IBM patents granted on 13 March 2012

119 US patents granted on 13 March 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,136,163 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing automated tracking of security vulnerabilities
2 8,136,147 Privilege management
3 8,136,146 Secure audit log access for federation compliance
4 8,136,126 Overriding potential competing optimization algorithms within layers of device drivers
5 8,136,125 Prioritization for online contact status updates
6 8,136,121 Graphical message format builder
7 8,136,118 Maintaining application operations within a suboptimal grid environment
8 8,136,115 Backfill scheduling of applications based on data of the applications
9 8,136,113 Method and apparatus for adjusting sleep time of fixed high-priority threads
10 8,136,111 Managing execution of mixed workloads in a simultaneous multi-threaded (SMT) enabled system
11 8,136,107 Software pipelining using one or more vector registers
12 8,136,106 Learning and cache management in software defined contexts
13 8,136,105 Method to exploit superword-level parallelism using semi-isomorphic packing
14 8,136,103 Combining static and dynamic compilation to remove delinquent loads
15 8,136,094 Relationship management for data modeling in an integrated development environment
16 8,136,093 System for adding code commentary to source code during software debugging
17 8,136,092 Multi-attribute dynamic link library packaging
18 8,136,090 System and methods for applying social computing paradigm to software installation and configuration
19 8,136,087 In-line processing of standardized text values
20 8,136,084 Arranging through silicon vias in IC layout
21 8,136,082 Method for testing integrated circuits
22 8,136,079 Effective gate length circuit modeling based on concurrent length and mobility analysis
23 8,136,069 Accurate approximation of resistance in a wire with irregular biasing and determination of interconnect capacitances in VLSI layouts in the presence of Catastrophic Optical Proximity Correction
24 8,136,066 Apparatus and computer program product for semiconductor yield estimation
25 8,136,062 Hierarchy reassembler for 1.times.N VLSI design
26 8,136,061 Method of logic circuit synthesis and design using a dynamic circuit library
27 8,136,059 Indeterminate state logic insertion
28 8,136,055 Systems for real-time contamination, environmental, or physical monitoring of a photomask
29 8,136,037 Assistant for manually proofreading text documents
30 8,136,036 System and method for processing dynamic data sets in web applications
31 8,136,026 Help option enhancement for interactive voice response systems
32 8,136,010 Apparatus for pipelined cyclic redundancy check circuit with multiple intermediate outputs
33 8,135,985 High availability support for virtual machines
34 8,135,982 Parallel multiplex storage systems
35 8,135,978 Performing a perform timing facility function instruction for sychronizing TOD clocks
36 8,135,965 Apparatus and method for distributed standby power provision
37 8,135,960 Multiprocessor electronic circuit including a plurality of processors and electronic data processing system
38 8,135,958 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically validating a data encryption operation
39 8,135,942 System and method for double-issue instructions using a dependency matrix and a side issue queue
40 8,135,941 Vector morphing mechanism for multiple processor cores
41 8,135,937 Logical partition memory
42 8,135,934 Dynamically allocating limited system memory for DMA among multiple adapters
43 8,135,932 Initializing of a memory area
44 8,135,927 Structure for cache function overloading
45 8,135,924 Data storage device driver
46 8,135,923 Method for protocol enhancement of PCI express using a continue bit
47 8,135,922 Apparatus and method to validate the configuration of an information storage and retrieval system
48 8,135,921 Automated paging device management in a shared memory partition data processing system
49 8,135,917 Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests using stream registers
50 8,135,915 Method and apparatus for hardware assistance for prefetching a pointer to a data structure identified by a prefetch indicator
51 8,135,911 Managing a region cache
52 8,135,910 Bandwidth of a cache directory by slicing the cache directory into two smaller cache directories and replicating snooping logic for each sliced cache directory
53 8,135,898 Memory management in a nested virtualization environment
54 8,135,835 Hardware and processing request brokerage
55 8,135,829 Utilizing a single agent on a non-origin node for measuring the roundtrip response time of web pages with embedded HTML frames
56 8,135,821 Validation of module interoperability
57 8,135,816 Coordinating rendezvous of multiple virtual users across multiple distributed devices
58 8,135,813 Method, system and program product for remotely deploying and automatically customizing workstation images
