IBM patents granted on 12 June 2012

151 US patents granted on 12 June 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,201,266 Security system to prevent tampering with a server blade
2 8,201,259 Method for evaluating and accessing a network address
3 8,201,245 System, method and program product for detecting computer attacks
4 8,201,227 System and method for authenticating an end user
5 8,201,225 Apparatus and method for managing access among devices
6 8,201,193 CICS BMS (basic message service) metamodel
7 8,201,190 Sharing a network I/O adapter between logical partitions
8 8,201,183 Monitoring performance of a logically-partitioned computer
9 8,201,182 Method of managing workloads
10 8,201,178 Preventing delay in execution time of instruction executed by exclusively using external resource
11 8,201,177 Scheduling a workload based on workload-related variables and triggering values
12 8,201,176 Detecting the starting and ending of a task when thread pooling is employed
13 8,201,175 Creating and associating a virtual pseudo TTY with a running process
14 8,201,174 Technique of determining performing order of processes
15 8,201,173 Intelligent pre-started job affinity for non-uniform memory access computer systems
16 8,201,167 On-demand allocation of virtual asynchronous services interfaces
17 8,201,165 Virtualizing the execution of homogeneous parallel systems on heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms
18 8,201,160 Data processing method and system
19 8,201,159 Method and apparatus for generating data parallel select operations in a pervasively data parallel system
20 8,201,158 System and program product for implementing single threaded optimizations in a potentially multi-threaded environment
21 8,201,153 Configurable Java Server pages processing
22 8,201,152 Method and system for debugging a program in a multi-thread environment
23 8,201,151 Method and system for providing post-mortem service level debugging
24 8,201,150 Evaluating software test coverage
25 8,201,145 System and method for workflow-driven data storage
26 8,201,138 Solution providing navigation-independent access to elements of a software integrated development environment (IDE) using uniform resource locators(URLs)
27 8,201,134 Method to avoid malconnections with respect to voltage levels of electronic components of circuit boards during circuit board design
28 8,201,133 Printed circuit board with reduced signal distortion
29 8,201,132 System and method for testing pattern sensitive algorithms for semiconductor design
30 8,201,122 Computing resistance sensitivities with respect to geometric parameters of conductors with arbitrary shapes
31 8,201,120 Timing point selection for a static timing analysis in the presence of interconnect electrical elements
32 8,201,118 Method and system for dynamic automated hint generation for enhanced reachability analysis
33 8,201,117 Method for scalable derivation of an implication-based reachable state set overapproximation
34 8,201,116 Proof based bounded model checking
35 8,201,115 Scalable reduction in registers with SAT-based resubstitution
36 8,201,112 Structure for managing voltage swings across field effect transistors
37 8,201,095 System and method for providing an option to auto-generate a thread on a web forum in response to a change in topic
38 8,201,086 Spellchecking electronic documents
39 8,201,083 Simple one-pass W3C XML schema simple type parsing, validation, and deserialization system
40 8,201,080 Systems and methods for augmenting audio/visual broadcasts with annotations to assist with perception and interpretation of broadcast content
41 8,201,079 Maintaining annotations for distributed and versioned files
42 8,201,078 Business process enablement of electronic documents
43 8,201,069 Cyclical redundancy code for use in a high-speed serial link
44 8,201,067 Processor error checking for instruction data
45 8,201,038 Integrating design for reliability technology into integrated circuits
46 8,201,029 Method and apparatus for operating system event notification mechanism using file system interface
47 8,201,027 Virtual flight recorder hosted by system tracing facility
48 8,201,020 Method apparatus and system for a redundant and fault tolerant solid state disk
49 8,201,019 Data storage device in-situ self test, repair, and recovery
50 8,201,000 Computing load management method and system
51 8,200,999 Selective power reduction of memory hardware
52 8,200,990 Apparatus, system, and method for a high efficiency redundant power architecture
53 8,200,987 Dynamic object-level code translation for improved performance of a computer processor
54 8,200,982 Semiotic system and method with privacy protection
55 8,200,979 Context-sensitive confidentiality within federated environments
56 8,200,972 Encryption of security-sensitive data by re-using a connection
57 8,200,946 Issue unit for placing a processor into a gradual slow mode of operation
58 8,200,945 Vector unit in a processor enabled to replicate data on a first portion of a data bus to primary and secondary registers
59 8,200,918 Tracking ownership of memory in a data processing system through use of a memory monitor
60 8,200,916 Write set boundary management in support of asynchronous update of secondary storage
61 8,200,914 Apparatus, system, and method for a read-before-write storage controller instruction
62 8,200,910 Generating and issuing global shared memory operations via a send FIFO
63 8,200,905 Effective prefetching with multiple processors and threads
64 8,200,860 Apparatus and method to perform a version pre-check of a storage controller command
65 8,200,846 Timestamp synchronization for queries to database portions in nodes that have independent clocks in a parallel computer system
66 8,200,834 Method and system for secure server-based session management using single-use HTTP cookies
67 8,200,812 Reducing workload on a backend system using client side request throttling
68 8,200,806 Automated discovery and configuration of components on a computer network
69 8,200,803 Method and system for a network management framework with redundant failover methodology
70 8,200,801 Simultaneous data backup in a computer system
71 8,200,800 Remotely administering a server
72 8,200,791 Instant messaging based file sharing
73 8,200,789 Method, system and program product for automated topology formation in dynamic distributed environments
74 8,200,771 Workload migration using on demand remote paging
75 8,200,765 Preserving message order using a message ordering manager
