IBM patents granted on 12 April 2016

193 US patents granted on 12 April 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 D753,686 Display screen with graphical user interface
2 9,313,935 Universal/portable cable support and EMI reduction bar
3 9,313,931 Multi-level redundant cooling method for continuous cooling of an electronic system(s)
4 9,313,930 Multi-level redundant cooling system for continuous cooling of an electronic system(s)
5 9,313,928 Cold air containment system in a data centre
6 9,313,921 Chip stack structures that implement two-phase cooling with radial flow
7 9,313,920 Direct coolant contact vapor condensing
8 9,313,816 Peer-to-peer sharing of network resources
9 9,313,612 Mobile wireless access point geolocation services proxy for mobile devices
10 9,313,560 Scalable acquisition of telemetry data from instrumented systems enitities over a wireless network
11 9,313,398 Warning system for sub-optimal sensor settings
12 9,313,340 Testing computerized analysis of communication data
13 9,313,329 Voice response systems browsing
14 9,313,288 Notification of a change to user selected content
15 9,313,285 Dynamic social networking content
16 9,313,284 Smart posting with data analytics and semantic analysis to improve a message posted to a social media service
17 9,313,283 Dynamic social networking content
18 9,313,282 Intelligently detecting the leader of a co-browsing session
19 9,313,277 Managing multiple sessions for a user of a portal
20 9,313,273 Pull-configured distribution of imagery
21 9,313,267 Using a same program on a local system and a remote system
22 9,313,251 Sharing a configuration state of a client device that meets a threshold level of QoE
23 9,313,231 Inter-domain replication of service information
24 9,313,212 Dynamic adjustment of authentication mechanism
25 9,313,210 Automated privacy level suggestions for social networking
26 9,313,201 System and method of performing electronic transactions
27 9,313,194 Verification of configuration using an encoded visual representation
28 9,313,186 Federated transaction path and service level agreement monitoring across service oriented application partner domains
29 9,313,165 Providing contextual relevance of an unposted message to an activity stream after a period of time elapses
30 9,313,150 Generating intentional interruptions during gatherings
31 9,313,139 Physical port sharing in a link aggregation group
32 9,313,114 IT system infrastructure prediction based on epidemiologic algorithm
33 9,313,110 Managing processing branches in an operator graph
34 9,313,107 Dynamically modifying quality of service levels for resources running in a networked computing environment
35 9,313,097 Object oriented networks
36 9,313,096 Object oriented networks
37 9,313,031 Telephone caller authentication
38 9,313,025 Generating and processing an authentication certificate
39 9,312,991 Packet loss recovery on a wireless link in a transmission layer protocol session
40 9,312,990 Packet loss recovery on a wireless link in a transmission layer protocol session
41 9,312,860 Gated differential logic circuit
42 9,312,858 Level shifter for a time-varying input
43 9,312,761 Three-D power converter in three distinct strata
44 9,312,695 Condition-based management of power transformers
45 9,312,426 Structure with a metal silicide transparent conductive electrode and a method of forming the structure
46 9,312,383 Self-aligned contacts for vertical field effect transistors
47 9,312,367 FinFET with a silicon germanium alloy channel and method of fabrication thereof
48 9,312,366 Processing of integrated circuit for metal gate replacement
49 9,312,364 finFET with dielectric isolation after gate module for improved source and drain region epitaxial growth
50 9,312,360 FinFET with epitaxial source and drain regions and dielectric isolated channel region
51 9,312,358 Partially-blocked well implant to improve diode ideality with SiGe anode
52 9,312,275 FinFET with reduced capacitance
53 9,312,273 Structure and method to reduce crystal defects in epitaxial fin merge using nitride deposition
54 9,312,224 Interconnect structure containing a porous low k interconnect dielectric/dielectric cap
55 9,312,205 Methods of forming a TSV wafer with improved fracture strength
56 9,312,199 Intelligent chip placement within a three-dimensional chip stack
57 9,312,185 Formation of metal resistor and e-fuse
58 9,312,173 Self-limiting silicide in highly scaled fin technology
59 9,312,147 Phase changing on-chip thermal heat sink
60 9,312,143 Formation of isolation surrounding well implantation
61 9,312,140 Semiconductor structures having low resistance paths throughout a wafer
62 9,312,136 Replacement metal gate stack for diffusion prevention
63 9,312,132 Method of forming high-density arrays of nanostructures
64 9,311,960 Efficient multichannel data format using variable-length headers
65 9,311,932 Adaptive pause detection in speech recognition
