IBM patents granted on 12 July 2011

147 US patents granted on 12 July 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,979,904 Method, system and program product for maximizing virus check coverage while minimizing redundancy in virus checking
2 7,979,902 Using object based security for controlling object specific actions on a surface based computing device
3 7,979,897 System and article of manufacture for bidirectional data transfer
4 7,979,895 System and method for partitioning a multi-level security namespace
5 7,979,867 Managing a device in a distributed file system, using plug and play
6 7,979,866 Monitoring messages in a distributed data processing system
7 7,979,859 Managing automated resource provisioning with a workload scheduler
8 7,979,853 Compiler device, method, program and recording medium
9 7,979,851 System and program product for providing computing-environment control of a resource to be accessed by program code
10 7,979,840 Method and apparatus for service-oriented architecture process decomposition and service modeling
11 7,979,838 Method of automating creation of a clock control distribution network in an integrated circuit floorplan
12 7,979,836 Split-gate DRAM with MuGFET, design structure, and method of manufacture
13 7,979,825 Method and system for the calculation of the sensitivities of an electrical parameter of an integrated circuit
14 7,979,824 Cost-benefit optimization for an airgapped integrated circuit
15 7,979,823 Identification of voltage reference errors in PCB designs
16 7,979,819 Minterm tracing and reporting
17 7,979,815 Compact model methodology for PC landing pad lithographic rounding impact on device performance
18 7,979,794 Method and system for dynamic creation of mixed language hypertext markup language content through machine translation
19 7,979,759 Test and bring-up of an enhanced cascade interconnect memory system
20 7,979,756 Apparatus, system and method for a go/no go link integrity tester
21 7,979,751 Managing by one process state of another process to facilitate handling of error conditions
22 7,979,750 Synchronizing triggering of multiple hardware trace facilities using an existing system bus
23 7,979,749 Method and infrastructure for detecting and/or servicing a failing/failed operating system instance
24 7,979,748 Method and system for analyzing memory leaks occurring in java virtual machine data storage heaps
25 7,979,747 Interactive problem resolution presented within the context of major observable application behaviors
26 7,979,743 Determining correctness of job plans in a stream processing application
27 7,979,735 Data storage with snapshot-to-snapshot recovery
28 7,979,732 Efficient utilization of a multi-source network of control logic to achieve timing closure in a clocked logic circuit
29 7,979,729 Method for equalizing performance of computing components
30 7,979,727 Apparatus, system, and method for an integrated power supply efficient in high and low power conditions
31 7,979,724 System and method for dynamically managing power consumption of integrated circuitry
32 7,979,712 Network system, server and information terminal for list matching
33 7,979,711 System and method for privacy preserving query verification
34 7,979,705 Conditional suppression of card holder verification
35 7,979,682 Method and system for preventing livelock due to competing updates of prediction information
36 7,979,677 Adaptive allocation of reservation station entries to an instruction set with variable operands in a microprocessor
37 7,979,674 Re-executing launcher program upon termination of launched programs in MIMD mode booted SIMD partitions
38 7,979,672 Multi-core processors for 3D array transposition by logically retrieving in-place physically transposed sub-array data
39 7,979,668 Method and system for automatically distributing real memory between virtual memory page sizes
40 7,979,664 Method, system, and article of manufacture for returning empty physical volumes to a storage pool based on a threshold and an elapsed time period
41 7,979,661 Memory overflow management
42 7,979,660 Paging memory contents between a plurality of compute nodes in a parallel computer
43 7,979,655 Dynamic optimization of device limits and thresholds in a write cache
44 7,979,641 Cache arrangement for improving raid I/O operations
45 7,979,635 Apparatus and method to allocate resources in a data storage library
46 7,979,621 Transparent PCI-based multi-host switch
47 7,979,620 Method, system and computer program for monitoring activities on computers connected through a hardware switch
48 7,979,617 Quad aware locking primitive
49 7,979,616 System and method for providing a configurable command sequence for a memory interface device
50 7,979,613 Performance of a storage system
51 7,979,602 Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks
52 7,979,593 Non-disruptive library reset method
53 7,979,578 Dynamic and evolutionary placement in an event-driven component-oriented network data processing system
54 7,979,565 System and method to provide a network service
55 7,979,563 Method and system for dynamic client/server network management using proxy servers
56 7,979,554 Apparatus, system, and method for enabling conversational transactions in a service oriented architecture
57 7,979,548 Hardware enforcement of logical partitioning of a channel adapter’s resources in a system area network
58 7,979,547 Method and system for splitting a bandwidth among a plurality of network transactions
59 7,979,546 Method, system, and program product for sequential coordination of external database application events with asynchronous internal database events
60 7,979,541 Method, apparatus and program product for managing composite resource models used to monitor composite resources
61 7,979,540 Configurable recovery of aborted session data
62 7,979,538 Redirecting web downloads
63 7,979,537 System and method for detecting status changes in a network using virtual coordinate mapping
