IBM patents granted on 13 May 2014

101 US patents granted on 13 May 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,726,352 Administration of access control keys in a virtual world
2 8,726,350 Network selection tool for information handling system
3 8,726,347 Authentication based on previous authentications
4 8,726,295 Network on chip with an I/O accelerator
5 8,726,289 Streaming attachment of hardware accelerators to computer systems
6 8,726,280 Method and system for autonomic application program spawning in a computing environment
7 8,726,276 Resetting a virtual function that is hosted by an input/output adapter
8 8,726,275 Selective partial cloning of virtual machines in a virtual computing environment
9 8,726,274 Registration and initialization of cluster-aware virtual input/output server nodes
10 8,726,252 Management of conditional branches within a data parallel system
11 8,726,246 Static analysis of validator routines
12 8,726,245 Static analysis of computer software applications having a model-view-controller architecture
13 8,726,238 Interactive iterative program parallelization based on dynamic feedback
14 8,726,236 Determining context specific content
15 8,726,227 Modeling a governance process of establishing a subscription to a deployed service in a governed SOA
16 8,726,210 Optimizing timing critical paths by modulating systemic process variation
17 8,726,202 Mitigation of mask defects by pattern shifting
18 8,726,201 Method and system to predict a number of electromigration critical elements
19 8,726,191 Ephemeral object selections and fast-path gesturing for device control
20 8,726,173 Enabling browser based applications through customized temporary browser profiles
21 8,726,167 Display and installation of portlets on a client platform
22 8,726,134 Checksum verification accelerator
23 8,726,132 Checksum verification accelerator
24 8,726,102 System and method for handling system failure
25 8,726,085 Anomaly detection to implement security protection of a control system
26 8,726,081 Event based model for managing application health and failure recovery for asynchronous processing systems
27 8,726,080 Merging multiple contexts to manage consistency snapshot errors
28 8,726,079 Handling of messages in a message system
29 8,726,065 Managing failover operations on a cluster of computers
30 8,726,039 Reducing decryption latency for encryption processing
31 8,725,993 Thread transition management
32 8,725,992 Programming language exposing idiom calls to a programming idiom accelerator
33 8,725,984 Performing memory accesses while omitting unnecessary address translations
34 8,725,972 Incremental backup of source to target storage volume
35 8,725,966 Generation and update of storage groups constructed from storage devices distributed in storage subsystems
36 8,725,957 Reducing access contention in flash-based memory systems
37 8,725,943 Method and system for secure data storage
38 8,725,942 Virtual storage mirror configuration in virtual host
39 8,725,914 Message signaled interrupt management for a computer input/output fabric incorporating platform independent interrupt manager
40 8,725,874 Dynamic determination of an ideal client-server for a collaborative application network
41 8,725,839 Imposing pre-installation prerequisite checks on the install user to ensure a higher rate of installation success
42 8,725,824 Message processing in a messaging service client device
43 8,725,822 Controlling the presence information of activity participants
44 8,725,814 Broker facilitated peer-to-peer publisher collaboration in a publish-subscription environment
45 8,725,807 Decentralized data casting in an interest aware peer network
46 8,725,762 Preventing leakage of information over a network
47 8,725,758 Video tag sharing method and system
48 8,725,753 Arrangements of text type-ahead
49 8,725,734 Sorting multiple records of data using ranges of key values
50 8,725,713 String searches in a computer database
51 8,725,708 Resolving a unit of work
52 8,725,705 Systems and methods for searching of storage data with reduced bandwidth requirements
53 8,725,679 Client side caching of synchronized data
54 8,725,641 Automated teller machine with virtual bank sharing
55 8,725,551 Smart electric vehicle interface for managing post-charge information exchange and analysis
56 8,725,545 Nutritional monitoring and feedback
57 8,725,533 Policy-driven relocation of electronic healthcare records in a network environment
58 8,725,521 System and method for designing secure business solutions using patterns
59 8,725,496 Customization of a natural language processing engine
60 8,725,483 Minimizing the maximum required link capacity for three-dimensional interconnect routing
61 8,725,458 Heat sink blockage detector
62 8,724,964 Managing multiple user locks and deletion requests for a digital video recorder
63 8,724,937 Fiber to wafer interface
64 8,724,934 Multi-mode multiplexing using staged coupling and quasi-phase-matching
65 8,724,904 Anomaly detection in images and videos
66 8,724,817 Secure management of keys in a key repository
67 8,724,811 Broadcast encryption based security system
68 8,724,779 Persisting customer identity validation during agent-to-agent transfers in call center transactions
69 8,724,647 Searchable television commercials
70 8,724,465 Zero packet loss energy efficient ethernet link transition via driver fast failover
71 8,724,455 Distributed control of a fail-to-wire switch for a network communication link
72 8,724,402 Graphene-based non-volatile memory
73 8,724,376 Antiferromagnetic storage device
74 8,724,365 Programmable semiconductor device
75 8,724,330 Variable latch to position a sub-chassis within a chassis
76 8,724,246 System for fast center calibration of a tape drive for a flangeless tape path
77 8,723,962 Camera based information exchange mechanism
78 8,723,915 Multi-participant audio/video communication system with participant role indicator
79 8,723,690 Systems and methods for road acoustics and road video-feed based traffic estimation and prediction
80 8,723,646 Acoustic wave and radio frequency identification device and method
81 8,723,534 Methods and apparatus for detection of gaseous corrosive contaminants
82 8,723,528 Active 2-dimensional array structure for parallel testing
83 8,723,392 Saw filter having planar barrier layer and method of making
84 8,723,262 SOI FinFET with recessed merged fins and liner for enhanced stress coupling
85 8,723,243 Polysilicon/metal contact resistance in deep trench
86 8,723,233 CMOS with channel P-FinFET and channel N-FinFET having different crystalline orientations and parallel fins
87 8,723,162 Nanowire tunnel field effect transistors
88 8,723,021 Efficiency in antireflective coating layers for solar cells
89 8,722,548 Structures and techniques for atomic layer deposition
90 8,722,536 Fabrication method for circuit substrate having post-fed die side power supply connections
91 8,722,508 Low harmonic RF switch in SOI
92 8,722,494 Dual gate finFET devices
93 8,722,492 Nanowire pin tunnel field effect devices
94 8,722,472 Hybrid CMOS nanowire mesh device and FINFET device
95 8,722,470 CMOS with channel p-FinFET and channel n-FinFET having different crystalline orientations and parallel fins
96 8,722,445 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
97 8,722,307 Near-infrared absorptive layer-forming composition and multilayer film comprising near-infrared absorptive layer
98 8,722,174 Method of forming self-assembled patterns using block copolymers, and articles thereof
99 8,721,952 Pneumatic method and apparatus for nano imprint lithography having a conforming mask
100 8,721,503 Training method and device
101 8,720,063 Thermal expansion-enhanced heat sink for an electronic assembly