IBM patents granted on 12 February 2013

95 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,375,459 Frequency based age determination
2 8,375,439 Domain aware time-based logins
3 8,375,435 Host trust report based filtering mechanism in a reverse firewall
4 8,375,427 Holistic risk-based identity establishment for eligibility determinations in context of an application
5 8,375,425 Password expiration based on vulnerability detection
6 8,375,423 Authenticating a source of a scripted code
7 8,375,382 Enabling parallel websphere runtime versions
8 8,375,377 Controlling java virtual machine component behavior on a per-classloader basis
9 8,375,375 Auto parallelization of zero-trip loops through the induction variable substitution
10 8,375,374 Partitioning programs between a general purpose core and one or more accelerators
11 8,375,372 Business process execution language program simulation
12 8,375,371 Importance-based call graph construction
13 8,375,370 Application/service event root cause traceability causal and impact analyzer
14 8,375,367 Tracking database deadlock
15 8,375,361 Identifying changes in source code
16 8,375,358 Automatically generating rest clients from rest resources
17 8,375,353 Enabling the use of process flow applications within an information management system (IMS)
18 8,375,351 Extensible rapid application development for disparate data sources
19 8,375,345 Soft-bounded hierarchical synthesis
20 8,375,310 Providing notification of a real-world event to a virtual universe user
21 8,375,309 Integration of collaboration systems in an instant messaging application
22 8,375,308 Multi-user conversation topic change
23 8,375,299 Pasting content into a document using twisties
24 8,375,292 Tool and method for mapping and viewing an event
25 8,375,287 Repositioning of hyperlinks for common functions
26 8,375,285 Enabling access to data files unsupported by a computing device
27 8,375,269 Data transmission system and method of correcting an error in parallel data paths of a data transmission system
28 8,375,244 Managing processing of a computing environment during failures of the environment
29 8,375,228 Multiple-node system power utilization management
30 8,375,211 Optimization of signing soap body element
31 8,375,197 Performing an allreduce operation on a plurality of compute nodes of a parallel computer
32 8,375,186 Spatial extent migration for tiered storage architecture
33 8,375,180 Storage application performance matching
34 8,375,177 Apparatus, system, and method for efficiently verifying writes
35 8,375,172 Preventing fast read before write in static random access memory arrays
36 8,375,155 Managing concurrent serialized interrupt broadcast commands in a multi-node, symmetric multiprocessing computer
37 8,375,127 Method and system for using virtual URLs for load balancing
38 8,375,123 Remote session management
39 8,375,122 Web service information management in service-oriented architecture applications
40 8,375,098 Method, system and program product for verifying an attachment file within an e-mail
41 8,375,094 Creating a message readable by a plurality of heterogeneous recipients
42 8,375,093 Retaining email response time trends
43 8,375,086 Shared state manager and system and method for collaboration
44 8,375,083 Name resolution in email
45 8,375,070 Collective operations in a file system based execution model
46 8,375,066 Generating unique identifiers
47 8,375,064 Apparatus, system, and method for read back verification of stored data
48 8,375,063 Method and program product for migrating data from a legacy system
49 8,375,061 Graphical models for representing text documents for computer analysis
50 8,375,060 Managing parameters in filter expressions
51 8,375,056 Optimizing data cache when applying user-based security
52 8,375,051 Apparatus for controlling subscriptions
53 8,375,046 Peer to peer (P2P) federated concept queries
54 8,375,027 Search supporting apparatus and method utilizing exclusion keywords
55 8,375,011 Safe multi-stream versioning in a metadata repository
56 8,374,999 Deduplication of data object over multiple passes
57 8,374,994 System and method of quantum computing using three-state representation of a qubit
58 8,374,978 Context-sensitive dynamic bloat detection system that uses a semantic profiler to collect usage statistics
59 8,374,928 Data center power cost accounting system
60 8,374,911 Vehicle usage-based tolling privacy protection architecture
61 8,374,905 Predicting success of a proposed project
62 8,374,900 Determining composite service reliability
63 8,374,822 Experiment parameters for wald’S sequential tests based on continued fractions
64 8,374,777 GPS equipped devices that utilize geographical navigation bundles
65 8,374,581 Wireless communications device and method for use with telephone network edge node providing privacy
66 8,374,343 DES hardware throughput for short operations
67 8,374,332 Automatic call completion in a directory assistance system
68 8,374,317 Interactive voice response (IVR) system call interruption handling
69 8,374,316 System for recording spoken phone numbers during a voice call
70 8,374,071 Data storage device
71 8,374,065 Data library background operations system apparatus and method
72 8,374,040 Write bandwidth in a memory characterized by a variable write time
73 8,373,959 Detecting and preventing overheating in power connectors
74 8,373,956 Low leakage electrostatic discharge protection circuit
75 8,373,944 Low friction tape head and system implementing same
76 8,373,941 Automatic unthread to secure tape from sticking to the head
77 8,373,794 Photo sensor array using controlled motion
78 8,373,758 Techniques for analyzing performance of solar panels and solar cells using infrared diagnostics
79 8,373,698 Holographic enterprise network
80 8,373,665 Interactive display device
81 8,373,510 Programmable filter for LC tank voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), design structure and method thereof
82 8,373,486 Structure for a frequency adaptive level shifter circuit
83 8,373,431 Probe for scanning over a substrate and data storage device
84 8,373,276 Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
85 8,373,275 Fine pitch solder bump structure with built-in stress buffer
86 8,373,271 Interconnect structure with an oxygen-doped SiC antireflective coating and method of fabrication
87 8,373,267 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) structure
88 8,373,239 Structure and method for replacement gate MOSFET with self-aligned contact using sacrificial mandrel dielectric
89 8,372,744 Fabricating a contact rhodium structure by electroplating and electroplating composition
90 8,372,725 Structures and methods of forming pre fabricated deep trench capacitors for SOI substrates
91 8,372,721 Work function engineering for eDRAM MOSFETs
92 8,372,705 Fabrication of CMOS transistors having differentially stressed spacers
93 8,372,565 Method for optimizing source and mask to control line width roughness and image log slope
94 8,372,288 Precision peak matching in liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy
95 8,372,018 Support device and palpation device and methods of use