IBM patents granted on 13 October 2015

159 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,161,419 Intelligent and coordinated lighting of a lighting device
2 9,161,207 Apparatus, method and program product for seamless WiFi network transitions
3 9,161,169 Using location and propensity based predictive analytics to provide mobile message QOS
4 9,160,832 Alternate notification selection
5 9,160,804 Web storage optimization
6 9,160,803 Web storage optimization
7 9,160,792 On-demand global server load balancing system and method of use
8 9,160,791 Managing connection failover in a load balancer
9 9,160,788 Mobile device workload management for cloud computing using SIP and presence to control workload and method thereof
10 9,160,787 Collaboration and interaction with system terminals
11 9,160,780 System and method for establishing a voice over IP session
12 9,160,771 Method and apparatus for dynamic destination address control in a computer network
13 9,160,763 Endpoint load rebalancing controller
14 9,160,762 Verifying application security vulnerabilities
15 9,160,756 Method and apparatus for protecting markup language document against cross-site scripting attack
16 9,160,754 Location based authentication of users to a virtual machine in a computer system
17 9,160,752 Database authorization rules and component logic authorization rules aggregation
18 9,160,746 Automatic provisioning of resources for meeting collaboration
19 9,160,731 Establishing a trust relationship between two product systems
20 9,160,728 Message sending/receiving method
21 9,160,700 Managing conversations, awareness and availability on multi-device messaging systems based on modeling device usage over time
22 9,160,699 Client responsibilities in messaging systems
23 9,160,695 Minimizing the effects of email attachments on communication networks
24 9,160,678 Flow control credits for priority in lossless ethernet
25 9,160,654 Splitting and sharing routing information among several routers acting as a single border router
26 9,160,653 Dynamic redirection of network traffic within a system under test
27 9,160,622 Determining a system configuration for performing a collective operation on a parallel computer
28 9,160,618 Active IP forwarding in an event driven virtual link aggregation (vLAG) system
29 9,160,617 Faulty core recovery mechanisms for a three-dimensional network on a processor array
30 9,160,565 Fragmentation of link layer discovery protocol packets
31 9,160,533 Random number generation
32 9,159,920 Phase change material cell with piezoelectric or ferroelectric stress inducer liner
33 9,159,834 Faceted semiconductor nanowire
34 9,159,822 III-V semiconductor device having self-aligned contacts
35 9,159,817 Heterojunction bipolar transistors with an airgap between the extrinsic base and collector
36 9,159,811 Growing buffer layers in bulk finFET structures
37 9,159,778 Silicon process compatible trench magnetic device
38 9,159,692 Millimeter wave wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) device and related method
39 9,159,674 Bonded structure with enhanced adhesion strength
40 9,159,671 Copper wire and dielectric with air gaps
41 9,159,616 Silicon carrier space transformer and temporary chip attach burn-in vehicle for high density connections
42 9,159,602 Apparatus and methods for constructing semiconductor chip packages with silicon space transformer carriers
43 9,159,578 Self-aligned devices and methods of manufacture
44 9,159,558 Methods of reducing defects in directed self-assembled structures
45 9,159,458 Flash interface error injector
46 9,159,410 Accessing a resistive memory storage device
47 9,159,359 Tape media kiss-contact read verification
48 9,159,358 Asynchronous asymmetry compensation for data read from a storage medium
49 9,159,347 Usage of state information from state-space based track-follow controller
50 9,159,341 Systems and methods for protecting a sensitive device from corrosion
51 9,159,111 Method for reporting and relating firearm discharge data to a crime reporting database
52 9,159,088 Generating a location-aware preference and restriction-based customized menu
53 9,159,068 Service management using user experience metrics
54 9,159,051 SEF parser and EDI parser generator
55 9,159,050 Providing atomicity for a unit of work
56 9,159,048 Knowledge gathering system based on user’s affinity
57 9,159,044 Notification system based on intelligent mail barcodes
58 9,159,040 Accessing a ERP application over the internet using strongly typed declarative language files
59 9,159,039 Complexity reduction of user tasks
60 9,159,028 Computing regression models
61 9,159,022 System, method and program product for automatically supplying missing parameters for matching new members of a population with analogous members
62 9,159,020 Multiplexing physical neurons to optimize power and area
63 9,158,976 Efficient retrieval of anomalous events with priority learning
64 9,158,972 Estimation of object properties in 3D world
65 9,158,923 Mitigating security risks via code movement
66 9,158,876 Optimizing lithography masks for VLSI chip design
67 9,158,854 Methods for organizing information accessed through a web browser
68 9,158,852 Geographical area correlated websites
69 9,158,848 Web testing tools system and method
70 9,158,840 Content-based navigation for electronic devices
71 9,158,837 Methods and apparatus for adaptive source filtering and load shedding for data stream processing
72 9,158,836 Iterative refinement of search results based on user feedback
73 9,158,824 Incremental aggregation-based event pattern matching
74 9,158,820 Method for managing email
75 9,158,817 Enhancing online querying service using client memorization
76 9,158,814 Obtaining partial results from a database query
77 9,158,807 Fast distributed database frequency summarization
78 9,158,806 Integrity checking and selective deduplication based on network parameters
79 9,158,798 Database large object reorganization
80 9,158,795 Compile-time grouping of tuples in a streaming application
81 9,158,789 Coordinated geospatial, list-based and filter-based selection
82 9,158,788 Scalable caching of remote file data in a cluster file system
