IBM patents granted on 12 January 2016

83 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,237,438 Continuous cache service in cellular networks
2 9,237,275 Flash photography
3 9,237,192 Method and apparatus for adaptive in-operator load shedding
4 9,237,191 Splitting of processing logics associated with commands of pages in a distributed application
5 9,237,187 Partitioning digital media for consumption
6 9,237,136 Mapping a glyph to character code in obfuscated data
7 9,237,130 Hierarchical rule development and binding for web application server firewall
8 9,237,128 Firewall packet filtering
9 9,237,111 Credit-based flow control in lossless ethernet networks
10 9,237,110 Dynamic maximum transmission unit size adaption
11 9,237,091 System and method of load balancing for ethernet link aggregation
12 9,237,079 Increasing performance of a streaming application by running experimental permutations
13 9,237,072 Partitioning a network into multiple switching domains
14 9,237,029 Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
15 9,237,020 Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment
16 9,237,011 Unique surrogate key generation using cryptographic hashing
17 9,236,480 Methods of forming finFET semiconductor devices using a replacement gate technique and the resulting devices
18 9,236,389 Embedded flash memory fabricated in standard CMOS process with self-aligned contact
19 9,236,361 Millimeter wave wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) device
20 9,236,328 Electrical and optical through-silicon-via (TSV)
21 9,236,293 Magnetic trap for cylindrical diamagnetic materials
22 9,236,120 Read measurement of resistive memory cells
23 9,236,084 Dynamic gain control for use with adaptive equalizers
24 9,236,065 Reclamation of data on tape cartridge
25 9,235,982 Determining alert criteria in a network environment
26 9,235,918 Audio media mood visualization
27 9,235,909 Simplifying the presentation of a visually complex semantic model within a graphical modeling application
28 9,235,854 Automatically generating a review rating the performance of a pattern based on pattern deployment, service history and operation of pattern
29 9,235,815 Name resolution
30 9,235,808 Evaluation of predictions in the absence of a known ground truth
31 9,235,766 Optimizing the detection of objects in images
32 9,235,702 Personal identification number security enhancement
33 9,235,695 Alias-based social media identity verification
34 9,235,692 Secure application debugging
35 9,235,648 Automated surfacing of tagged content in vertical applications
36 9,235,640 Logging browser data
37 9,235,638 Document retrieval using internal dictionary-hierarchies to adjust per-subject match results
38 9,235,633 Processing data in a data warehouse
39 9,235,622 System and method for an efficient query sort of a data stream with duplicate key values
40 9,235,601 Data mining shape based data
41 9,235,594 Synchronizing updates across cluster filesystems
42 9,235,589 Optimizing storage allocation in a virtual desktop environment
43 9,235,568 Method for testing a browser-based application
44 9,235,564 Offloading projection of fixed and variable length database columns
45 9,235,560 General purpose annotation service for portal-based applications
46 9,235,549 List range operation dispersed storage network frame
47 9,235,543 Systems for signal detection
48 9,235,539 Program event recording within a transactional environment
49 9,235,525 Performing asynchronous discard scans with staging and destaging operations
50 9,235,518 Shared network response cache
51 9,235,513 Cache management based on physical memory device characteristics
52 9,235,495 Method and system that provides an interactive debugging session
53 9,235,485 Moving objects in a primary computer based on memory errors in a secondary computer
54 9,235,483 Substitution of a target volume of a secondary storage controller for a source volume of a primary storage controller for executing a write operation
55 9,235,482 Consistent data retrieval in a multi-site computing infrastructure
56 9,235,478 Classifying and monitoring database operations based on a cost of recovery
57 9,235,458 Methods and systems for delegating work objects across a mixed computer environment
58 9,235,445 Process mapping parallel computing
59 9,235,444 Dynamically adjusting global heap allocation in multi-thread environment
60 9,235,443 Allocation enforcement in a multi-tenant cache mechanism
61 9,235,441 Optimizing energy use in a data center by workload scheduling and management
62 9,235,440 Managing job execution
63 9,235,420 Branch target buffer for emulation environments
64 9,235,419 Branch target buffer preload table
65 9,235,411 Automated application generation
66 9,235,394 Method and system for code generation and inlining
67 9,235,391 Optimization of software symbol tables
68 9,235,379 Generating a service component architecture (SCA) module with service oriented architecture (SOA) model elements
69 9,235,350 Dispersed storage unit and methods with metadata separation for use in a dispersed storage system
70 9,235,348 System, and methods for initializing a memory system
71 9,235,344 Identifying redundant data for disk image streaming
72 9,235,342 Selective sharing of displayed content in a view presented on a touchscreen of a processing system
73 9,235,327 Applying contextual function to a graphical user interface using peripheral menu tabs
74 9,235,326 Manipulation of user interface controls
75 9,235,319 Geometric and texture modifications of objects in a virtual universe based on real world user characteristics
76 9,235,250 Customized power rating for computer equipment
77 9,235,198 System and method for using biometrics to predict and select music preferences
78 9,234,854 Single fiber noncritical-alignment wafer-scale optical testing
79 9,234,766 Fuel purchase planning along a route
80 9,233,840 Method for improving self-assembled polymer features
81 9,233,831 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) structures and design structures
82 9,233,572 Anti-counterfeiting opto-thermal watermark for electronics
83 9,232,691 Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field