66 9,311,917 Machine, system and method for user-guided teaching of deictic references and referent objects of deictic references to a conversational command and control system
67 9,311,900 Detecting and describing visible features on a visualization
68 9,311,899 Detecting and describing visible features on a visualization
69 9,311,823 Caching natural language questions and results in a question and answer system
70 9,311,730 Aggregating graph structures
71 9,311,716 Static image segmentation
72 9,311,703 Method and system for categorizing heart disease states
73 9,311,693 Differential resource application in virtual worlds based on payment and account options
74 9,311,667 Managing the purchase of multiple items with multiple modes of fulfillment
75 9,311,626 Electronic mail reply with update
76 9,311,624 System to view and manipulate artifacts at a temporal reference point
77 9,311,623 System to view and manipulate artifacts at a temporal reference point
78 9,311,621 Annotating collaborative information structures
79 9,311,615 Infrastructure asset management
80 9,311,602 Driving an interactive decision service from a forward-chaining rule engine
81 9,311,597 Early generation of individuals to accelerate genetic algorithms
82 9,311,501 Using different secure erase algorithms to erase chunks from a file associated with different security levels
83 9,311,495 Method and apparatus for associating data loss protection (DLP) policies with endpoints
84 9,311,484 Enhanced security and resource utilization in a multi-operating system environment
85 9,311,471 Sharing USB key by multiple virtual machines located at different hosts
86 9,311,467 Composite propensity profile detector
87 9,311,463 Multi-level password authorization
88 9,311,461 Security system based on questions that do not publicly identify the speaker
89 9,311,420 Customizing web 2.0 application behavior based on relationships between a content creator and a content requester
90 9,311,412 Automatically notifying a computer user of internet content
91 9,311,404 Obscuring search results to increase traffic to network sites
92 9,311,388 Semantic and contextual searching of knowledge repositories
93 9,311,385 Indicating level of confidence in digital content
94 9,311,380 Processing spatial joins using a mapreduce framework
95 9,311,379 Utilization of data structures to synchronize copies of a resource
96 9,311,378 Data synchronization between a data management system and an external system
97 9,311,370 Virtual attribute federation system
98 9,311,368 Slowly changing dimension attributes in extract, transform, load processes
99 9,311,360 Association of data to a biological sequence
100 9,311,359 Join operation partitioning
101 9,311,355 Autonomic refresh of a materialized query table in a computer database
102 9,311,353 Control elements of graphical user interfaces
103 9,311,346 Agent communication bulletin board
104 9,311,343 Using a sequence object of a database
105 9,311,341 Collaborative capture of photographic images
106 9,311,340 Multiple partial-image compositional searching
107 9,311,334 Geospatial database integration using business models
108 9,311,325 Protecting data segments in a computing environment
109 9,311,321 Automated encoding of increment operators
110 9,311,320 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
111 9,311,311 Archival management of database logs
112 9,311,300 Using natural language processing (NLP) to create subject matter synonyms from definitions
113 9,311,295 Procedure extraction and enrichment from unstructured text using natural language processing (NLP) techniques
114 9,311,294 Enhanced answers in DeepQA system according to user preferences
115 9,311,291 Correcting N-gram probabilities by page view information
116 9,311,290 Approximate named-entity extraction
117 9,311,286 Intelligent automatic expansion/contraction of abbreviations in text-based electronic communications
118 9,311,282 Enriching website content with extracted feature multi-dimensional vector comparison
119 9,311,279 Notification of a change to user selected content
120 9,311,278 Visual editor for editing complex expressions
121 9,311,273 Parallelization method, system, and program
122 9,311,264 Pass-through converged network adaptor (CNA) using existing Ethernet switching device
123 9,311,259 Program event recording within a transactional environment
124 9,311,253 Thinly provisioned flash cache with shared storage pool
125 9,311,249 Managing translation of a same address across multiple contexts using a same entry in a translation lookaside buffer
126 9,311,238 Demote instruction for relinquishing cache line ownership
127 9,311,236 Out-of-memory avoidance in dynamic virtual machine memory adjustment
128 9,311,233 Load-through fault mechanism
129 9,311,228 Power reduction in server memory system
130 9,311,223 Prioritizing test cases using multiple variables
131 9,311,216 Defining multi-channel tests system and method
132 9,311,215 Defining multi-channel tests system and method
