IBM patents granted on 13 January 2015

136 US patents granted on 13 January 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,935,809 Consumption based digital content rental expiration
2 8,935,805 Method and system for enforcing password policy in a distributed directory
3 8,935,795 Weighted security analysis
4 8,935,794 Verifying application security vulnerabilities
5 8,935,782 Malware detection via network information flow theories
6 8,935,778 Maintaining data integrity
7 8,935,756 Providing multiple authentications to authenticate users with respect to a system and file systems offered through the system
8 8,935,709 Monitoring information assets and information asset topologies
9 8,935,704 Resource management using reliable and efficient delivery of application performance information in a cloud computing system
10 8,935,702 Resource optimization for parallel data integration
11 8,935,700 Efficient lock hand-off in a symmetric multiprocessor system
12 8,935,698 Management of migrating threads within a computing environment to transform multiple threading mode processors to single thread mode processors
13 8,935,694 System and method for selectively saving and restoring state of branch prediction logic through separate hypervisor-mode and guest-mode and/or user-mode instructions
14 8,935,689 Concurrent embedded application update and migration
15 8,935,685 Instruction scheduling approach to improve processor performance
16 8,935,680 Differential static program analysis
17 8,935,674 Determining correctness conditions for use in static analysis
18 8,935,665 Managing an application software partition
19 8,935,664 Method and apparatus to determine rules implementation decision
20 8,935,657 Model-to-model transformation by kind
21 8,935,656 Communicating information in computing systems
22 8,935,655 Transitioning to management of a service oriented architecture shared service
23 8,935,653 System advisor for requirements gathering and analysis in web solutions
24 8,935,652 System advisor for requirements gathering and analysis in web solutions
25 8,935,634 Displaying dynamic graphical content in graphical user interface (GUI) controls
26 8,935,633 Providing controlled access to the use of electronic devices
27 8,935,622 Supplementary calculation of numeric data in a web browser
28 8,935,609 Method and system to secure the display of advertisements on web browsers
29 8,935,605 Validator-driven architecture of an XML parsing and validating solution
30 8,935,586 Staggered start of BIST controllers and BIST engines
31 8,935,579 Method and apparatus for operating system event notification mechanism using file system interface
32 8,935,576 Automated cabling process for a complex environment
33 8,935,573 Reliable unit testing through cached mocking
34 8,935,572 Remediating events using behaviors
35 8,935,516 Enabling portions of programs to be executed on system z integrated information processor (zIIP) without requiring programs to be entirely restructured
36 8,935,513 Processor performance improvement for instruction sequences that include barrier instructions
37 8,935,511 Determining processor offsets to synchronize processor time values
38 8,935,504 Execution of a perform frame management function instruction
39 8,935,499 Interface for management of data movement in a thin provisioned storage system
40 8,935,495 Storage management in a virtual environment
41 8,935,479 Adaptive cache promotions in a two level caching system
42 8,935,478 Variable cache line size management
43 8,935,477 Managing caching of extents of tracks in a first cache, second cache and storage
44 8,935,476 Managing caching of extents of tracks in a first cache, second cache and storage
45 8,935,471 Conditional write processing for a cache structure of a coupling facility
46 8,935,469 Autonomic reclamation processing for tapes
47 8,935,462 Promotion of partial data segments in flash cache
48 8,935,457 Network filtering in a virtualized environment
49 8,935,455 Storage allocation based on data set size
50 8,935,431 Highly scalable and distributed data sharing and storage
51 8,935,421 System and method for stream processing
52 8,935,417 Method and system for authorization and access control delegation in an on demand grid environment
53 8,935,415 Managing mid-dialog session initiation protocol (SIP) messages
54 8,935,410 Cobrowsing macros
55 8,935,369 Information technology for exchanging structural organizational information
56 8,935,368 Data collection from networked devices
57 8,935,364 Method, apparatus, and program for supporting creation and management of metadata for correcting problem in dynamic web application
58 8,935,359 Media system with social awareness
59 8,935,355 Periodic shuffling of data fragments in a peer-to-peer data backup and archival network
60 8,935,354 Coordinating write sequences in a data storage system
61 8,935,343 Instant messaging network resource validation
62 8,935,338 Instant message user management
63 8,935,337 Proactive notification of availability status in email communication systems
64 8,935,333 Implementing multicast on a system area network channel adapter
65 8,935,330 Redirecting messages in a publish/subscribe messaging system
