IBM patents granted on 13 November 2012

107 US patents granted on 13 November 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,312,511 Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture for imposing security measures in a virtual environment based on user profile information
2 8,312,494 Presenting a continuous programming sequence at a client terminal
3 8,312,474 Method, apparatus, and system for applying timed operations to non-timed functions
4 8,312,470 Recursive locking of a thread-shared resource
5 8,312,469 Implicit interaction of portal application components
6 8,312,466 Restricting resources consumed by ghost agents
7 8,312,465 Real-time CPU dispatcher affinity re-balancing
8 8,312,464 Hardware based dynamic load balancing of message passing interface tasks by modifying tasks
9 8,312,462 Reducing remote memory accesses to shared data in a multi-nodal computer system
10 8,312,458 Central repository for wake-and-go mechanism
11 8,312,456 System and method for optimizing interrupt processing in virtualized environments
12 8,312,455 Optimizing execution of single-threaded programs on a multiprocessor managed by compilation
13 8,312,449 Viral installation of operating systems in a network
14 8,312,446 Dependency management when upgrading application components
15 8,312,445 User-specified install locations
16 8,312,441 Presenting energy consumption information in an integrated development environment tool
17 8,312,440 Method, computer program product, and hardware product for providing program individuality analysis for source code programs
18 8,312,439 Inlining native functions into compiled java code
19 8,312,434 Finding the source statement of the definition of a storage location
20 8,312,433 Operating system aided code coverage
21 8,312,430 Guarding code check-in with test case execution results
22 8,312,428 Method to recognize GUI object in globablized environment
23 8,312,427 Selecting a set of candidate code expressions from a section of program code for copying
24 8,312,426 Method and system for simplified service composition in web environment
25 8,312,425 Dynamic template instantiation
26 8,312,424 Methods for generating code for an architecture encoding an extended register specification
27 8,312,418 Visualization of implicit relationships in a trace query for model driven development
28 8,312,417 Using dynamic call graphs for creating state machines
29 8,312,413 Navigating analytical tools using layout software
30 8,312,404 Multi-segments modeling bond wire interconnects with 2D simulations in high speed, high density wire bond packages
31 8,312,383 Mashup application processing system
32 8,312,379 Methods, systems, and computer program products for editing using an interface
33 8,312,305 Power management for systems on a chip
34 8,312,293 Processing data stored in external storage device
35 8,312,285 Global profile management method and system
36 8,312,271 Privacy-protecting integrity attestation of a computing platform
37 8,312,268 Virtual machine
38 8,312,236 Apparatus and program storage device for providing triad copy of storage data
39 8,312,230 Dynamic control of partition memory affinity in a shared memory partition data processing system
40 8,312,224 Recovery in shared memory environment
41 8,312,223 Pre-fetching virtual environment in a virtual universe based on previous traversals
42 8,312,220 Mode-based castout destination selection
43 8,312,219 Hybrid caching techniques and garbage collection using hybrid caching techniques
44 8,312,201 Managing memory allocations loans
45 8,312,193 Eager protocol on a cache pipeline dataflow
46 8,312,189 Processing of data to monitor input/output operations
47 8,312,176 Facilitating transport mode input/output operations between a channel subsystem and input/output devices
48 8,312,170 Method and apparatus for managing a collection of portlets in a portal server
49 8,312,144 Method, apparatus, and system for exchanging services in a distributed system
50 8,312,105 Natural ordering in a graphical user interface
51 8,312,100 Managing orphaned requests in a multi-server environment
52 8,312,095 Tracking interactive text-message communications
53 8,312,089 Apparatus, system, and method for email response time estimation based on a set of recipients
54 8,312,082 Automated social networking based upon meeting introductions
55 8,312,077 Client apparatus for updating data
56 8,312,071 Method and structure for provably fair random number generator
57 8,312,069 Permute unit and method to operate a permute unit
58 8,312,063 Method for storing data for retrieval and transfer
59 8,312,058 Method of providing element dossiers that include elements from nonadjacent lifecycle phases
60 8,312,050 Avoiding database related joins with specialized index structures
61 8,312,007 Generating database query plans
62 8,311,993 Controlling and recovering long-lived transactions
63 8,311,991 Creation of highly available pseudo-clone standby servers for rapid failover provisioning
64 8,311,979 Method and system for importing an application and server map to a business systems manager display
65 8,311,969 Method and system for reducing false positives in the classification of data
66 8,311,965 Area efficient neuromorphic circuits using field effect transistors (FET) and variable resistance material
67 8,311,961 Effort estimation using text analysis
68 8,311,959 System and method for classifying data streams with very large cardinality
69 8,311,877 Market segmentation analyses in virtual universes
70 8,311,862 Organizational design approach to transition cost assessment for business transformation
71 8,311,832 Hybrid-captioning system
72 8,311,813 Voice activity detection system and method
73 8,311,801 Technology for supporting modification of messages displayed by program
74 8,311,795 String pattern conceptualization from detection of related concepts by analyzing substrings with common prefixes and suffixes
75 8,311,698 Tracking vehicle maintenance using sensor detection
76 8,311,683 Processor cooling management
77 8,311,663 Apparatus and method to store information
78 8,311,577 Proactive control of mobile communications devices
79 8,311,408 Method and apparatus for end of life of small form-factor pluggable (SFP)
80 8,311,211 Providing CPU smoothing of cryptographic function timings
81 8,311,190 Performing human client verification over a voice interface
82 8,311,051 Use of hardware to manage dependencies between groups of network data packets
83 8,311,032 Dynamically provisioning virtual machines
84 8,310,953 Method and apparatus for enabling an adapter in a network device to discover the name of another adapter of another network device in a network system
85 8,310,936 Link services in a communication network
86 8,310,931 Discovering network topology from routing information
87 8,310,922 Summarizing internet traffic patterns
88 8,310,885 Measuring SDRAM control signal timing
89 8,310,864 Self-aligned bit line under word line memory array
90 8,310,863 Spin-current switchable magnetic memory element and method of fabricating the memory element
91 8,310,841 Integrated circuit die stacks having initially identical dies personalized with switches and methods of making the same
92 8,310,784 Tandem magnetic writer with independently addressable coils
93 8,310,780 Method and apparatus for bipolar servo marks writing with high output
94 8,310,778 Dual actuator for a read-write data storage device
95 8,310,777 Systems and methods for reducing crosstalk between adjacent writers
96 8,310,497 Anisotropic texture filtering with texture data prefetching
97 8,310,298 Ratioed feedback body voltage bias generator
98 8,310,269 Measurement of partially depleted silicon-on-insulator CMOS circuit leakage current under different steady state switching conditions
99 8,310,259 Silicon carrier space transformer and temporary chip attach burn-in vehicle for high density connections
100 8,309,991 Nanowire FET having induced radial strain
101 8,309,618 Catalytic depolymerization of polymers containing electrophilic linkages using nucleophilic reagents
102 8,309,447 Method for integrating multiple threshold voltage devices for CMOS
103 8,309,445 Bi-directional self-aligned FET capacitor
104 8,309,418 Field effect transistor device with shaped conduction channel
105 8,308,968 Monolithic high aspect ratio nano-size scanning probe microscope (SPM) tip formed by nanowire growth
106 8,307,994 Surface charge enabled nanoporous semi-permeable membrane for desalination
107 8,307,486 Air vent dust scrubber