IBM patents granted on 12 July 2016

192 US patents granted on 12 July 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,392,691 Multi-stacked electronic device with defect-free solder connection
2 9,392,460 Continuous user authentication tool for mobile device communications
3 9,392,405 Method for device to report when it may be missing
4 9,392,234 System and method for combined meeting recording
5 9,392,233 System and method for combined meeting recording
6 9,392,122 Seamlessly conferencing a previously-connected telephone call
7 9,392,121 Seamlessly conferencing a previously-connected telephone call
8 9,392,084 Recovery of a network infrastructure to facilitate business continuity
9 9,392,079 Directory service discovery and/or learning
10 9,392,071 Computer network system and a method for monitoring and controlling a network
11 9,392,058 Migration of executing applications and associated stored data
12 9,392,009 Operating a network monitoring entity
13 9,391,996 Auditable retrieval of privileged credentials
14 9,391,942 Symbolic variables within email addresses
15 9,391,938 Indicating in an electronic message whether a user has previously accessed content provided by a resource
16 9,391,929 Method, device and email system for providing public email
17 9,391,919 Adaptive algorithm for cloud admission policies
18 9,391,908 Unfusing operators from a streaming processing element to avoid congestion
19 9,391,906 Overlay network priority inheritance
20 9,391,848 Real-time monitoring and control in a multi-nodal, multi-tiered distributed system
21 9,391,831 Dynamic stream processing within an operator graph
22 9,391,830 Dynamic stream processing within an operator graph
23 9,391,802 Resource configuration change management
24 9,391,795 Non-disruptive integrated network infrastructure testing
25 9,391,791 Preprocessing unit for network data
26 9,391,779 Reactive biometric single sign-on utility
27 9,391,696 Tuning external cavity lasers within CWDM transmitters for temperature insensitivity and superchannel construction
28 9,391,623 Voltage controlled oscillator runaway prevention
29 9,391,266 Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy BCC multilayers
30 9,391,204 Asymmetric FET
31 9,391,200 FinFETs having strained channels, and methods of fabricating finFETs having strained channels
32 9,391,175 Fin end spacer for preventing merger of raised active regions
33 9,391,173 FinFET device with vertical silicide on recessed source/drain epitaxy regions
34 9,391,171 Fin field effect transistor including a strained epitaxial semiconductor shell
35 9,391,164 Method to improve reliability of replacement gate device
36 9,391,163 Stacked planar double-gate lamellar field-effect transistor
37 9,391,155 Gate structure integration scheme for fin field effect transistors
38 9,391,152 Implantation formed metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) contacts
39 9,391,094 Thin-film ambipolar logic
40 9,391,077 SiGe and Si FinFET structures and methods for making the same
41 9,391,075 Integrated circuit and method for fabricating the same having a replacement gate structure
42 9,391,074 Structure for FinFET fins
43 9,391,069 MIM capacitor with enhanced capacitance formed by selective epitaxy
44 9,391,047 3-D stacked and aligned processors forming a logical processor with power modes controlled by respective set of configuration parameters
45 9,391,040 Planarity-tolerant reworkable interconnect with integrated testing
46 9,391,034 Interfacial alloy layer for improving electromigration (EM) resistance in solder joints
47 9,391,030 On-chip semiconductor device having enhanced variability
48 9,391,020 Interconnect structure having large self-aligned vias
49 9,391,015 Method for forming a three-dimensional structure of metal-insulator-metal type
50 9,391,014 Physical unclonable interconnect function array
51 9,390,980 III-V compound and germanium compound nanowire suspension with germanium-containing release layer
52 9,390,976 Method of forming epitaxial buffer layer for finFET source and drain junction leakage reduction
53 9,390,967 Method for residue-free block pattern transfer onto metal interconnects for air gap formation
54 9,390,939 Methods of forming MIS contact structures for semiconductor devices and the resulting devices
55 9,390,919 Method of forming semiconductor film and photovoltaic device including the film
56 9,390,763 Slim profile, rear docking tape drive canister
57 9,390,759 Skew estimation for a tape storage device
58 9,390,750 Tape volume overwrite protection during error recovery
59 9,390,740 Vibration control in data storage devices
60 9,390,730 Reduced friction retention of a data storage cartridge within a storage cell
61 9,390,707 Automatic accuracy estimation for audio transcriptions
62 9,390,676 Tactile presentation of information
63 9,390,622 Performing-time-series based predictions with projection thresholds using secondary time-series-based information stream
