IBM patents granted on 12 August 2008

95 US patents granted on 12 August 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,412,724 Data network and method for checking nodes of a data network
2 7,412,723 Method and system for morphing honeypot with computer security incident correlation
3 7,412,719 Architecture and design for central authentication and authorization in an on-demand utility environment using a secured global hashtable
4 7,412,718 Method for bidirectional data transfer
5 7,412,709 Method and apparatus for managing multiple data processing systems using existing heterogeneous systems management software
6 7,412,705 Method for inter partition communication within a logical partitioned data processing system
7 7,412,699 Using behavioral annotations in source code to build middleware applications
8 7,412,697 High-level language, architecture-independent probe program compiler
9 7,412,694 Detecting program phases with periodic call-stack sampling during garbage collection
10 7,412,692 Determining minimal sets of bug solutions for a computer program
11 7,412,691 Dynamic configuration files
12 7,412,690 Method, apparatus, and program for code reusability and maintainability in XML-driven projects
13 7,412,687 Creating customized applications using templates having points of variability
14 7,412,657 Systems, methods, and media for updating an instant messaging system
15 7,412,649 Viewing and editing markup language files with complex semantics
16 7,412,643 Method and apparatus for linking representation and realization data
17 7,412,640 Self-synchronizing pseudorandom bit sequence checker
18 7,412,638 Method, system, and program product for controlling test data of a logic built-in self-test of an integrated circuit
19 7,412,629 Method to override daughterboard slots marked with power fault
20 7,412,620 Method for testing ability to recover from cache directory errors
21 7,412,618 Combined alignment scrambler function for elastic interface
22 7,412,604 Using biometrics on pervasive devices for mobile identification
23 7,412,589 Method to detect a stalled instruction stream and serialize micro-operation execution
24 7,412,588 Network processor system on chip with bridge coupling protocol converting multiprocessor macro core local bus to peripheral interfaces coupled system bus
25 7,412,583 Virtual incremental storage method
26 7,412,577 Shared data mirroring apparatus, method, and system
27 7,412,546 System method structure in network processor that indicates last data buffer of frame packet by last flag bit that is either in first or second position
28 7,412,545 Apparatus and method for updating I/O capability of a logically-partitioned computer system
29 7,412,544 Reconfigurable USB I/O device persona
30 7,412,535 Method and system for caching fragments while avoiding parsing of pages that do not contain fragments
31 7,412,524 Method and system for authentication when certification authority public and private keys expire
32 7,412,503 Method and apparatus for the dynamic introduction of new attributes into policies
33 7,412,502 Graphics for end to end component mapping and problem-solving in a network environment
34 7,412,499 Method for adding new members to a group by sending a commit message with updated membership list to all nodes on the updated list
35 7,412,493 Publish/subscribe messaging system
36 7,412,491 Method and apparatus for enhancing instant messaging systems
37 7,412,490 Routing instant messages using configurable, pluggable delivery managers
38 7,412,483 Automated email activity management
39 7,412,480 Device and method for updating code
40 7,412,479 Highly scalable and highly available cluster system management scheme
41 7,412,476 Decimal multiplication for superscaler processors
42 7,412,465 Method for append mode insertion of rows into tables in database management systems
43 7,412,464 Asynchronous data mirroring with look-ahead synchronization record
44 7,412,460 DBMS backup without suspending updates and corresponding recovery using separately stored log and data files
45 7,412,457 Mapping data from multiple data sources into a single or multiple reusable software components
46 7,412,454 Data structure supporting random delete and timer function
47 7,412,453 Document analysis and retrieval
48 7,412,448 Performance degradation root cause prediction in a distributed computing system
49 7,412,440 Information search system, information search supporting system, and method and program for information search
50 7,412,439 Method for statistics management
51 7,412,437 System and method for searching and retrieving related messages
52 7,412,433 Hierarchical storage management using dynamic tables of contents and sets of tables of contents
53 7,412,432 Problem determination rules processing
54 7,412,431 Method for managing multi-field classification rules relating to ingress
55 7,412,429 Method for data classification by kernel density shape interpolation of clusters
56 7,412,397 System and method for forecasting demanufacturing requirements
57 7,412,388 Language-enhanced programming tools
58 7,412,387 Automatic improvement of spoken language
59 7,412,386 Directory dialer name recognition
60 7,412,378 Method and system of dynamically adjusting a speech output rate to match a speech input rate
61 7,412,377 Voice model for speech processing based on ordered average ranks of spectral features
62 7,412,351 Correlating power signatures with automated equipment
63 7,412,247 Remote location based services
64 7,412,211 Method for implementing enhanced hand shake protocol in microelectronic communication systems
65 7,412,172 Impedance matching circuit with simultaneous shielding of parasitic effects for transceiver modules
66 7,412,134 Apparatus and methods for remakeable connections to optical waveguides
67 7,412,063 Controlling delivery of broadcast encryption content for a network cluster from a content server outside the cluster
68 7,412,054 Matrix encryption method and system
69 7,412,039 Method and system for verifying an attachment file within an e-mail
70 7,412,038 Telecommunications voice server leveraging application web-server capabilities
71 7,411,956 Methods and apparatus for routing packets
72 7,411,868 Estimation of time within untrusted time device disconnected from trusted time device
73 7,411,818 Programmable fuse/non-volatile memory structures using externally heated phase change material
74 7,411,593 Image rotation with substantially no aliasing error
75 7,411,425 Method for power consumption reduction in a limited-switch dynamic logic (LSDL) circuit
76 7,411,422 Driver/equalizer with compensation for equalization non-idealities
77 7,411,305 Interconnect structure encased with high and low k interlevel dielectrics
78 7,411,258 Cobalt disilicide structure
79 7,411,252 Substrate backgate for trigate FET
80 7,411,227 CMOS silicide metal gate integration
81 7,411,214 High performance FET devices and methods thereof
82 7,411,135 Contour structures to highlight inspection regions
83 7,410,919 Mask and substrate alignment for solder bump process
84 7,410,894 Post last wiring level inductor using patterned plate process
85 7,410,862 Trench capacitor and method for fabricating the same
86 7,410,852 Opto-thermal annealing methods for forming metal gate and fully silicided gate field effect transistors
87 7,410,846 Method for reduced N+ diffusion in strained Si on SiGe substrate
88 7,410,844 Device fabrication by anisotropic wet etch
89 7,410,833 Interconnections for flip-chip using lead-free solders and having reaction barrier layers
90 7,410,625 Process of making metal containing iron oxide and iron sulfide based nanoparticle materials
91 7,410,319 Pen retention apparatus
92 7,410,312 Toolless thermal print head mounting apparatus
93 7,410,259 Optimal dynamic techniques for custom-fit eye optics
94 7,410,092 Fill head for injection molding of solder
95 7,410,090 Conductive bonding material fill techniques