IBM patents granted on 12 January 2010

109 US patents granted on 12 January 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,647,647 System, method and program product for temporally authorizing program execution
2 7,647,630 Associating security information with information objects in a data processing system
3 7,647,628 Authentication to a second application using credentials authenticated to a first application
4 7,647,626 Method for establishing a trusted relationship between a data server and a middleware server
5 7,647,590 Parallel computing system using coordinator and master nodes for load balancing and distributing work
6 7,647,588 Smart archive for JAR files
7 7,647,584 Automation and isolation of software component testing
8 7,647,581 Evaluating java objects across different virtual machine vendors
9 7,647,579 Method, system and program product for detecting deviation from software development best practice resource in a code sharing system
10 7,647,577 Editing, creating, and verifying reorganization of flowchart, and transforming between flowchart and tree diagram
11 7,647,565 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for an enhanced mouse pointer
12 7,647,563 Methods for displaying both hierarchical and non-hierarchical data using tree diagram graphical user interfaces having secondary expansion capabilities
13 7,647,554 System and method for improved spell checking
14 7,647,539 System and method of testing using test pattern re-execution in varying timing scenarios for processor design verification and validation
15 7,647,531 Overriding daughterboard slots marked with power fault
16 7,647,528 Problem determination via model-based debugging
17 7,647,527 Apparatus and method for collecting and displaying data for remote diagnostics
18 7,647,524 Anomaly detection
19 7,647,523 Dynamic binding and fail-over of comparable web service instances in a services grid
20 7,647,521 Using highly skewed clocks for application based tracing and application based normalization of processor clocks in an SMP environment
21 7,647,519 System and computer program product for dynamically managing power in microprocessor chips according to present processing demands
22 7,647,494 Name transformation for a public key infrastructure (PKI)
23 7,647,484 Low-impact performance sampling within a massively parallel computer
24 7,647,469 Method of assigning virtual import/export element addresses
25 7,647,463 Apparatus, system and method for detection of mismatches in continuous remote copy using metadata
26 7,647,462 Method, system, and program for data synchronization between a primary storage device and a secondary storage device by determining whether a first identifier and a second identifier match, where a unique identifier is associated with each portion of data
27 7,647,457 Method and apparatus for hardware awareness of data types
28 7,647,456 Comparing data in a new copy relationship to data in preexisting copy relationships for defining how to copy data from source to target
29 7,647,437 Moving, resizing, and memory management for producer-consumer queues by consuming and storing any queue entries from an old queue before entries from a new queue
30 7,647,435 Data communication method and apparatus utilizing credit-based data transfer protocol and credit loss detection mechanism
31 7,647,433 System and method for flexible multiple protocols
32 7,647,431 Shared simultaneously-connected removable drives and servers each housing an I/O controller which maintains an uninterrupted protocol connection
33 7,647,420 Apparatus and method for controlling storage device
34 7,647,413 System for providing on-demand media streaming from a user’s own library to a receiving device of the user
35 7,647,409 Gradual online subscription removal
36 7,647,405 Method for reducing variability and oscillations in load balancing recommendations using historical values and workload metrics
37 7,647,402 Protecting contents of computer data files from suspected intruders by renaming and hiding data files subjected to intrusion
38 7,647,401 System and method for managing resources of a network load balancer via use of a presence server
39 7,647,396 System, method, and computer program product for centralized management of an INFINIBAND distributed system area network
40 7,647,382 Instant messaging with caller identification
41 7,647,379 System and method for re-routing messaging traffic to external resources
42 7,647,378 Personnel search enhancement for collaborative computing
43 7,647,357 Data transfer management in consistency group formation
44 7,647,355 Method and apparatus for increasing efficiency of data storage in a file system
45 7,647,336 Creating a real-time class package to class archive file mapping index
46 7,647,334 Method for checking index consistency in database
47 7,647,315 System and method of providing relational set operations for multidimensional data sources
48 7,647,313 Isolated ordered regions (IOR) node order