76 8,200,764 System and method for achieving highly scalable real-time collaboration applications using HTTP
77 8,200,749 Data processing method for generating service interface descriptions
78 8,200,740 Retained publish/subscribe system
79 8,200,735 Multi-core processor for performing matrix operations
80 8,200,726 Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using streaming
81 8,200,722 Method for shrinking a file system
82 8,200,705 Method and apparatus for applying database partitioning in a multi-tenancy scenario
83 8,200,702 Independently variably scoped content rule application in a content management system
84 8,200,698 Optimizing distributed and hybrid queries incorporating trust measures
85 8,200,696 Presenting multiple possible selectable domain names from a URL entry
86 8,200,690 System and method for leveraging historical data to determine affected entities
87 8,200,672 Supporting document data search
88 8,200,665 Method, apparatus, and program for capturing data changes utilizing data-space tracking
89 8,200,664 Program for capturing data changes utilizing data-space tracking
90 8,200,657 Processing cross-table non-boolean term conditions in database queries
91 8,200,656 Inference-driven multi-source semantic search
92 8,200,655 Query-based generation of data records
93 8,200,654 Query interface configured to invoke an analysis routine on a parallel computing system as part of database query processing
94 8,200,651 Comprehension of digitally encoded texts
95 8,200,647 Methods and apparatus for specifying and processing descriptive queries for data sources
96 8,200,645 System and method for executing multiple concurrent index-driven table access operations
97 8,200,643 Lock and transaction management
98 8,200,636 Database instance decommissioning system and method
99 8,200,633 Database backup and restore with integrated index reorganization
100 8,200,628 Multi-tenancy data storage and access method and apparatus
101 8,200,627 Journaling database changes using a bit map for zones defined in each page
102 8,200,620 Managing service processes
103 8,200,618 System and method for analyzing data in a report
104 8,200,606 Alert management system and method
105 8,200,586 Method for dynamic usage billing
106 8,200,555 Method to monitor amount of usage of applications in a server and their billing
107 8,200,540 Interactive product maps
108 8,200,529 Random and deterministic travel fees
109 8,200,522 Repeatable and standardized approach for deployment of a portable SOA infrastructure within a client environment
110 8,200,520 Methods, systems, and apparatuses for automated confirmations of meetings
111 8,200,501 Methods, systems and computer program products for synthesizing medical procedure information in healthcare databases
112 8,200,492 Update technique for speech recognition applications with uninterrupted (24X7) operation
113 8,200,480 Deriving geographic distribution of physiological or psychological conditions of human speakers while preserving personal privacy
114 8,200,477 Method and system for extracting opinions from text documents
115 8,200,454 Method, data processing program and computer program product for time series analysis
116 8,199,994 Automatic analysis of cardiac M-mode views
117 8,199,982 Mapping of literature onto regions of interest on neurological images
118 8,199,966 System and method for providing contemporaneous product information with animated virtual representations
119 8,199,917 SID management for access to encrypted drives
120 8,199,916 Selectively loading security enforcement points with security association information
121 8,199,893 System and methods for disclosing call destination characteristic
122 8,199,887 Phone call management
123 8,199,835 Systems and methods for adaptive signal sampling and sample quantization for resource-constrained stream processing
124 8,199,695 Clock signal synchronization among computers in a network
125 8,199,668 Method for attaching to a partitioned queue spread across a plurality of messaging servers
126 8,199,640 Path-based adaptive prioritization and latency management
127 8,199,515 DIMM riser card with an angled DIMM socket and a straddled mount DIMM socket
128 8,199,444 Shunt for magnetoresistive transducer heads for electrostatic discharge protection
129 8,199,434 High areal density tape format and head
130 8,199,433 Using an RFID reader to write messages to a tape cartridge memory
131 8,199,174 Method and system for generating documents having stored electrostatic pattern information
132 8,199,145 Managing use limitations in a virtual universe resource conservation region
133 8,198,982 Providing parcel procurement with acknowledgement of receipt in an intelligent mailbox
134 8,198,878 Workload balancing among power switching components in a multiphase switching power supply
135 8,198,757 Energy savings for a system powering a lower voltage device from a higher voltage power source, and wherein the system includes a power plug that outputs power to a converter, and a switch actuator
136 8,198,734 Silicon-on-insulator structures for through via in silicon carriers
137 8,198,700 Deep well structures with single depth shallow trench isolation regions
138 8,198,682 Semiconductor structure having a gate electrode at least partially disposed in a trench formed at a bend in a semiconductor material
139 8,198,673 Asymmetric epitaxy and application thereof
140 8,198,663 Structure for dual contact trench capacitor and structure thereof
141 8,198,396 Methods of fabricating plasticized, antiplasticized and crystalline conducting polymers and precursors thereof
142 8,198,194 Methods of forming p-channel field effect transistors having SiGe source/drain regions
143 8,198,174 Air channel interconnects for 3-D integration
144 8,198,169 Deep trench capacitor in a SOI substrate having a laterally protruding buried strap
145 8,198,153 Process integration for flash storage element and dual conductor complementary MOSFETs
146 8,198,133 Structures and methods to improve lead-free C4 interconnect reliability
147 8,198,103 Addition of ballast hydrocarbon gas to doped polysilicon etch masked by resist
148 8,197,912 Precision separation of PV thin film stacks
149 8,197,612 Optimization of metallurgical properties of a solder joint
150 8,197,124 Heat flow measurement tool for a rack mounted assembly of electronic equipment
151 8,196,747 End cap packaging material, packaging and method for protecting products against damage