IBM patents granted on 12 February 2008

59 US patents granted on 12 February 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 D561,774 Acoustic rack door for a computer server system
2 7,331,058 Distributed data structures for authorization and access control for computing resources
3 7,331,048 Backfill scheduling of applications based on data of the applications
4 7,331,045 Scheduling technique for software pipelining
5 7,331,044 Compiling method and storage medium therefor
6 7,331,042 Fault-tolerant dynamic editing of GUI display and source code
7 7,331,029 Method and system for enhancing circuit design process
8 7,331,027 Method for swapping circuits in a metal-only engineering change
9 7,331,021 Fast/slow state machine latch
10 7,331,010 System, method and storage medium for providing fault detection and correction in a memory subsystem
11 7,331,007 Harnessing machine learning to improve the success rate of stimuli generation
12 7,330,996 Twin-tailed fail-over for fileservers maintaining full performance in the presence of a failure
13 7,330,965 Multi-tiered boot list
14 7,330,958 Method and apparatus for translating a virtual address to a real address using blocks of contiguous page table entries
15 7,330,933 Application cache pre-loading
16 7,330,925 Transaction flow control mechanism for a bus bridge
17 7,330,910 Fencing of resources allocated to non-cooperative client computers
18 7,330,903 Method, computer program product, and system for routing messages in a computer network comprising heterogenous databases
19 7,330,897 Methods and apparatus for storage area network component registration
20 7,330,894 System and method for preventing timeout of a client
21 7,330,870 Streaming computer system and method with multi-version protocol compatibility
22 7,330,863 Method and systems for hyperlinking files
23 7,330,860 Fault tolerant mechanism to handle initial load of replicated object in live system
24 7,330,859 Database backup system using data and user-defined routines replicators for maintaining a copy of database on a secondary server
25 7,330,845 System, method and program product for providing navigational information for facilitating navigation and user socialization at web sites
26 7,330,810 Method and apparatus for developing a transfer dictionary used in transfer-based machine translation system
27 7,330,662 System and method for remote optical digital networking of computing devices
28 7,330,509 Method for video transcoding with adaptive frame rate control
29 7,330,488 System, method, and article of manufacture for synchronizing time of day clocks on first and second computers
30 7,330,479 Shared transmit buffer for network processor and methods for using same
31 7,330,478 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing pointer and stake model for frame alteration code in a network processor
32 7,330,427 MMPP analysis of network traffic using a transition window
33 7,330,417 Storage device having superset format, method and system for use therewith
34 7,330,371 Method and structure for generating offset fields for use in MRAM devices
35 7,330,353 Modular heat sink fin modules for CPU
36 7,330,337 Pivotable head brush assembly for cleaning read/write heads in a media tape drive
37 7,330,247 Apparatus and method for connecting optical waveguides
38 7,330,103 Vehicle collision avoidance system enhancement using in-car air bag deployment system
39 7,330,061 Method and apparatus for correcting the duty cycle of a digital signal
40 7,329,951 Solder bumps in flip-chip technologies
41 7,329,948 Microelectronic devices and methods
42 7,329,941 Creating increased mobility in a bipolar device
43 7,329,940 Semiconductor structure and method of manufacture
44 7,329,939 Metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method of fabricating same
45 7,329,937 Asymmetric field effect transistors (FETs)
46 7,329,923 High-performance CMOS devices on hybrid crystal oriented substrates
47 7,329,816 Electronic package with optimized lamination process
48 7,329,613 Structure and method for forming semiconductor wiring levels using atomic layer deposition
49 7,329,602 Wiring structure for integrated circuit with reduced intralevel capacitance
50 7,329,600 Low dielectric semiconductor device and process for fabricating the same
51 7,329,596 Method for tuning epitaxial growth by interfacial doping and structure including same
52 7,329,567 Vertical field effect transistors incorporating semiconducting nanotubes grown in a spacer-defined passage
53 7,329,446 Drill stack formation
54 7,329,439 UV-curable solvent free compositions and use thereof in ceramic chip defect repair
55 7,329,361 Method and apparatus for fabricating or altering microstructures using local chemical alterations
56 7,329,111 Method and device for flowing a liquid on a surface
57 7,328,839 User configurable alerts for ATM transactions
58 7,328,508 Anisotropic heat spreading apparatus and method for semiconductor devices
59 7,328,506 Method for forming a plated microvia interconnect