49 7,647,296 Method for estimating a first access time of transactions accessing a database object
50 7,647,295 Method, apparatus, computer program, and computer program product for managing the durability of a pluraliy of transactions
51 7,647,293 Detecting correlation from data
52 7,647,288 System and method for optimally customizable and adaptive personalized information display for information associated with managing a chaotic event
53 7,647,287 Suggesting a relationship for a node pair based upon shared connections versus total connections
54 7,647,286 System and method for managing a chaotic event by providing optimal and adaptive sequencing of decision sets with supporting data
55 7,647,248 Shopping environment including detection of unpaid items in proximity to an exit
56 7,647,247 Method and system to enhance web-based shopping collaborations
57 7,647,193 Authentication of pharmaceuticals using molecular computational identification
58 7,647,130 Real-time predictive time-to-completion for variable configure-to-order manufacturing
59 7,647,045 Environment aware message delivery
60 7,647,037 Location aware, on demand, media delivery to remote devices
61 7,647,021 Multitier ASP services delivery for wireless devices
62 7,646,960 Determining chapters based on presentation of a program
63 7,646,935 Method and computer program product for automatic image mirroring
64 7,646,839 Unified digital architecture
65 7,646,838 Providing accurate time-based counters for scaling operating frequencies of microprocessors
66 7,646,837 Implementing bandwidth control in a communications link
67 7,646,781 Methods, systems, and computer program products for selectively discarding packets
68 7,646,768 Re-mapping and interleaving transport packets of multiple transport streams for processing by a single transport demultiplexor
69 7,646,724 Dynamic blocking in a shared host-network interface
70 7,646,721 Locating hardware faults in a data communications network of a parallel computer
71 7,646,709 Flow control in computer networks
72 7,646,705 Minimizing data loss chances during controller switching
73 7,646,693 Data overwriting in probe-based data storage devices
74 7,646,649 Memory device with programmable receivers to improve performance
75 7,646,648 Apparatus and method for implementing memory array device with built in computational capability
76 7,646,609 Method and apparatus for achieving rigid attachments for computer components
77 7,646,605 Electronic module packaging
78 7,646,603 Noise-reducing attachment apparatus for heat exchanger door of an electronics rack of a data center
79 7,646,600 Structural support module to prevent common interface deflection
80 7,646,573 Method for improved triggering and oscillation suppression of ESD clamping devices
81 7,646,565 Tape head with outrigger
82 7,646,491 Determining azimuth angle of incident beam to wafer
83 7,646,469 Immersion optical lithography system having protective optical coating
84 7,646,344 Wafer-scale phased array
85 7,646,210 Method and system for low-power level-sensitive scan design latch with power-gated logic
86 7,646,208 On-chip detection of power supply vulnerabilities
87 7,646,177 Design structure for a duty cycle measurement apparatus that operates in a calibration mode and a test mode
88 7,646,172 Staggered backup battery charging system
89 7,646,082 Multi-layer circuit substrate and method having improved transmission line integrity and increased routing density
90 7,646,070 Spacers for FinFETs (Field Effect Transistors)
91 7,646,039 SOI field effect transistor having asymmetric junction leakage
92 7,646,006 Three-terminal cascade switch for controlling static power consumption in integrated circuits
93 7,645,701 Silicon-on-insulator structures for through via in silicon carriers
94 7,645,700 Dry etchback of interconnect contacts
95 7,645,694 Development or removal of block copolymer or PMMA-b-S-based resist using polar supercritical solvent
96 7,645,676 Semiconductor structures for latch-up suppression and methods of forming such semiconductor structures
97 7,645,675 Integrated parallel plate capacitors
98 7,645,656 Structure and method for making strained channel field effect transistor using sacrificial spacer
99 7,645,650 Double gated transistor and method of fabrication
100 7,645,645 Electrically programmable fuse structures with terminal portions residing at different heights, and methods of fabrication thereof
101 7,645,641 Cooling device with a preformed compliant interface
102 7,645,621 Optical inspection methods
103 7,645,620 Method and structure for reducing prior level edge interference with critical dimension measurement
104 7,645,423 Optical micro plugs for multichannel and multilayer pharmaceutical device
105 7,645,410 Thermoplastic adhesive preform for heat sink attachment
106 7,645,356 Method of processing wafers with resonant heating
107 7,645,071 On chip temperature measuring and monitoring method
108 7,644,996 System and method for monitoring parking brake release
109 7,644,631 Electronics cabinet acoustical and thermal test device