IBM patents granted on 13 November 2007

81 US patents granted on 13 November 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,296,292 Method and apparatus in an application framework system for providing a port and network hardware resource firewall for distributed applications
2 7,296,273 System, method and program tool to reset an application
3 7,296,266 Apparatus and method for monitoring and routing status messages
4 7,296,262 Data processing system, method, and computer program product for generating a generic compilation interface from object-oriented code
5 7,296,256 Method and apparatus for automatic modeling building using inference for IT systems
6 7,296,252 Clustering techniques for faster and better placement of VLSI circuits
7 7,296,251 Method of physical planning voltage islands for ASICs and system-on-chip designs
8 7,296,244 Method of visually indicating transfer of data in response to a transfer data command
9 7,296,229 Method and apparatus for providing a central dictionary and glossary server
10 7,296,228 Document editing by blocks and groups
11 7,296,222 Method and system for preparing and displaying page structures for web sites
12 7,296,219 Client side, web-based calculator
13 7,296,209 Apparatus for encoding and decoding
14 7,296,193 Technique for processing an error using write-to-operator-with-reply in a ported application
15 7,296,191 Scalable method of continuous monitoring the remotely accessible resources against the node failures for very large clusters
16 7,296,189 Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing autonomic testing and verification of software fix programs
17 7,296,188 Formal test case definitions
18 7,296,179 Node removal using remote back-up system memory
19 7,296,175 System on a chip bus with automatic pipeline stage insertion for timing closure
20 7,296,159 Key distribution in a conditional access system
21 7,296,156 System and method for SMS authentication
22 7,296,151 Apparatus, system, and method for sharing a cached security profile in a database environment
23 7,296,133 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for dynamically tuning amount of physical processor capacity allocation in shared processor systems
24 7,296,130 Method and apparatus for providing hardware assistance for data access coverage on dynamically allocated data
25 7,296,129 System, method and storage medium for providing a serialized memory interface with a bus repeater
26 7,296,120 Mechanism that provides efficient multi-word load atomicity
27 7,296,117 Method and apparatus for aggregating storage devices
28 7,296,116 Method and apparatus for providing high density storage
29 7,296,108 Apparatus and method for efficient transmission of unaligned data
30 7,296,099 Method, system, and program for querying adaptors in a system to determine information on the adaptor connections
31 7,296,077 Method and system for web-based switch-user operation
32 7,296,072 Enhanced port type agnostic proxy support for web services intermediaries
33 7,296,057 Method for user-specified error correction in an instant messaging system
34 7,296,056 Method, system, and program for selecting one user to assign a work item in a workflow
35 7,296,035 System and method for synchronizing data repositories
36 7,296,029 Environmentally responsive oscillating circular affinity index
37 7,296,023 Method and apparatus for persistent real-time collaboration
38 7,296,021 Method, system, and article to specify compound query, displaying visual indication includes a series of graphical bars specify weight relevance, ordered segments of unique colors where each segment length indicative of the extent of match of each object with one of search parameters
39 7,296,020 Automatic evaluation of categorization system quality
40 7,296,018 Resource-light method and apparatus for outlier detection
41 7,296,013 Replacing an unavailable element in a query
42 7,296,010 Methods, systems and program products for classifying and storing a data handling method and for associating a data handling method with a data item
43 7,295,979 Language context dependent data labeling
44 7,295,953 Scenario based testing and load generation for web applications
45 7,295,952 Enabling high availability and load balancing for JMX Mbeans
46 7,295,950 Monitoring multiple channels of data from real time process to detect recent abnormal behavior
47 7,295,904 Touch gesture based interface for motor vehicle
48 7,295,882 Method and apparatus for audible error code detection and identification
49 7,295,838 Method, apparatus and computer program product for accessing a facility directory
50 7,295,753 Personal video recording with further compression of recorded shows
51 7,295,694 MICR-based optical character recognition system and method
52 7,295,657 Automated selection of a backup recipient and distribution of an instant messaging request to the backup recipient
53 7,295,618 Automatic adaptive equalization method and system for high-speed serial transmission link
54 7,295,615 System for embedding additional information in video data, and embedding method
55 7,295,604 Method for determining jitter of a signal in a serial link and high speed serial link
56 7,295,481 Power saving by disabling cyclic bitline precharge
57 7,295,458 Eight transistor SRAM cell with improved stability requiring only one word line
58 7,295,457 Integrated circuit chip with improved array stability
59 7,295,446 Midplane connector for blades
60 7,295,375 Injection molded microlenses for optical interconnects
61 7,295,161 Apparatus and methods for constructing antennas using wire bonds as radiating elements
62 7,295,132 Self-locating devices via highly directional RFID tags in controlled location
63 7,295,057 Methods and apparatus for characterizing electronic fuses used to personalize an integrated circuit
64 7,295,048 Method and apparatus for generating spread spectrum clock signals having harmonic emission suppressions
65 7,295,044 Receiver circuits for generating digital clock signals
66 7,295,030 Thin film transistor tester and corresponding test method
67 7,294,909 Electronic package repair process
68 7,294,879 Vertical MOSFET with dual work function materials
69 7,294,869 Silicon germanium emitter
70 7,294,786 System and method for managing a cable in a server system
71 7,294,565 Method of fabricating a wire bond pad with Ni/Au metallization
72 7,294,554 Method to eliminate arsenic contamination in trench capacitors
73 7,294,543 DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) cells
74 7,294,440 Method to selectively correct critical dimension errors in the semiconductor industry
75 7,294,373 Liquid crystal display cell, display cell, glass substrate for display device and manufacturing method for liquid crystal display cell
76 7,293,994 Method and apparatus for electrically connecting two substrates using a resilient wire bundle captured in an aperture of an interposer by a retention member
77 7,293,508 Pallet ramp with safety retainer
78 7,293,354 Apparatus for mounting columns for grid array electronic packages
79 D555,161 System storage unit front bezel
80 D555,160 Bezel for system storage unit
81 D555,159 Bezel for network attached storage drawer