IBM patents granted on 13 August 2013

74 US patents granted on 13 August 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,510,857 Federation of email
2 8,510,842 Pinpointing security vulnerabilities in computer software applications
3 8,510,772 Filtering method and system
4 8,510,751 Optimizing workflow engines
5 8,510,749 Framework for scheduling multicore processors
6 8,510,746 Obtaining and storing replaceable resource information for a unique resource
7 8,510,745 Dynamic application placement under service and memory constraints
8 8,510,739 Shared request grouping in a computing system
9 8,510,735 Runtime environment for virtualizing information technology appliances
10 8,510,728 Dynamic determination of application server runtime classloading
11 8,510,719 Real-time user configurable debugging framework
12 8,510,714 Implementing integrated documentation and application testing
13 8,510,699 Performance driven layout optimization using morphing of a basis set of representative layouts
14 8,510,697 System and method for modeling I/O simultaneous switching noise
15 8,510,696 Ordering of statistical correlated quantities
16 8,510,681 RFID reader integration to virtual world monitoring
17 8,510,599 Managing processing associated with hardware events
18 8,510,595 Wear leveling of solid state disks based on usage information of data and parity received from a raid controller
19 8,510,546 Run-ahead approximated computations
20 8,510,512 Memory coherence directory supporting remotely sourced requests of nodal scope
21 8,510,511 Reducing interprocessor communications pursuant to updating of a storage key
22 8,510,509 Data transfer to memory over an input/output (I/O) interconnect
23 8,510,440 Simulation of computer application function to assist a user
24 8,510,430 Intelligent performance monitoring based on resource threshold
25 8,510,425 Methods and apparatus for interactive specification of context-sensitive service level agreements; for provisioning of resources required during service delivery events regulated by service level agreements; and for monitoring compliance with service level agreements during service delivery events
26 8,510,393 E-mail awareness enhancement
27 8,510,388 Tracking messages in a mentoring environment
28 8,510,376 Processing requests transmitted using a first communication directed to an application that uses a second communication protocol
29 8,510,360 Calculating large precision common logarithms
30 8,510,351 Implementing transactional processing for user operations in clustered file systems
31 8,510,346 Efficiently handling information on changes to a UDDI registry including those resulting in virtual deletes
32 8,510,345 Generating a service-oriented architecture policy based on a context model
33 8,510,338 Indexing information about entities with respect to hierarchies
34 8,510,323 Grouping identity records to generate candidate lists to use in an entity and relationship resolution process
35 8,510,321 Information retrieval from relational databases using semantic queries
36 8,510,306 Faceted search with relationships between categories
37 8,510,296 Lexical answer type confidence estimation and application
38 8,510,277 Informing a user of a content management directive associated with a rating
39 8,510,260 Sorting E-mail documents based on free text field content
40 8,510,239 Compact cognitive synaptic computing circuits with crossbar arrays spatially in a staggered pattern
41 8,510,222 Automated teller machine with virtual bank sharing
42 8,510,118 Attaching audio generated scripts to graphical representations of applications
43 8,510,072 Detecting an unstable input to an IC
44 8,509,946 Fast-access self-repairing tape library using mobile robots
45 8,509,816 Data pre-fetching based on user demographics
46 8,509,562 Focus-based edge detection
47 8,509,526 Detection of objects in digital images
48 8,509,478 Detection of objects in digital images
49 8,509,414 Phone call screening
50 8,509,396 Automatic creation of complex conversational natural language call routing system for call centers
51 8,509,255 Hardware packet pacing using a DMA in a parallel computer
52 8,508,929 Implementing enhanced cover-mounted, auto-docking for multiple DASD configurations
53 8,508,772 Print job management based on energy pricing and load
54 8,508,339 Associating a biometric reference template with an identification tag
55 8,508,314 On-chip variable delay transmission line with fixed characteristic impedance
56 8,508,212 Calibration of non-contact current sensors
57 8,508,185 Charging management method and system
58 8,508,182 Electrically connecting blower to power supply stage providing higher voltage
59 8,508,043 Metal pad structure for thickness enhancement of polymer used in electrical interconnection of semiconductor die to semiconductor chip package substrate with solder bump
60 8,507,992 High-K metal gate CMOS
61 8,507,962 Isolation structures for global shutter imager pixel, methods of manufacture and design structures
62 8,507,915 Low resistance embedded strap for a trench capacitor
63 8,507,892 Omega shaped nanowire tunnel field effect transistors
64 8,507,640 Methods of ring opening polymerization and catalysts therefor
65 8,507,383 Fabrication of replacement metal gate devices
66 8,507,354 On-chip capacitors in combination with CMOS devices on extremely thin semiconductor on insulator (ETSOI) substrates
67 8,507,346 Method of forming a semiconductor device having a cut-way hole to expose a portion of a hardmask layer
68 8,507,333 Integrated circuit device with series-connected field effect transistors and integrated voltage equalization and method of forming the device
69 8,507,325 Co-axial restraint for connectors within flip-chip packages
70 8,507,187 Multi-exposure lithography employing a single anti-reflective coating layer
71 8,507,062 Flexible-to-rigid tubing
72 8,506,674 Automated dust filter cleaning
73 8,505,617 Structure and apparatus for cooling integrated circuits using copper microchannels
74 8,505,200 Land grid array interposer producing method