user behavior and perform actions introspectable objects
32 7,269,599 Method and system for predicting user activity levels associated with an application
33 7,269,564 Method and apparatus to indicate an encoding status for digital content
34 7,269,555 Unsupervised incremental adaptation using maximum likelihood spectral transformation
35 7,269,546 System and method of finding documents related to other documents and of finding related words in response to a query to refine a search
36 7,269,474 Controlled self-adjusting process for reducing selected dimensions of electronic products
37 7,269,397 Method and apparatus for measuring communications link quality
38 7,269,284 Method and apparatus using dual bounding boxes as dynamic templates for cartridge rack identification and tracking
39 7,269,158 Method of operating a crossbar switch
40 7,269,131 Method and apparatus for managing a loop network
41 7,269,051 Inspection method of array board and inspection equipment thereof
42 7,269,029 Rapid fire test board
43 7,268,905 Bidirectional pre- and post- processor conduit through a bidirectional printing data stream
44 7,268,632 Structure and method for providing gate leakage isolation locally within analog circuits
45 7,268,630 Phase-locked loop using continuously auto-tuned inductor-capacitor voltage controlled oscillator
46 7,268,624 Differential amplifier offset voltage minimization independently from common mode voltage adjustment
47 7,268,613 Transistor switch with integral body connection to prevent latchup
48 7,268,600 Phase- or frequency-locked loop circuit having a glitch detector for detecting triggering-edge-type glitches in a noisy signal
49 7,268,590 Method and apparatus for implementing subthreshold leakage reduction in LSDL
50 7,268,577 Changing chip function based on fuse states
51 7,268,570 Apparatus and method for customized burn-in of cores on a multicore microprocessor integrated circuit chip
52 7,268,491 Expandable display having rollable material
53 7,268,432 Interconnect structures with engineered dielectrics with nanocolumnar porosity
54 7,268,428 Thermal paste containment for semiconductor modules
55 7,268,400 Triple-well CMOS devices with increased latch-up immunity and methods of fabricating same
56 7,268,397 Thermal dissipation structures for finfets
57 7,268,377 Structure and method of fabricating a hybrid substrate for high-performance hybrid-orientation silicon-on-insulator CMOS devices
58 7,268,348 Scanning probe for data storage and microscopy
59 7,268,292 Multi-dimensional compliant thermal cap for an electronic device
60 7,268,082 Highly selective nitride etching employing surface mediated uniform reactive layer films
61 7,268,049 Structure and method for manufacturing MOSFET with super-steep retrograded island
62 7,268,033 Method and structure for providing tuned leakage current in CMOS integrated circuits
63 7,268,028 Well isolation trenches (WIT) for CMOS devices
64 7,267,863 Film stack having under layer for preventing pinhole defects
65 7,267,585 Method and system for easing attachment of a peripheral cable to a personal computer
66 7,267,550 Printed circuit board capable of receiving an on-board battery from multiple orientations
67 7,267,277 Method and system for targeted marketing by leveraging video-based demographic insights
68 7,266,880 Method of making a monolithic magnetic read-while-write head apparatus
69 D550,747 Combined projector and receiving device