IBM patents granted on 13 December 2011

42 US patents granted on 13 December 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,078,999 Structure for implementing speculative clock gating of digital logic circuits
2 8,078,995 Efficient isotropic modeling approach to incorporate electromagnetic effects into lithographic process simulations
3 8,078,976 Method and apparatus for generating adaptable pull down menus
4 8,078,962 Apparatus and method for generating web site navigations
5 8,078,951 Depth indicator for a link in a document
6 8,078,916 Testing measurements
7 8,078,915 System and method for verifying operation of a target system
8 8,078,857 Method and system for monitoring and adaptively pre-loading crucial dynamic link libraries
9 8,078,852 Predictors with adaptive prediction threshold
10 8,078,850 Branch prediction technique using instruction for resetting result table pointer
11 8,078,843 Facilitating processing in a computing environment using an extended drain instruction
12 8,078,841 Parsing-enhancement facility using a translate-and-test instruction
13 8,078,827 Method and apparatus for caching of page translations for virtual machines
14 8,078,826 Effective memory clustering to minimize page fault and optimize memory utilization
15 8,078,798 Managing first level storage in a multi-host environment
16 8,078,754 Group access privatization in clustered computer system
17 8,078,694 Browser-based proxy server for customization and distribution of existing applications
18 8,078,674 Server device operating in response to received request
19 8,078,658 ASCII to binary decimal integer conversion in a vector processor
20 8,078,657 Multi-source dual-port linked list purger
21 8,078,631 Research rapidity and efficiency improvement by analysis of research artifact similarity
22 8,078,628 Streaming faceted search
23 8,078,624 Content searching for portals having secure content
24 8,078,596 Method and system for a non-hierarchical trace system using a hierarchical control interface
25 8,078,570 Versioning data warehouses
26 8,078,556 Generating complex event processing rules utilizing machine learning from multiple events
27 8,078,502 Populating an E-commerce shopping cart and other E-commerce fields based upon content extracted from natural language input
28 8,078,492 Providing consumers with incentives for healthy eating habits
29 8,077,853 VoIP adapter, IP network device and method for performing advanced VoIP functions
30 8,077,764 16-state adaptive noise predictive maximum-likelihood detection system
31 8,077,628 Mobile device peer volume polling
32 8,077,602 Performing dynamic request routing based on broadcast queue depths
33 8,077,534 Adaptive noise suppression using a noise look-up table
34 8,077,462 Stress relieved hose routing to liquid-cooled electronics rack door
35 8,077,178 Displaying multi-ownership in a tree-map visualization
36 8,077,062 Pack ASCII zSeries instructions
37 8,077,020 Method and apparatus for tactile haptic device to guide user in real-time obstacle avoidance
38 8,076,756 Structure for inhibiting back end of line damage from dicing and chip packaging interaction failures
39 8,076,734 Semiconductor structure including self-aligned deposited gate dielectric
40 8,076,204 Graphene-based transistor
41 8,076,190 Sea-of-fins structure on a semiconductor substrate and method of fabrication
42 8,076,177 Scalable transfer-join bonding lock-and-key structures