59 8,135,811 Client device configuration with configuration services providers
60 8,135,795 Method to provide on-demand resource access
61 8,135,787 Instant messaging monitoring and alerts
62 8,135,786 Message-based technique for sharing distribution list contents within electronic messaging systems
63 8,135,770 Processing recurring events within personal information management clients
64 8,135,766 Method, apparatus and system for resistance to side channel attacks on random number generators
65 8,135,757 Generating references to reusable code in a schema
66 8,135,752 Deleting leaves in tree table structures
67 8,135,746 Management of symbolic links
68 8,135,743 Redirecting document references to a repository
69 8,135,740 Deriving a hierarchical event based database having action triggers based on inferred probabilities
70 8,135,738 Efficient predicate evaluation via in-list
71 8,135,731 Administration of search results
72 8,135,730 Ontology-based searching in database systems
73 8,135,705 Guaranteeing hypertext link integrity
74 8,135,703 Multi-partition query governor in a computer database system
75 8,135,701 Selectivity estimation for conjunctive predicates in the presence of partial knowledge about multivariate data distributions
76 8,135,698 Techniques for representing relationships between queries
77 8,135,691 Determining database relationships through query monitoring
78 8,135,686 Computer program, computer, and messaging system for returning a data item to a requestor
79 8,135,683 Method and apparatus for data redundancy elimination at the block level
80 8,135,670 Embedded change logging for data synchronization
81 8,135,666 Systems and methods for policy based execution of time critical data warehouse triggers
82 8,135,664 Change management using collective data
83 8,135,663 Automated many-sorted theorem prover
84 8,135,649 Method and system for linking an anonymous electronic trade order to an identity of a trader
85 8,135,638 Summarizing risk ratings to facilitate an analysis of risks
86 8,135,636 System for metering in an on-demand utility environment
87 8,135,608 Contact stream optimization considering FEC and CC constraints
88 8,135,594 Limiting proxy subscription propagation in a publish/subscribe message broker network
89 8,135,579 Method of analyzing conversational transcripts
90 8,135,571 Validating manufacturing test rules pertaining to an electronic component
91 8,135,558 Automated simulation testbench generation for serializer/deserializer datapath systems
92 8,135,546 Moment analysis of tertiary protein structures
93 8,135,544 Spatial profiling of proteins using hydrophobic moments
94 8,135,499 Load shedding of a selected substation by an electric utility
95 8,135,494 Placement of data storage cartridges in single cartridge slots and in multi-cartridge deep slot cells of an automated data storage library
96 8,135,434 Integrating device functionality into a telecommunications service composition
97 8,135,387 Dynamic handling of urgent calls in mobile communication devices
98 8,135,100 Adaptive clock and equalization control systems and methods for data receivers in communications systems
99 8,135,013 Internet protocol switch and use of the switch for switching a frame
100 8,134,935 Transaction topology discovery using constraints
101 8,134,906 Apparatus and method to optimize the performance of a holographic data storage system
102 8,134,797 Application of continuous position error offset signal to acquire servo track
103 8,134,724 Policy based system and method for optimizing output device submission, use and wait times
104 8,134,560 Method for avatar wandering in a computer based interactive environment
105 8,134,471 Alert protocol for indicating a failure condition in a distributed system
106 8,134,457 Method and system for spatio-temporal event detection using composite definitions for camera systems
107 8,134,225 Quad flat no-lead chip carrier with standoff
108 8,134,150 Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
109 8,133,810 Structure for metal cap applications
110 8,133,805 Methods for forming dense dielectric layer over porous dielectrics
111 8,133,781 Method of forming a buried plate by ion implantation
112 8,133,774 SOI radio frequency switch with enhanced electrical isolation
113 8,133,772 Deep trench capacitor for SOI CMOS devices for soft error immunity
114 8,133,767 Efficient interconnect structure for electrical fuse applications
115 8,133,746 Method for semiconductor gate hardmask removal and decoupling of implants
116 8,133,363 Dual magnetic tunnel junction sensor with a longitudinal bias stack
117 8,133,061 Removable and replaceable dual-sided connector pin interposer
118 8,132,775 Solder mold plates used in packaging process and method of manufacturing solder mold plates
119 8,132,733 Light-activated assistive reading device for visually impaired individuals