83 9,158,784 Compressing tuples in a streaming application
84 9,158,783 Managing redundant immutable files using deduplication in storage clouds
85 9,158,773 Partial and parallel pipeline processing in a deep question answering system
86 9,158,772 Partial and parallel pipeline processing in a deep question answering system
87 9,158,756 Computer-implemented method, program, and system for identifying non-self-descriptive terms in electronic documents
88 9,158,755 Category-based lemmatizing of a phrase in a document
89 9,158,753 Data processing method, presentation method, and corresponding apparatuses
90 9,158,752 Data processing method, presentation method, and corresponding apparatuses
91 9,158,751 Persistently self-replicating multiple ranges of cells through a table
92 9,158,749 Smart form completion of form values
93 9,158,746 Managing concurrent editing in a collaborative editing environment using cursor proximity and a delay
94 9,158,742 Automatically detecting layout of bidirectional (BIDI) text
95 9,158,718 Deterministic message processing in a direct memory access adapter
96 9,158,712 Instantaneous save/restore of virtual machines with persistent memory
97 9,158,711 Creating a program product or system for executing a perform frame management instruction
98 9,158,708 Multi-level data protection for nonvolatile memory system
99 9,158,706 Selective space reclamation of data storage memory employing heat and relocation metrics
100 9,158,701 Process-specific views of large frame pages with variable granularity
101 9,158,698 Dynamically removing entries from an executing queue
102 9,158,694 Mitigating busy time in a high performance cache
103 9,158,692 Cache injection directing technique
104 9,158,682 Cache memory garbage collector
105 9,158,673 Use of differing granularity heat maps for caching and migration
106 9,158,668 System and program product to allocate and reallocate CPU resources needed to utilize full available network adapter bandwidth capacity for logical partition migration
107 9,158,660 Controlling operation of a run-time instrumentation facility
108 9,158,658 Detecting merge conflicts and compilation errors in a collaborative integrated development environment
109 9,158,648 Reporting product status information using a visual code
110 9,158,645 Continuously transferring data using a USB mass storage device
111 9,158,640 Tightly-coupled context-aware irritator thread creation for verification of microprocessors
112 9,158,639 Method and apparatus for correlating input and output messages of system under test
113 9,158,633 File corruption recovery in concurrent data protection
114 9,158,606 Failure repetition avoidance in data processing
115 9,158,594 Synchronizing access to resources in a hybrid computing environment
116 9,158,590 Dynamically acquiring computing resources in a networked computing environment
117 9,158,588 Flexible task and thread binding with preferred processors based on thread layout
118 9,158,587 Flexible task and thread binding with preferred processors based on thread layout
119 9,158,585 Method and apparatus for workflow validation and execution
120 9,158,581 Continuous optimization of archive management scheduling by use of integrated content-resource analytic model
121 9,158,573 Dynamic predictor for coalescing memory transactions
122 9,158,571 Offloading service requests to a second guest hypervisor in a logical partition shared by a plurality of guest hypervisors
123 9,158,566 Page mapped spatially aware emulation of computer instruction set
124 9,158,555 Efficient serialization of mutable objects
125 9,158,554 System and method for expediting virtual I/O server (VIOS) boot time in a virtual computing environment
126 9,158,553 System and method for expediting virtual I/O server (VIOS) boot time in a virtual computing environment
127 9,158,543 Query sampling information instruction
128 9,158,538 User-extensible rule-based source code modification
129 9,158,537 Streamlining hardware initialization code
130 9,158,536 Program code library consolidation in an integrated development environment
131 9,158,533 Manipulating source code patches
132 9,158,530 Assigning severity to a software update
133 9,158,517 Strength reduction compiler optimizations for operations with unknown strides
134 9,158,514 Method and apparatus for providing change-related information
135 9,158,513 Preprocessing kernel print commands
136 9,158,510 System and computer program product for creating a telecommunications application
137 9,158,497 Optimization of native buffer accesses in Java applications on hybrid systems
138 9,158,477 Preventing access loss when device adapter affinity to a node changes
139 9,158,473 Systems and methods for virtualizing storage systems and managing data independently
140 9,158,471 Replicating tracks from a first storage site to a second and third storage sites
141 9,158,470 Managing CPU resources for high availability micro-partitions
142 9,158,468 High read block clustering at deduplication layer
143 9,158,465 Performing authorization control in a cloud storage system
144 9,158,462 Tape volume access block having data set information stored therein
145 9,158,457 Adjustment of multiple user input parameters
146 9,158,443 Managing transparent windows
147 9,158,435 Synchronizing progress between related content from different mediums
148 9,158,410 Utilizing a touch screen as a biometric device
149 9,158,311 Integrating a data center thermal control system and individual fan controllers for controlling a thermal environment in a data center room
150 9,158,310 Integrating a data center thermal control system and individual fan controllers for controlling a thermal environment in a data center room
151 9,157,980 Measuring metal line spacing in semiconductor devices
152 9,157,950 Loop parameter sensor using repetitive phase errors
153 9,157,887 Graphene sensor
154 9,157,755 Providing navigational support through corrective data
155 9,157,657 Method of cooling a solar concentrator
156 9,156,615 Methods of use of a media mobility unit (MMU)
157 9,156,033 Lab On a Chip
158 9,155,415 Integrated rack installation apparatus and method
159 9,155,320 Prefix-based leaf node storage for database system