64 9,390,611 Smart alert system in electronic device
65 9,390,607 Smart device safety mechanism
66 9,390,555 Method to assess the impact of existing fractures and faults for reservoir management
67 9,390,529 Display of graphical representations of legends in virtualized data formats
68 9,390,467 Morphing a data center in a virtual world
69 9,390,446 Consumer centric online product research
70 9,390,442 Capturing of unique identifier in M-commerce transaction
71 9,390,405 System and method for providing profile enhancement using scheduling information
72 9,390,403 Augmented screen sharing in an electronic meeting
73 9,390,397 Client side social network response tracking
74 9,390,377 Iterative active feature extraction
75 9,390,374 Adaptive testing for answers in a question and answer system
76 9,390,372 Unsupervised, supervised, and reinforced learning via spiking computation
77 9,390,370 Training deep neural network acoustic models using distributed hessian-free optimization
78 9,390,368 Coupling parallel event-driven computation with serial computation
79 9,390,356 Method and apparatus to tag metal
80 9,390,343 Estimating degree of deterioration of road surface
81 9,390,323 Recommending sites through metadata analysis
82 9,390,287 Secure data scanning method and system
83 9,390,283 Controlling access in a dispersed storage network
84 9,390,233 Mapping of literature onto regions of interest on neurological images
85 9,390,199 Heat map of suggested search queries
86 9,390,198 Heat map of suggested search queries
87 9,390,196 Adjusting ranges of directed graph ontologies across multiple dimensions
88 9,390,194 Multi-faceted visualization of rich text corpora
89 9,390,178 Use of collected data for web API ecosystem analytics
90 9,390,177 Optimizing web crawling through web page pruning
91 9,390,162 Management of a database system
92 9,390,157 Dynamic data collection
93 9,390,156 Distributed directory environment using clustered LDAP servers
94 9,390,149 Converting text content to a set of graphical icons
95 9,390,148 Report data justifiers
96 9,390,146 Dynamic structural management of a distributed caching infrastructure
97 9,390,127 RDF graphs made of RDF query language queries
98 9,390,126 Distributed analytics for entity resolution
99 9,390,117 Method of transforming sets of input strings into at least one pattern expression that is string expressing sets of input strings, method of extracting transformation pattern as approximate pattern expression, and computer and computer program for the methods
100 9,390,111 Database insert with deferred materialization
101 9,390,108 Monitoring and debugging query execution objects
102 9,390,096 Fast creation of a master GFS2 file system
103 9,390,092 Visualization of calendar search entries
104 9,390,090 Concurrent long spanning edit sessions using change lists with explicit assumptions
105 9,390,088 Ensuring access to long-term stored electronic documents
106 9,390,083 Identity propagation through application layers using contextual mapping and planted values
107 9,390,081 System for handling abbreviation related text
108 9,390,074 Determination of encoding based on perceived code point classes
109 9,390,054 Identifying a largest logical plane from a plurality of logical planes formed of compute nodes of a subcommunicator in a parallel computer
110 9,390,047 Memory switching protocol when switching optically-connected memory
111 9,390,038 Local bypass for in memory computing
112 9,390,036 Processing data packets from a receive queue in a remote direct memory access device
113 9,390,027 Reducing page invalidation broadcasts in virtual storage management
114 9,390,026 Synchronizing access to data in shared memory
115 9,390,024 Bypassing a store-conditional request around a store queue
116 9,390,015 Method for performing cacheline polling utilizing a store and reserve instruction
117 9,390,014 Synchronizing updates of page table status indicators and performing bulk operations
118 9,390,013 Coherent attached processor proxy supporting coherence state update in presence of dispatched master
119 9,390,006 Garbage collection of an object
120 9,390,003 Retirement of physical memory based on dwell time
121 9,389,997 Heap management using dynamic memory allocation
122 9,389,995 Optimization of Map-Reduce shuffle performance through snuffler I/O pipeline actions and planning
123 9,389,994 Optimization of map-reduce shuffle performance through shuffler I/O pipeline actions and planning
124 9,389,990 Self verifying device driver for multi-version compatible data manipulation devices
125 9,389,989 Self verifying device driver for multi-version compatible data manipulation devices
126 9,389,984 Directing verification towards bug-prone portions
127 9,389,978 Automated operating system test framework
128 9,389,974 Data retrieval from stacked computer memory
