IBM patents granted on 13 October 2009

57 US patents granted on 13 October 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,603,714 Method, system and computer program product for computer system vulnerability analysis and fortification
2 7,603,703 Method and system for controlled distribution of application code and content data within a computer network
3 7,603,682 Digest video browsing based on collaborative information
4 7,603,675 Object in, object out technique
5 7,603,666 Class loader
6 7,603,655 Method for dynamically streaming an XSLT transformation
7 7,603,649 System for enterprise-wide work flow automation
8 7,603,639 Method, apparatus and computer program product for controlling jitter or the effects of jitter in integrated circuitry
9 7,603,630 Method, system, and program product for controlling a display on a data editing screen
10 7,603,609 Method and system for optimized instruction fetch to protect against soft and hard errors
11 7,603,581 Remote copying of updates to primary and secondary storage locations subject to a copy relationship
12 7,603,580 Redundant manager for a storage system
13 7,603,576 Hysteresis in thermal throttling
14 7,603,543 Method, apparatus and program product for enhancing performance of an in-order processor with long stalls
15 7,603,540 Using field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology with a microprocessor for reconfigurable, instruction level hardware acceleration
16 7,603,539 Systems and methods for multi-frame control blocks
17 7,603,528 Memory device verification of multiple write operations
18 7,603,526 Systems and methods for providing dynamic memory pre-fetch
19 7,603,524 Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests using multiple snoop caches
20 7,603,523 Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests in a point-to-point interconnect architecture
21 7,603,497 Method and apparatus to launch write queue read data in a microprocessor recovery unit
22 7,603,490 Barrier and interrupt mechanism for high latency and out of order DMA device
23 7,603,469 Provisioning aggregated services in a distributed computing environment
24 7,603,459 System, method and program to troubleshoot a distributed computer system or determine application data flows
25 7,603,443 Generic method for defining resource configuration profiles in provisioning systems
26 7,603,420 Method and apparatus for automatic e-mail response interruption based on user activity
27 7,603,403 Localization in distributed computer environments
28 7,603,392 System, method and computer program product for storing transient state information
29 7,603,365 System and method for capture and processing of overflow characters from user input
30 7,603,359 Method and apparatus for maintaining federated name context bindings in a name space
31 7,603,336 Peephole DBMS reorganization allowing concurrent data manipulation
32 7,603,324 Operationalizing a learning solution
33 7,603,317 Using a privacy agreement framework to improve handling of personally identifiable information
34 7,603,314 Automatic billing event submission reconciliation for on demand systems
35 7,603,304 Domain specific return on investment model system and method of use
36 7,603,256 Enabling high availability and load balancing for management modules in a computing environment
37 7,603,253 Apparatus and method for automatically improving a set of initial return on investment calculator templates
38 7,603,115 System and method for maintaining communication channels through coverage gaps
39 7,602,892 Telephony annotation services
40 7,602,889 Dynamically alerting callers of changes to menu structures in a telephone prompting system
41 7,602,874 Providing accurate time-based counters for scaling operating frequencies of microprocessors
42 7,602,869 Methods and apparatus for clock synchronization and data recovery in a receiver
43 7,602,808 Method and system for network management providing access to application bandwidth usage calculations
44 7,602,635 Structure for a configurable SRAM system and method
45 7,602,632 Multi-level memory cell utilizing measurement time delay as the characteristic parameter for level definition
46 7,602,631 Multi-level memory cell utilizing measurement time delay as the characteristic parameter for level definition
47 7,602,623 Apparatus, system, and method for a low cost self-healing power supply
48 7,602,579 Methods for enabling functionality in multi-modal data storage systems
49 7,602,265 Apparatus for accurate and efficient quality and reliability evaluation of micro electromechanical systems
50 7,602,021 Method and structure for strained FinFET devices
51 7,602,000 Spin-current switched magnetic memory element suitable for circuit integration and method of fabricating the memory element
52 7,601,646 Top-oxide-early process and array top oxide planarization
53 7,601,628 Wire and solder bond forming methods
54 7,601,627 Method for reduction of soft error rates in integrated circuits
55 7,601,602 Trench type buried on-chip precision programmable resistor
56 7,601,569 Partially depleted SOI field effect transistor having a metallized source side halo region
57 7,601,205 Carbon nanotubes as low voltage field emission sources for particle precipitators