IBM patents granted on 12 August 2014

181 US patents granted on 12 August 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,806,648 Automatic classification of security vulnerabilities in computer software applications
2 8,806,642 Resource protection from unauthorized access using state transition histories
3 8,806,628 Tuning of data loss prevention signature effectiveness
4 8,806,601 Non-interactive entity application proxy method and system
5 8,806,575 Network selection tool for information handling system
6 8,806,568 Automatic generation of user account policies based on configuration management database information
7 8,806,511 Executing a kernel device driver as a user space process
8 8,806,510 Determining operator partitioning constraint feasibility
9 8,806,501 Predictive dynamic system scheduling
10 8,806,500 Dynamically setting the automation behavior of resources
11 8,806,489 Virtual machine image distribution network
12 8,806,485 Configuring virtual machine images in a networked computing environment
13 8,806,483 Determining starting values for virtual machine attributes in a networked computing environment
14 8,806,479 Creating an application virtual machine image by isolating installation artifacts in shadow area
15 8,806,476 Implementing a software installation process
16 8,806,469 Runtime code replacement
17 8,806,462 Identifying code that wastes time switching tasks
18 8,806,452 Transformation of computer programs and eliminating errors
19 8,806,449 Holding threads in a software debugger
20 8,806,447 Step-type operation processing during debugging by machine instruction stepping concurrent with setting breakpoints
21 8,806,445 Thread serialization and disablement tool
22 8,806,441 Static code analysis
23 8,806,440 Integrated software development system, method for validation, computer arrangement and computer program product
24 8,806,438 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with variable-specific messages
25 8,806,437 Automated testing process
26 8,806,434 Dynamically configuring an integrated development environment
27 8,806,432 Method, system, and program for executing program
28 8,806,419 Apparatus for modeling of FinFET width quantization
29 8,806,415 Integrated circuit pad modeling
30 8,806,402 Modeling multi-patterning variability with statistical timing
31 8,806,393 Generation of design shapes for confining stitch-induced via structures
32 8,806,381 Method and system to improve GUI use efficiency
33 8,806,360 Computing resource management in information technology systems
34 8,806,351 System and method for packing of small objects for efficient delivery over networks
35 8,806,337 System and method for representation of avatars via personal and group perception, and conditional manifestation of attributes
36 8,806,330 Automatic detection of item lists within a web page
37 8,806,315 Checksum calculation, prediction and validation
38 8,806,295 Mis-correction and no-correction rates for error control
39 8,806,292 Method of hybrid compression acceleration utilizing special and general purpose processors
40 8,806,273 Supporting detection of failure event
41 8,806,270 Method, apparatus and product for testing transactions
42 8,806,269 Unified, workload-optimized, adaptive RAS for hybrid systems
43 8,806,268 Communication of conditions at a primary storage controller to a host
44 8,806,265 LPAR creation and repair for automated error recovery
45 8,806,253 Power down of execution units for issued instruction accumulation when issue rate of instructions falls below threshold and at least two are independent
46 8,806,235 Display management for multi-screen computing environments
47 8,806,228 Systems and methods for asymmetrical performance multi-processors
48 8,806,185 System and method for automatic configuration of portal composite applications
49 8,806,179 Non-quiescing key setting facility
50 8,806,178 Set sampling controls instruction
51 8,806,177 Prefetch engine based translation prefetching
52 8,806,176 Applying advanced energy manager in a distributed environment
53 8,806,173 Elimination of duplicate written records
54 8,806,166 Memory allocation in a multi-node computer
55 8,806,162 Switching visibility between virtual data storage entities
56 8,806,158 Intelligent computer memory management
57 8,806,157 Online volume migration using multi-path input / output masquerading
58 8,806,153 Partial line cache write injector for direct memory access write
59 8,806,148 Forward progress mechanism for stores in the presence of load contention in a system favoring loads by state alteration
60 8,806,146 Method and system to accelerate address translation
61 8,806,141 List based prefetch
62 8,806,139 Cache set replacement order based on temporal set recording
