IBM patents granted on 13 September 2016

145 US patents granted on 13 September 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,445,529 Liquid cooled data center design selection
2 9,445,507 Packaging for eight-socket one-hop SMP topology
3 9,445,108 Document compression with neighborhood biased pixel labeling
4 9,444,908 Distributing an executable job load file to compute nodes in a parallel computer
5 9,444,905 Allocating network bandwidth to prefetch requests to prefetch data from a remote storage to cache in a local storage
6 9,444,897 Quality of experience collaboration between mobile devices
7 9,444,890 Switch-based data tiering
8 9,444,882 Visually indicating a calendar event among different time zones
9 9,444,838 Pre-processing system for minimizing application-level denial-of-service in a multi-tenant system
10 9,444,820 Providing context-based visibility of cloud resources in a multi-tenant environment
11 9,444,819 Providing context-based visibility of cloud resources in a multi-tenant environment
12 9,444,790 Method and apparatus for threat isolation and remote resolution for computer systems
13 9,444,776 Intelligent, dynamic E-mail signature
14 9,444,766 Identifying a port associated with a network node to which a selected network link is connected
15 9,444,761 Bulk uploading of multiple self-referencing objects
16 9,444,760 Allocating instantiated resources to an IT-service
17 9,444,758 Selective underflow protection in a network switch
18 9,444,748 Scalable flow and congestion control with OpenFlow
19 9,444,734 Packet switching without look-up table for Ethernet switches
20 9,444,730 Network traffic classification
21 9,444,716 Secure cloud management agent
22 9,444,706 Bringing attention to an activity
23 9,444,705 Bringing attention to an activity
24 9,444,703 Interconnecting electronic devices for reporting device status
25 9,444,680 Performing value and context aware communications networking
26 9,444,667 Signal modulation using guard band determination for improved frequency spectrum efficiency
27 9,444,657 Dynamically calibrating the offset of a receiver with a decision feedback equalizer (DFE) while performing data transport operations
28 9,444,636 Message broadcasting in a clustered computing environment
29 9,444,437 Circuits and methods for DFE with reduced area and power consumption
30 9,444,430 Cavity filtered qubit
31 9,444,162 DIMM connector region vias and routing
32 9,444,029 Piezoelectronic transistor with co-planar common and gate electrodes
33 9,443,997 Hybrid CZTSSe photovoltaic device
34 9,443,982 Vertical transistor with air gap spacers
35 9,443,977 FinFET with reduced source and drain resistance
36 9,443,963 SiGe FinFET with improved junction doping control
37 9,443,957 Self-aligned source and drain regions for semiconductor devices
38 9,443,953 Sacrificial silicon germanium channel for inversion oxide thickness scaling with mitigated work function roll-off and improved negative bias temperature instability
39 9,443,949 Techniques for multiple gate workfunctions for a nanowire CMOS technology
40 9,443,948 Gate-all-around nanowire MOSFET and method of formation
41 9,443,944 Integrated circuits with middle of line capacitance reduction in self-aligned contact process flow and fabrication methods
42 9,443,929 Shallow trench isolation structure having a nitride plug
43 9,443,873 Structure and method for tensile and compressive strained silicon germanium with same germanium concentration by single epitaxy step
44 9,443,855 Spacer formation on semiconductor device
45 9,443,854 FinFET with constrained source-drain epitaxial region
46 9,443,853 Minimizing shorting between FinFET epitaxial regions
47 9,443,848 Methods for contact formation for 10 nanometers and beyond with minimal mask counts
48 9,443,799 Interposer with lattice construction and embedded conductive metal structures
49 9,443,770 Patterning process for fin implantation
50 9,443,767 Structure for metal oxide semiconductor capacitor
51 9,443,738 Integrated circuits with middle of line capacitance reduction in self-aligned contact process flow and fabrication methods
52 9,443,540 High density timing based servo format
53 9,443,539 Write head for a magnetic tape medium with magnetically encoded servo band bursts
54 9,443,520 Management of voice commands for devices in a cloud computing environment
55 9,443,427 Reference tokens for managing driverless cars
56 9,443,339 Creating a wireframe mesh for representing a moving object in a three-dimensional coordinate system
57 9,443,260 System, method, and computer program product for catalog adaptation
58 9,443,232 Calendar integration with text messaging to facilitate no-time-specified events
59 9,443,213 Adaptable applications in a client/server architecture
60 9,443,212 Acclimatizing a user to a scheduling pattern change
61 9,443,211 Describing a paradigmatic member of a task directed community in a complex heterogeneous environment based on non-linear attributes
62 9,443,194 Missing value imputation for predictive models
63 9,443,168 Object detection approach using an ensemble strong classifier
64 9,443,148 Visual monitoring of queues using auxiliary devices
65 9,443,102 Protecting content displayed on a mobile device
66 9,443,099 Method and apparatus for accessing secure data in a dispersed storage system
67 9,443,082 User evaluation
68 9,443,078 Secure access to a virtual machine
69 9,443,049 Boundary based power guidance for physical synthesis
70 9,443,048 Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis
71 9,443,047 Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis
72 9,443,044 Determining a quality parameter for a verification environment
73 9,443,023 Searching and classifying information about geographic objects within a defined area of an electronic map
74 9,443,013 Question-related identification of relevant social communities