133 9,311,209 Associating energy consumption with a virtual machine
134 9,311,201 Real-time rule engine for adaptive testing of integrated circuits
135 9,311,195 SCSI reservation status information on a SAN disk
136 9,311,193 Method and system for backup and recovery
137 9,311,178 Salvaging hardware transactions with instructions
138 9,311,170 System, method and program tool to reset an application
139 9,311,154 Detecting deployment conflicts in heterogenous environments
140 9,311,150 Method and system for application profiling for purposes of defining resource requirements
141 9,311,149 Processor provisioning by a middleware processing system
142 9,311,146 Strategic placement of jobs for spatial elasticity in a high-performance computing environment
143 9,311,137 Delaying interrupts for a transactional-execution facility
144 9,311,134 Automated creation of executable workflow
145 9,311,132 Allocating all or a portion of the memory in a cache module in each hypervisor in a pool of hypervisors to form a shared cache module to be utilized by the virtual machines run by the pool of hypervisors
146 9,311,131 Monitoring and dynamically reconfiguring virtual machine patterns
147 9,311,130 Dynamically deployed virtual machine
148 9,311,128 Bandwidth-Efficient virtual machine image delivery over distributed nodes based on priority and historical access criteria
149 9,311,127 Managing configuration and system operations of a shared virtualized input/output adapter as virtual peripheral component interconnect root to single function hierarchies
150 9,311,118 Sharing of classes for modular programs in a multi-tenant environment
151 9,311,114 Dynamic display overlay
152 9,311,113 Navigation through historical stored interactions associated with a multi-user view
153 9,311,101 Intra-instructional transaction abort handling
154 9,311,096 Local instruction loop buffer utilizing execution unit register file
155 9,311,095 Using register last use information to perform decode time computer instruction optimization
156 9,311,093 Prefix computer instruction for compatibly extending instruction functionality
157 9,311,090 Indirect instruction predication
158 9,311,081 Generating and employing operational abstractions of transforms
159 9,311,079 Parallel development of a software system
160 9,311,078 Parallel development of a software system
161 9,311,077 Identification of code changes using language syntax and changeset data
162 9,311,070 Dynamically recommending configuration changes to an operating system image
163 9,311,065 Data splitting for multi-instantiated objects
164 9,311,062 Consolidating and reusing portal information
165 9,311,061 Designing task execution order based on location of the task icons within a graphical user interface
166 9,311,056 Automated analysis of code developer’s profile
167 9,311,049 System to improve numereical conversions and associated methods
168 9,311,020 Method and apparatus for automated migration of data among storage centers
169 9,311,009 Memory with mixed cell array and system including the memory
170 9,311,005 Method to prevent I/O starvation of slower hosts in a multi-host environment
171 9,310,967 Border menu for context dependent actions within a graphical user interface
172 9,310,961 Virtual world teleportation
173 9,310,859 Liquid cooling of multiple components on a circuit board
174 9,310,827 Multiple active vertically aligned cores for three-dimensional chip stack
175 9,310,674 Mask that provides improved focus control using orthogonal edges
176 9,310,580 Method and spacer for assembling flexible optical waveguide ribbons, and assembled stack of such ribbons
177 9,310,576 Integrated circuit having redundant optical signal paths and method of creating same
178 9,310,518 Weather forecasting system and methods
179 9,310,424 Monitoring aging of silicon in an integrated circuit device
180 9,310,418 Correction for stress induced leakage current in dielectric reliability evaluations
181 9,310,413 Monitoring power source redundancy via a power distribution unit
182 9,310,397 Multi-branch current/voltage sensor array
183 9,310,336 Identification of molecules based on frequency responses using electromagnetic write-heads and magneto-resistive sensors
184 9,310,285 Method and integrated device for analyzing liquid flow and liquid-solid interface interaction
185 9,310,252 Automated object classification using temperature profiles
186 9,310,251 Automated object classification using temperature profiles
187 9,310,138 Cooling system for high performance solar concentrators
188 9,310,092 Analytics for optimizing usage of cooling subsystems
189 9,309,590 Nanofluidic sensor comprising spatially separated functional sensing components
190 9,308,891 Limitations on the use of an autonomous vehicle
191 9,308,714 Method for improving surface quality of spalled substrates
192 9,307,693 Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field
193 9,307,692 Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field