63 8,806,133 Protection against cache poisoning
64 8,806,129 Mounted cache memory in a multi-core processor (MCP)
65 8,806,122 Caching data in a storage system having multiple caches including non-volatile storage cache in a sequential access storage device
66 8,806,121 Intelligent storage provisioning within a clustered computing environment
67 8,806,117 Prevention of data loss due to adjacent track interference
68 8,806,081 Open host issued statesave to attached storage
69 8,806,080 Hardware sizing
70 8,806,069 Providing indirect data addressing for a control block at a channel subsystem of an I/O processing system
71 8,806,060 Information retrieval system
72 8,806,055 System and method for stream processing utilizing totipotent morphogenic stem cells
73 8,806,022 Establishing communication path group identification for multiple storage devices
74 8,806,015 Workload-aware placement in private heterogeneous clouds
75 8,806,007 Inter-node communication scheme for node status sharing
76 8,806,003 Forecasting capacity available for processing workloads in a networked computing environment
77 8,805,999 Administering event reporting rules in a distributed processing system
78 8,805,970 Automatic management of configuration parameters and parameter management engine
79 8,805,958 Exploiting cluster awareness infrastructure through internet socket based applications
80 8,805,952 Administering globally accessible memory space in a distributed computing system
81 8,805,936 Email server cooperative management for automatic routing of emails based on preferences
82 8,805,935 Instant messaging windowing for topic threads
83 8,805,931 Collaborative session resource allocation
84 8,805,921 System and method supporting application solution composition on cloud
85 8,805,909 Method and device for perfectly incoherent sampling to a Haar domain
86 8,805,902 Managing snapshot storage pools
87 8,805,898 Method and apparatus for functional integration of metadata
88 8,805,895 Adaptive methodology for updating solution building block architectures and designs
89 8,805,885 Method, system and program product for interning invariant data objects in dynamic space constrained systems
90 8,805,881 Reputation based access control
91 8,805,880 Establishment, optimization, and routing of remote transitive name space access
92 8,805,877 User-guided regular expression learning
93 8,805,874 Molecular level similarity search and computer aided drug discovery process
94 8,805,871 Cross-lingual audio search
95 8,805,869 Systems and methods for cross-lingual audio search
96 8,805,860 Processing encoded data elements using an index stored in a file
97 8,805,856 Merchandise hierarchy refinement by incorporation of product correlation
98 8,805,855 Efficiently storing and retrieving data and metadata
99 8,805,852 Automatic query execution plan management and performance stabilization for workloads
100 8,805,850 Hardware-accelerated relational joins
101 8,805,848 Systems, methods and computer program products for fast and scalable proximal search for search queries
102 8,805,843 Information mining using domain specific conceptual structures
103 8,805,841 Clustering system, method and program
104 8,805,834 Extensible system and method for information extraction in a data processing system
105 8,805,813 Facilitating object searches in virtual worlds
106 8,805,802 Dynamic partial uncompression of a database table
107 8,805,799 Dynamic partial uncompression of a database table
108 8,805,797 Optimizing wide area network (WAN) traffic by providing home site deduplication information to a cache site
109 8,805,789 Using a metadata image of a file system and archive instance to backup data objects in the file system
110 8,805,777 Data record collapse and split functionality
111 8,805,774 Method and system for role based situation aware software
112 8,805,772 Contextual feedback of rules proximity based upon co-occurence history in a collaborative rule editing system
113 8,805,771 Contextual feedback of rules proximity based upon co-occurence history in a collaborative rule editing system
114 8,805,756 Enhanced DeepQA in a medical environment
115 8,805,743 Tracking, distribution and management of apportionable licenses granted for distributed software products
116 8,805,711 Two-layer data architecture for reservation management systems
117 8,805,672 Translation cache prediction
118 8,805,622 Field-based similarity search system and method
119 8,805,613 Method for environmental sensing
120 8,805,590 Fan speed control of rack devices where sum of device airflows is greater than maximum airflow of rack
121 8,805,555 Configuring a PID controller
122 8,805,551 Method and system for discovery, validation and delivery of power through a universal power center
