IBM patents granted on 12 November 2013

90 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,584,246 Eliminating false reports of security vulnerabilities when testing computer software
2 8,584,217 Service segregation according to subscriber service association
3 8,584,144 Determining the processing order of a plurality of events
4 8,584,141 Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
5 8,584,135 Intelligent buyer’s agent usage for allocation of service level characteristics
6 8,584,131 Method and system for modeling and analyzing computing resource requirements of software applications in a shared and distributed computing environment
7 8,584,130 Allocation of resources on computer systems
8 8,584,123 Linking transactions
9 8,584,121 Using a score-based template to provide a virtual machine
10 8,584,119 Multi-scenerio software deployment
11 8,584,115 Automated operating system device driver updating system
12 8,584,111 Runtime code modification in a multi-threaded environment
13 8,584,110 Execution trace truncation
14 8,584,103 Reducing parallelism of computer source code
15 8,584,095 Test support system, method and computer program product, which optimize test scenarios to minimize total test time
16 8,584,091 Management of graphical information notes
17 8,584,083 Software application recreation
18 8,584,080 Modeling and generating computer software product line variants
19 8,584,070 Evaluating routing congestion based on average global edge congestion histograms
20 8,584,060 Block mask decomposition for mitigating corner rounding
21 8,584,025 Virtual world teleportation
22 8,584,024 Avatar cloning in a virtual world
23 8,584,016 System and method for verifying an electronic document
24 8,584,001 Managing bookmarks in applications
25 8,583,989 Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
26 8,583,988 Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
27 8,583,965 System and method for dynamic code analysis in presence of the table processing idiom
28 8,583,962 Method, device, computer program product and data processing program for handling communication link problems between a first communication means and a second communication means
29 8,583,905 Runtime extraction of data parallelism
30 8,583,899 Parsing-enhacement facility
31 8,583,889 Synchronous extent migration protocol for paired storage
32 8,583,886 Synchronizing data storage systems in a data storage environment
33 8,583,866 Full-stripe-write protocol for maintaining parity coherency in a write-back distributed redundancy data storage system
34 8,583,817 Minimizing bandwidth usage in multimedia streaming
35 8,583,796 Data source interface enhanced error recovery
36 8,583,773 Autonomous primary node election within a virtual input/output server cluster
37 8,583,772 Dynamically configurable session agent
38 8,583,756 Dynamic configuration and self-tuning of inter-nodal communication resources in a database management system
39 8,583,739 Facilitating the sending of mail from a restricted communications network
40 8,583,735 Delivery in session initiated protocol (SIP) conferencing
41 8,583,734 Heterogeneous evolutionary self-formatting internet protocols
42 8,583,709 Detailed inventory discovery on dormant systems
43 8,583,707 Method, computer program, and system-model converter for converting system model
44 8,583,700 Creation of date window for record selection
45 8,583,699 Web service discovery via data abstraction model augmented by field relationship identification
46 8,583,697 System and method of processing content
47 8,583,666 Identity propagation through application layers using contextual mapping and planted values
48 8,583,658 Creating and managing reference elements of deployable web archive files
49 8,583,651 Deferring classification of a declared record
50 8,583,650 Automated management of software images for efficient resource node building within a grid environment
51 8,583,645 Putting items into categories according to rank
52 8,583,639 Method and system using machine learning to automatically discover home pages on the internet
53 8,583,626 Method to detect reference data tables in ETL processes
54 8,583,624 Research rapidity and efficiency improvement by analysis of research artifact similarity
55 8,583,610 Dynamically extending a plurality of manageability capabilities of it resources through the use of manageability aspects
56 8,583,608 Maximum allowable runtime query governor
57 8,583,604 Efficient integration between an external workload manager and an RDBMS
58 8,583,600 Deploying directory instances
59 8,583,595 Method and system for enhanced attribute synchronization in a content management system
60 8,583,586 Mining temporal patterns in longitudinal event data using discrete event matrices and sparse coding
61 8,583,510 Automatic sales assistant for electronic commerce customers
62 8,583,432 Dialect-specific acoustic language modeling and speech recognition
63 8,583,413 Computer method and apparatus for chaining of model-to-model transformations
64 8,583,290 Cooling system and method minimizing power consumption in cooling liquid-cooled electronics racks
65 8,582,832 Detecting behavioral deviations by measuring eye movements
66 8,582,803 Event determination by alignment of visual and transaction data
67 8,582,778 Integrated key server
68 8,582,648 System and method for selective image capture, transmission and reconstruction
69 8,582,554 Similarity searching in large disk-based networks
70 8,582,462 Network communications over shared links in a virtualized environment
71 8,582,446 Responding to change in a data communication network system
72 8,582,351 Methods and systems for adjusting wordline up-level voltage to improve production yield relative to SRAM-cell stability
73 8,582,297 Customized thermal interface to optimize mechanical loading and thermal conductivity characteristics
74 8,582,235 Magnetic write head with structured trailing pole
75 8,582,078 Test method for determining reticle transmission stability
76 8,581,845 Hand activated input device with horizontal control surface
77 8,581,836 Processing method for a device having a bi-stable display and apparatus
78 8,581,752 Systems and methods for compression of logical data objects for storage
79 8,581,702 Information management using a custom identifier stored on an identification tag
80 8,581,648 High frequency quadrature PLL circuit and method
81 8,581,392 Silicon based microchannel cooling and electrical package
82 8,581,351 Replacement gate with reduced gate leakage current
83 8,581,320 MOS capacitors with a finfet process
84 8,580,692 Film stack including metal hardmask layer for sidewall image transfer fin field effect transistor formation
85 8,580,646 Method of fabricating field effect transistors with low k sidewall spacers
86 8,580,635 Method of replacing silicon with metal in integrated circuit chip fabrication
87 8,580,624 Nanowire FET and finFET hybrid technology
88 8,580,601 Pixel sensor cell with a dual work function gate electrode
89 8,580,129 Method for processing a surface
90 8,579,205 Intelligent grid-based HVAC system