75 9,442,996 Enabling collaborative development of a database application across multiple database management systems
76 9,442,972 Managing a data set
77 9,442,971 Weighted transaction priority based dynamically upon phase of transaction completion
78 9,442,970 System and method for asynchronous update of a search index
79 9,442,964 Conforming data structure instances to schema versions
80 9,442,958 Product identification via image analysis
81 9,442,932 Social networking response management system
82 9,442,923 Space constrained text translator
83 9,442,919 Identifying word-senses based on linguistic variations
84 9,442,918 Perspective data management for common features of multiple items
85 9,442,916 Management of language usage to facilitate effective communication
86 9,442,914 Using parallel insert sub-ranges to insert into a column store
87 9,442,913 Using parallel insert sub-ranges to insert into a column store
88 9,442,909 Real time term suggestion using text analytics
89 9,442,889 Determining combinations of odors to produce a target olfactory pleasantness
90 9,442,885 Estimating the time until a reply email will be received using a recipient behavior model
91 9,442,884 3-D stacked multiprocessor structures and methods for multimodal operation of same
92 9,442,882 Efficient maintenance of a distributed system membership view
93 9,442,862 Polymorph table with shared columns
94 9,442,860 Providing record level sharing (RLS) to individual catalogs
95 9,442,853 Salvaging lock elision transactions with instructions to change execution type
96 9,442,852 Programmable coherent proxy for attached processor
97 9,442,848 Increased destaging efficiency by smoothing destaging between current and desired number of destage tasks
98 9,442,847 Increased destaging efficiency by smoothing destaging between current and desired number of destage tasks
99 9,442,837 Accelerating multiversion concurrency control using hardware transactional memory
100 9,442,829 Detecting error states when interacting with web applications
101 9,442,828 Generating test scripts through application integration
102 9,442,824 Transformation of a program-event-recording event into a run-time instrumentation event
103 9,442,823 Memory error tracking in a multiple-user development environment
104 9,442,822 Providing a visual representation of a sub-set of a visual program
105 9,442,821 System and method to classify automated code inspection services defect output for defect analysis
106 9,442,816 Implementing memory performance management and enhanced memory reliability accounting for thermal conditions
107 9,442,812 Priming failover of stateful offload adapters
108 9,442,805 Recovering a volume table and data sets
109 9,442,803 Method and system of distributed backup for computer devices in a network
110 9,442,800 Data migration between a raid memory and a dispersed storage network memory
111 9,442,791 Building an intelligent, scalable system dump facility
112 9,442,781 Optimistic processing of messages in a messaging system
113 9,442,776 Salvaging hardware transactions with instructions to transfer transaction execution control
114 9,442,775 Salvaging hardware transactions with instructions to transfer transaction execution control
115 9,442,768 System and method to control heat dissipation through service level analysis
116 9,442,767 System and method to control heat dissipation through service level analysis
117 9,442,764 Allocating a global resource to consumers across different regions of a distributed grid environment based on use data and demand data of each consumer
118 9,442,762 Authenticating a processing system accessing a resource
119 9,442,756 Multi-processor command management in electronic components with multiple microcontrollers
120 9,442,751 Virtual credential adapter for use with virtual machines
121 9,442,747 Specifying user defined or translator definitions to use to interpret mnemonics in a computer program
122 9,442,746 Common system services for managing configuration and other runtime settings of applications
123 9,442,738 Restricting processing within a processor to facilitate transaction completion
124 9,442,737 Restricting processing within a processor to facilitate transaction completion
125 9,442,728 Run-time instrumentation indirect sampling by instruction operation code
126 9,442,726 Perceptron branch predictor with virtualized weights
127 9,442,722 Vector string range compare
128 9,442,719 Regression alerts
129 9,442,710 Method for using shared installation session environment to duplicate installs
130 9,442,698 Migration between model elements of different types in a modeling environment
131 9,442,697 Establishment of task automation guidelines
132 9,442,695 Random bit generator based on nanomaterials
133 9,442,694 Method for storing a dataset
134 9,442,674 Using a plurality of sub-buffers and a free segment list to allocate segments to a plurality of threads to use for writing data
135 9,442,669 Cost-effective IAAS (infrastructure-as-a-service) cloud storage based on adaptive virtual disks (AVD)
136 9,442,665 Space reservation in a deduplication system
137 9,442,664 Efficient flashcopy backup target volume allocation from a shared resource pool
138 9,442,661 Multidimensional storage array and method utilizing an input shifter to allow an entire column or row to be accessed in a single clock cycle
139 9,442,660 Selective space reclamation of data storage memory employing heat and relocation metrics
140 9,442,656 Efficient use of metadata accompanying file writing to media
141 9,442,644 Displaying content based on viewing direction
142 9,442,550 Techniques for placing applications in heterogeneous virtualized systems while minimizing power and migration cost
143 9,442,513 Low-profile swing gate to support service element interface hardware
144 9,442,512 Interface clock frequency switching using a computed insertion delay
145 9,440,351 Controlling the operations of a robotic device