123 8,805,409 Using wired endpoints to determine position information for wireless endpoints in a network
124 8,805,148 Generation of terahertz electromagnetic waves in graphene by coherent photon-mixing
125 8,805,132 Integrated circuit package connected to a data transmission medium
126 8,805,126 Photonic modulator with forward-and reverse-biased diodes for separate tuning and modulating elements
127 8,805,095 Analysing character strings
128 8,804,960 Implementing known scrambling relationship among multiple serial links
129 8,804,921 System for collaborative content creation on the telecom web
130 8,804,918 Method and system for using conversational biometrics and speaker identification/verification to filter voice streams
131 8,804,852 High bandwidth decompression of variable length encoded data streams
132 8,804,837 Method and system for coding mode selection in video compression systems
133 8,804,764 Data path for data extraction from streaming data
134 8,804,721 Multi-stream communication
135 8,804,572 Distributed switch systems in a trill network
136 8,804,488 Endpoint-based parallel data processing in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
137 8,804,374 Electromagnetic interference shield
138 8,804,334 Multi-rack, door-mounted heat exchanger
139 8,804,277 Humidity and temperature controlled tape drive cleaning
140 8,804,270 Tape head actuator
141 8,804,257 Variable stopwrite threshold using kurtosis
142 8,804,157 Print quality verification system for detecting a mismatch in a printed document
143 8,804,042 Preemptive preloading of television program data
144 8,803,876 Hardware accelerated graphics for network enabled applications
145 8,803,762 System for automatically adjusting electronic display settings
146 8,803,722 Resistor-2 resistor (R-2R) digital-to-analog converter with partial resistor network reconfiguration
147 8,803,578 Pulse width adjusting circuit and method
148 8,803,569 Ramp generator using operational amplifier based integration and switched capacitor techniques
149 8,803,328 Random coded integrated circuit structures and methods of making random coded integrated circuit structures
150 8,803,321 Dual damascene dual alignment interconnect scheme
151 8,803,318 Semiconductor chips including passivation layer trench structure
152 8,803,317 Structures for improving current carrying capability of interconnects and methods of fabricating the same
153 8,803,284 Thick on-chip high-performance wiring structures
154 8,803,276 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) device and method of fabricating
155 8,803,243 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) device having gate structures connected by a metal gate conductor
156 8,803,233 Junctionless transistor
157 8,803,141 Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
158 8,803,132 Self-aligned double-gate graphene transistor
159 8,803,131 Metal-free integrated circuits comprising graphene and carbon nanotubes
160 8,803,130 Graphene transistors with self-aligned gates
161 8,803,129 Patterning contacts in carbon nanotube devices
162 8,802,990 Self-aligned nano-scale device with parallel plate electrodes
163 8,802,977 Techniques for enhancing performance of photovoltaic devices
164 8,802,565 Semiconductor plural gate lengths
165 8,802,563 Surface repair structure and process for interconnect applications
166 8,802,559 Interconnect structure with an electromigration and stress migration enhancement liner
167 8,802,558 Copper interconnect structures and methods of making same
168 8,802,535 Doped core trigate FET structure and method
169 8,802,527 Gate electrode optimized for low voltage operation
170 8,802,514 Graphene and nanotube/nanowire transistor with a self-aligned gate structure on transparent substrates and method of making same
171 8,802,513 Fin field effect transistors having a nitride containing spacer to reduce lateral growth of epitaxially deposited semiconductor materials
172 8,802,512 Overlap capacitance nanowire
173 8,802,497 Forming semiconductor chip connections
174 8,802,482 Method to fabricate multicrystal solar cell with light trapping surface using nanopore copolymer
175 8,802,477 Heterojunction III-V photovoltaic cell fabrication
176 8,802,357 Method for using a topcoat composition
177 8,802,351 Water-dispersible electrically conductive fluorine-containing polyaniline compositions for lithography
178 8,802,347 Silicon containing coating compositions and methods of use
179 8,802,047 Embedded nanoparticle films and method for their formation in selective areas on a surface
180 8,801,352 Pick and place tape release for thin semiconductor dies
181 8,800,952 Removing material from defective opening in glass mold and related glass mold for injection molded solder