IBM patents granted on 12 October 2010

91 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,814,561 Managing device access in a software partition
2 7,814,558 Dynamic discovery and database password expiration management
3 7,814,523 Apparatus and method for television viewer interest expression in advertiser goods and services
4 7,814,493 Resource presentation convergence
5 7,814,490 Apparatus and methods for performing computer system maintenance and notification activities in an opportunistic manner
6 7,814,479 Simultaneous download to multiple targets
7 7,814,470 Multiple service bindings for a real time data integration service
8 7,814,466 Method and apparatus for graphically marking instructions for instrumentation with hardware assistance
9 7,814,459 System and method for automated on demand replication setup
10 7,814,458 Dynamic editing support and validation of application specific information on business objects
11 7,814,454 Selectable device options for characterizing semiconductor devices
12 7,814,449 Design structure for multiple source-single drain field effect semiconductor device and circuit
13 7,814,448 Representing and propagating a variational voltage waveform in statistical static timing analysis of digital circuits
14 7,814,443 Graph-based pattern matching in L3GO designs
15 7,814,405 Method and system for automatic generation and updating of tags based on type of communication and content state in an activities oriented collaboration tool
16 7,814,375 Fault discovery and selection apparatus and method
17 7,814,374 System and method for the capture and preservation of intermediate error state data
18 7,814,373 Scalable method of continuous monitoring the remotely accessible resources against node failures for very large clusters
19 7,814,349 Maintaining server performance in a power constrained environment
20 7,814,334 Method and apparatus for changing and adding activation keys for functions of digital content without having to change and recompile the digital content
21 7,814,323 Program, classification method and system
22 7,814,303 Execution of a sequence of vector instructions preceded by a swizzle sequence instruction specifying data element shuffle orders respectively
23 7,814,299 Designating operands with fewer bits in instruction code by indexing into destination register history table for each thread
24 7,814,295 Moving processing operations from one MIMD booted SIMD partition to another to enlarge a SIMD partition
25 7,814,281 Method to provide atomic update primitives in an asymmetric heterogeneous multiprocessor environment
26 7,814,279 Low-cost cache coherency for accelerators
27 7,814,194 Method and system for machine-aided rule construction for event management
28 7,814,182 Ethernet virtualization using automatic self-configuration of logic
29 7,814,176 System and method for processing transactions in a multisystem database environment
30 7,814,167 System and method for obtaining remote instant messages
31 7,814,162 Self-protecting e-mail
32 7,814,152 Context-specific instant messaging
33 7,814,146 File fragment trading based on rarity values in a segmented file sharing system
34 7,814,142 User interface service for a services oriented architecture in a data integration platform
35 7,814,130 Efficient parallel bitwise sweep during garbage collection
36 7,814,127 Natural language support for database applications
37 7,814,125 Methods for facilitating application development
38 7,814,082 Efficient support of consistent cyclic search with read-copy-update
39 7,814,077 Restoring a source file referenced by multiple file names to a restore file
40 7,814,074 Method and system for assuring integrity of deduplicated data
41 7,814,072 Management of database statistics
42 7,814,071 Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining dynamic persistent data
43 7,814,051 Managing watcher information in a distributed server environment
44 7,814,014 Providing dual number access electronic wallet
45 7,814,010 Method and apparatus for displaying embedded chip states and embedded chip end-user application states
46 7,813,968 Method and apparatus for bidding on broadcast service requests and offers from nearby devices
47 7,813,892 Motion detection apparatus and motion detecting method
48 7,813,815 Digital measuring system and method for integrated circuit chip operating parameters
49 7,813,575 Enhancing compression while transcoding JPEG images
50 7,813,485 System and method for seamlessly integrating an interactive visual menu with an voice menu provided in an interactive voice response system
51 7,813,482 Internet telephone voice mail management
52 7,813,447 Apparatus, system, and method for dynamic phase equalization in a communication channel
53 7,813,369 Half RDMA and half FIFO operations
54 7,813,366 Migration of a virtual endpoint from one virtual plane to another
55 7,813,341 Overhead reduction for multi-link networking environments
56 7,813,340 Methods and apparatus for updating subsource addressing multicast routing records in a communications network
57 7,813,331 Apparatus, system, and method for implementing failover in a polling adapter without support from an application server
58 7,813,276 Method for distributed hierarchical admission control across a cluster
59 7,813,266 Self-healing chip-to-chip interface
60 7,813,255 Method for positioning a scanning probe on a target track of a multi-track storage medium, storage device, scanning device, and storage medium
61 7,813,250 Apparatus and method to determine an optimal power level to encode information holographically
62 7,813,189 Array data input latch and data clocking scheme
63 7,813,163 Single-ended read and differential write scheme
64 7,813,162 SRAM cell having asymmetric pass gates
65 7,813,077 Apparatus, system, and method for detecting a periodic sequence of servo signals
66 7,813,073 Recording data simultaneously at two depths of a tilted magnetic medium
67 7,813,070 Error correction capability for longitudinal position data in a tape storage system
68 7,812,813 ePaper stamp
69 7,812,724 Countermeasure system triggered by movement of a display of a computing device
70 7,812,694 Coplanar waveguide integrated circuits having arrays of shield conductors connected by bridging conductors
71 7,812,643 Implementing CML multiplexer load balancing
72 7,812,438 Via offsetting to reduce stress under the first level interconnect (FLI) in microelectronics packaging
73 7,812,411 High-k/metal gate MOSFET with reduced parasitic capacitance
74 7,812,397 Ultra thin channel (UTC) MOSFET structure formed on BOX regions having different depths and different thicknesses beneath the UTC and source/drain regions and method of manufacture thereof
75 7,812,388 Deep trench capacitor and method of making same
76 7,812,387 Trench capacitor
77 7,812,347 Integrated circuit and methods of measurement and preparation of measurement structure
78 7,812,340 Strained-silicon-on-insulator single-and double-gate MOSFET and method for forming the same
79 7,811,933 CMOS-process-compatible programmable via device
80 7,811,926 Multilayer hardmask scheme for damage-free dual damascene processing of SiCOH dielectrics
81 7,811,923 Integrated wafer processing system for integration of patternable dielectric materials
82 7,811,919 Methods of fabricating a BEOL wiring structure containing an on-chip inductor and an on-chip capacitor
83 7,811,906 Carbon-on-insulator substrates by in-place bonding
84 7,811,883 Method of forming a nanowire based non-volatile floating-gate memory
85 7,811,881 Methods for forming semiconductor structures with buried isolation collars and semiconductor structures formed by these methods
86 7,811,879 Process for PCM integration with poly-emitter BJT as access device
87 7,811,875 Dual work-function single gate stack
88 7,811,871 Low-capacitance contact for long gate-length devices with small contacted pitch
89 7,811,499 Method for high density data storage and read-back
90 7,810,926 Lateral gaze angle estimation using relative eye separation
91 7,810,702 Solder standoffs for injection molding of solder