66 8,935,329 Managing message transmission and reception
67 8,935,323 Blog integration in a collaborative system
68 8,935,319 Data capture system
69 8,935,310 Parallel computation of a remainder by division of a sequence of bytes
70 8,935,304 Efficient garbage collection in a compressed journal file
71 8,935,301 Data context selection in business analytics reports
72 8,935,289 Migration of data from a legacy system
73 8,935,278 Service oriented architecture (SOA) service registry system with enhanced search capability
74 8,935,276 Apparatus for and method of handling data analysis
75 8,935,273 Method of processing and decomposing a multidimensional query against a relational data source
76 8,935,268 Controlling disclosure of trace data related to moving object
77 8,935,264 Characteristic-based selection in a networked computing environment
78 8,935,241 Using geographical location to determine element and area information to provide to a computing device
79 8,935,239 Knowledge management for solution design during sales and pre-sales
80 8,935,233 Approximate index in relational databases
81 8,935,231 Optimizing a query to a partitioned database table using a virtual maintained temporary index that spans multiple database partitions
82 8,935,228 Generating containers for electronic records based on configureable parameters
83 8,935,224 Failure tolerant transaction processing system
84 8,935,222 Optimizing a partition in data deduplication
85 8,935,219 Efficiency of compression of data pages
86 8,935,213 Utilizing metadata to optimize efficiency for archiving emails
87 8,935,200 Dynamic database dump
88 8,935,176 Cursor path vector analysis for detecting click fraud
89 8,935,175 Cursor path vector analysis for detecting click fraud
90 8,935,173 Executing a business process by a standard business process engine
91 8,935,144 System and method for examining concurrent system states
92 8,935,135 Accurate determination of particle positioned on free surface in particle method
93 8,934,783 Adaptor system for an ethernet network
94 8,934,754 Providing emergency access to surveillance video
95 8,934,714 Foreground analysis based on tracking information
96 8,934,682 Providing an ID-verified blood test
97 8,934,670 Real time processing of video frames for triggering an alert
98 8,934,630 Compressing block-cipher encrypted data
99 8,934,363 Managing data transfer in a network environment
100 8,934,332 Multi-threaded packet processing
101 8,934,312 Process variation skew in an SRAM column architecture
102 8,934,289 Multiple bit nonvolatile memory based on current induced domain wall motion in a nanowire magnetic tunnel junction
103 8,934,286 Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) dynamic random access memory (DRAM) cell with sense amplifier
104 8,934,250 Immersion-cooling of selected electronic component(s) mounted to printed circuit board
105 8,934,222 Split- and collapsible-top hat frame height reduction features
106 8,934,193 Transport system for transporting magnetic tape
107 8,934,189 Magnetic write head having electrically biasable structures
108 8,933,969 Systems and methods for managing errors utilizing augmented reality
109 8,933,939 Method and apparatus for search in virtual world
110 8,933,829 Data compression using dictionary encoding
111 8,933,828 Using variable encodings to compress an input data stream to a compressed output data stream
112 8,933,824 Hardware decompression of deflate encoded data with multiple blocks
113 8,933,732 Frequency quadruplers at millimeter-wave frequencies
114 8,933,717 Probe-on-substrate
115 8,933,562 In-situ thermoelectric cooling
116 8,933,559 Carbon nanotube structures for enhancement of thermal dissipation from semiconductor modules
117 8,933,540 Thermal via for 3D integrated circuits structures
118 8,933,536 Polysilicon pillar bipolar transistor with self-aligned memory element
119 8,933,528 Semiconductor fin isolation by a well trapping fin portion
120 8,933,515 Device structure, layout and fabrication method for uniaxially strained transistors
121 8,933,490 Structure, method and system for complementary strain fill for integrated circuit chips
122 8,933,456 Germanium-containing release layer for transfer of a silicon layer to a substrate
123 8,933,434 Elemental semiconductor material contact for GaN-based light emitting diodes
124 8,932,956 Far back end of the line stack encapsulation
125 8,932,949 FinFET structure and method to adjust threshold voltage in a FinFET structure
126 8,932,932 Highly scalable trench capacitor
127 8,932,931 Self-aligned emitter-base region
128 8,932,920 Self-aligned gate electrode diffusion barriers
129 8,932,919 Vertical stacking of graphene in a field-effect transistor
130 8,932,918 FinFET with self-aligned punchthrough stopper
131 8,932,909 Thermocompression for semiconductor chip assembly
132 8,932,884 Process environment variation evaluation
133 8,932,796 Hybrid photoresist composition and pattern forming method using thereof
134 8,932,108 High speed barrel polishing device
135 8,932,061 Facilitating tactile identification of a document attribute
136 8,932,015 Hydraulic cyclic blade speed control apparatus and method