64 7,979,525 Method and apparatus for configuring and modeling server information in an enterprise tooling environment
65 7,979,524 System and method for disclosing relations between entities in support of information technology system visualization and management
66 7,979,513 Method and system for determining a management complexity factor for delivering services in an environment
67 7,979,508 System and method for improving gateway transparency
68 7,979,500 Email composition and processing
69 7,979,499 Composing, browsing, replying, forwarding e-mail
70 7,979,497 Message delivery using a plurality of queue managers
71 7,979,495 Method and system for removing a person from an e-mail thread
72 7,979,492 Time decayed dynamic e-mail address
73 7,979,489 Notifying users when messaging sessions are recorded
74 7,979,479 Transaction-controlled graph processing and management
75 7,979,470 Data manipulation process method and system
76 7,979,456 Method of managing and providing parameterized queries
77 7,979,451 Data manipulation command method and system
78 7,979,448 Mail and calendar tool and method
79 7,979,444 Path-based ranking of unvisited web pages
80 7,979,440 System and article of manufacture for efficient evaluation of index screening predicates
81 7,979,436 Entity-based business intelligence
82 7,979,429 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for locating data in large datasets
83 7,979,424 Dynamic graphical database query interface
84 7,979,423 Query evaluation using ancestor information
85 7,979,414 Method and apparatus for managing peer-to-peer search results
86 7,979,412 Object query over previous query results
87 7,979,409 Method and system for checking availability of automounted file systems
88 7,979,406 Compress transaction data using serial micro-trends
89 7,979,400 Database journaling in a multi-node environment
90 7,979,399 Database journaling in a multi-node environment
91 7,979,398 Physical to electronic record content management
92 7,979,371 Predictive monitoring for events at computer network resources
93 7,979,335 Computerized method and system for score based evaluation of capital market investment decisions and strategies
94 7,979,329 System and method for generating optimal bill/payment schedule
95 7,979,311 Payment transfer strategies for bandwidth sharing in ad hoc networks
96 7,979,302 Report generation method and system
97 7,979,298 Method and apparatus for operational risk assessment and mitigation
98 7,979,292 Travel fee rate setting based upon travel mode and convenience
99 7,979,250 Method of laying out a data center using a plurality of thermal simulators
100 7,979,248 Model independent simulation
101 7,979,246 System and method for automatic selection of transmission line macromodels
102 7,979,242 Method and structure for providing optimal design of toleranced parts in manufacturing
103 7,979,238 System, method and computer program product for evaluating a test of an alternative system
104 7,979,197 Airport traffic management
105 7,979,151 Run-time dispatch system for enhanced product characterization capability
106 7,979,088 Water friend or foe system for global vessel identification and tracking
107 7,979,082 Method and apparatus for message identification
108 7,978,983 Optical triggered self-timed clock generation
109 7,978,937 Using photographic images as a search attribute
110 7,978,854 Asymmetric key generation
111 7,978,853 System and computer program product for protecting audio content
112 7,978,731 Method and system for consolidating TCP ports
113 7,978,730 Controlling software distribution or file transfer
114 7,978,719 Dynamically assigning endpoint identifiers to network interfaces of communications networks
115 7,978,705 Self-healing link sequence counts within a circular buffer
116 7,978,690 Method to operate a crossbar switch
117 7,978,538 Setting memory device termination in a memory device and memory controller interface in a communication bus
118 7,978,509 Phase change memory with dual word lines and source lines and method of operating same
119 7,978,473 Cooling apparatus with cold plate formed in situ on a surface to be cooled
120 7,978,472 Liquid-cooled cooling apparatus, electronics rack and methods of fabrication thereof
121 7,978,429 Low track pitch write module and bidirectional tape head
122 7,978,427 Device for embedding information into data
123 7,978,179 System and method for configuring a computer keyboard
124 7,978,097 Dynamic speed limit system
125 7,978,090 Apparatus, system, and method for safely and securely storing materials
126 7,977,965 Soft error detection for latches
127 7,977,766 Trench anti-fuse structures for a programmable integrated circuit
128 7,977,714 Wrapped gate junction field effect transistor
129 7,977,712 Asymmetric source and drain field effect structure
130 7,977,711 Pixel sensor cell for collecting electrons and holes
131 7,977,690 Techniques for use of nanotechnology in photovoltaics
132 7,977,618 Testing of transimpedance amplifiers
133 7,977,582 Flexible multilayer printed circuit assembly with reduced EMI emissions
134 7,977,574 Cable for high speed data communications
135 7,977,560 Automated generation of a song for process learning
136 7,977,247 Field effect transistor device including an array of channel elements
137 7,977,203 Programmable via devices with air gap isolation
138 7,977,201 Methods for forming back-end-of-line resistive semiconductor structures
139 7,977,200 Charge breakdown avoidance for MIM elements in SOI base technology and method
140 7,977,185 Method and apparatus for post silicide spacer removal
141 7,977,178 Asymmetric source/drain junctions for low power silicon on insulator devices
142 7,977,032 Method to create region specific exposure in a layer
143 7,976,723 Method for kinetically controlled etching of copper
144 7,976,311 Automatic determination of E-learning obsolescence
145 7,976,231 Method and apparatus for adjusting a gap in a printer
146 7,975,860 Toolless rail mounting for a computer system rack
147 7,975,379 Method of making a land-grid-array (LGA) interposer