129 9,389,972 Data retrieval from stacked computer memory
130 9,389,970 Selected virtual machine replication and virtual machine restart techniques
131 9,389,963 Data placement for loss protection in a storage system
132 9,389,960 Recovering from a defective boot image
133 9,389,956 Implementing ECC control for enhanced endurance and data retention of flash memories
134 9,389,955 String dataflow error detection
135 9,389,950 Techniques for information protection in a solid-state device based storage pool
136 9,389,943 Determining a number of unique incidents in a plurality of incidents for incident processing in a distributed processing system
137 9,389,931 File creation through virtual containers
138 9,389,930 System and method of providing inter-application communications
139 9,389,929 Granular event management for service platforms
140 9,389,925 Achieving low grace period latencies despite energy efficiency
141 9,389,922 Declarative service domain federation
142 9,389,918 Job plan selection for reducing instability of a job within a heterogeneous stream processing application
143 9,389,916 Job scheduling management
144 9,389,915 Method and system for allocating FPGA resources
145 9,389,911 Dynamic reduction of stream backpressure
146 9,389,902 Setting retransmission time of an application client during virtual machine migration
147 9,389,897 Exiting multiple threads of a simulation environment in a computer
148 9,389,883 Common system services for managing configuration and other runtime settings of applications
149 9,389,882 Application documentation effectiveness monitoring and feedback
150 9,389,876 Three-dimensional processing system having independent calibration and statistical collection layer
151 9,389,870 Age based fast instruction issue
152 9,389,868 Confidence-driven selective predication of processor instructions
153 9,389,867 Speculative finish of instruction execution in a processor core
154 9,389,866 Computer program instruction analysis
155 9,389,865 Accelerated execution of target of execute instruction
156 9,389,862 Thread context restoration in a multithreading computer system
157 9,389,857 Finding the length of a set of character data having a termination character
158 9,389,856 Copying character data having a termination character from one memory location to another
159 9,389,844 Solution for a computer system
160 9,389,843 Efficient interpreter profiling to obtain accurate call-path information
161 9,389,837 Generating comprehensive symbol tables for source code files
162 9,389,813 Power conservation in an image forming apparatus by delaying activation of a printing drum
163 9,389,810 Performance-based grouping of storage devices in a storage system
164 9,389,807 Conflict management for application directed data placement in storage environments
165 9,389,802 Hint instruction for managing transactional aborts in transactional memory computing environments
166 9,389,801 Synchronous extent migration protocol for paired storage
167 9,389,799 Parallel processes for performing multiple incremental copies
168 9,389,798 Dynamic reconfiguration of storage system
169 9,389,796 Efficient register preservation on processors
170 9,389,795 Dividing incoming data into multiple data streams and transforming the data for storage in a logical data object
171 9,389,792 Reducing read-after-write errors in a non-volatile memory system using an old data copy
172 9,389,789 Migration of executing applications and associated stored data
173 9,389,748 Visual domain navigation
174 9,389,747 Quick close button
175 9,389,675 Power management for in-memory computer systems
176 9,389,674 Predictively turning off a charge pump supplying voltage for overdriving gates of the power switch header in a microprocessor with power gating
177 9,389,659 Power supply system
178 9,389,632 Energy efficient solar powered high voltage direct current based data center
179 9,389,630 Predictive smart grid re-structuring based on expected load and power generation
180 9,389,595 System and method for using biometrics to predict and select music preferences
181 9,389,516 Resist performance for the negative tone develop organic development process
182 9,389,410 Facilitating the more natural aiming of telescopes
183 9,389,379 Dual optical and electrical LGA contact
184 9,389,366 Optical modules for wavelength multiplexing
185 9,389,362 Adaptive optical interconnection of components of an electro-optical circuit
186 9,389,273 Solar cell characteristics determination
187 9,389,181 Methods and apparatus for detecting metals in liquids
188 9,389,072 Embedded wireless failure detection in composite material
189 9,388,281 Preparation of thioether polymers
190 9,388,275 Method of ring-opening polymerization, and related compositions and articles
191 9,387,603 Method of forming single-mode polymer waveguide array assembly
192 9,387,451 Flow cell array and uses thereof