IBM patents granted on 13 May 2008

52 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,373,654 System, apparatus and method for updating security configurations of a plurality of servers from a centralized directory server
2 7,373,653 Channel merging method for VOD system
3 7,373,647 Method and system for optimizing file table usage
4 7,373,641 Method, computer unit and program for converting a program
5 7,373,637 Method and apparatus for counting instruction and memory location ranges
6 7,373,635 System and method for efficient development of configurable software systems in a large software development community
7 7,373,634 User configurable language independent code assist method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product
8 7,373,624 Method and system for performing target enlargement in the presence of constraints
9 7,373,615 Method for optimization of logic circuits for routability
10 7,373,608 Apparatus, system and method of providing feedback to an e-meeting presenter
11 7,373,606 Method for visualizing weblog social network communities
12 7,373,588 Method and system for accessing interactive multimedia information or services by touching marked items on physical documents
13 7,373,586 Differencing and merging tree-structured documents
14 7,373,573 Apparatus and method for using a single bank of eFuses to successively store testing data from multiple stages of testing
15 7,373,567 System and method of providing error detection and correction capability in an integrated circuit using redundant logic cells of an embedded FPGA
16 7,373,516 Systems and methods of securing resources through passwords
17 7,373,510 System and method for implementing a robot proof Web site
18 7,373,479 Method to allow PCI host bridge (PHB) to handle pre-fetch read transactions on the PCI bus which access system memory through translation control entry (TCE) table
19 7,373,471 Executing background writes to idle DIMMs
20 7,373,462 Snoop filter for filtering snoop requests
21 7,373,448 Method, system, and program for building a queue to test a device
22 7,373,435 Extended input/output measurement block
23 7,373,433 Apparatus and method to provide failover protection in an information storage and retrieval system
24 7,373,383 Location messaging method for delivering messages in a global virtual space
25 7,373,378 Method for determining on demand right size buffering within a socket server implementation
26 7,373,372 Method for accrediting event participants
27 7,373,371 Method, system, and storage medium for facilitating excess inventory utilization in a manufacturing environment
28 7,373,369 Advanced execution of extended floating-point add operations in a narrow dataflow
29 7,373,359 Methods and apparatus for extraction and tracking of objects from multi-dimensional sequence data
30 7,373,353 Reducing index size for multi-level grid indexes
31 7,373,349 Process for data driven application integration for B2B
32 7,373,348 Distributed directory deployment
33 7,373,343 Requirements management semantics modeling
34 7,373,342 Including annotation data with disparate relational data
35 7,373,310 Workflow system matrix organization search engine
36 7,373,309 System and method for calculating and displaying estimated wait times for transaction request based on the skill required to process the transaction request
37 7,373,290 Method and system for reducing storage requirements of simulation data via keyword restrictions
38 7,373,269 Processor power consumption control
39 7,373,137 Method to challenge cell phone user for fraudulent use
40 7,373,044 Optical link module, optical interconnection method, information processor including the optical link module, signal transfer method, prism and method of manufacturing the prism
41 7,373,003 Method for the scaling down of data
42 7,372,851 Method and system for automatic language negotiation on voice (over IP) calls
43 7,372,689 Guard wafer for semiconductor structure fabrication
44 7,372,408 Apparatus and methods for packaging integrated circuit chips with antenna modules providing closed electromagnetic environment for integrated antennas
45 7,372,305 Scannable dynamic logic latch circuit
46 7,372,158 HDP-based ILD capping layer
47 7,371,689 Backside unlayering of MOSFET devices for electrical and physical characterization
48 7,371,684 Process for preparing electronics structures using a sacrificial multilayer hardmask scheme
49 7,371,461 Multilayer hardmask scheme for damage-free dual damascene processing of SiCOH dielectrics
50 7,371,070 Operationalizing a learning solution
51 7,370,806 Label for an electronic product that provides failure information when the product fails
52 7,370,730 Self-checkout system with plurality of capacity-detecting loading stations