IBM patents granted on 14 April 2009

189 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,519,988 Method and apparatus for authenticated network address allocation
2 7,519,987 Method, system, and apparatus to allow for credential vault usage in templated portal applications
3 7,519,984 Method and apparatus for handling files containing confidential or sensitive information
4 7,519,977 System and method for asynchronously invoking dynamic proxy interface using supplemental interfaces
5 7,519,974 Mechanism that provides more efficient event handler processing
6 7,519,972 Real-time multi-modal business transformation interaction
7 7,519,970 Methods, systems and computer program products for creating user interface to applications using generic user interface templates
8 7,519,966 Information processing and control
9 7,519,961 Method and apparatus for averaging out variations in run-to-run path data of a computer program
10 7,519,960 Method and system for debugging business process flow
11 7,519,958 Extensible and unobtrusive script performance monitoring and measurement
12 7,519,957 Symbolic model checking of software
13 7,519,956 Method for generating document components and managing same
14 7,519,952 Detecting an integrity constraint violation in a database by analyzing database schema, application and mapping and inserting a check into the database and application
15 7,519,951 Multi-attribute dynamic link library packaging
16 7,519,949 Marking changes based on a region and a threshold
17 7,519,946 Automatically adding code to voice enable a GUI component
18 7,519,945 System and method for supporting data driving a software process using objects of arbitrary data types
19 7,519,944 Computer method and system for executing post-processing logic depending on function exit type
20 7,519,941 Method of manufacturing integrated circuits using pre-made and pre-qualified exposure masks for selected blocks of circuitry
21 7,519,931 Applying CNF simplification techniques for SAT-based abstraction refinement
22 7,519,928 Method for propagating phase constants in static model analysis of circuits
23 7,519,927 Wiring methods to reduce metal variation effects on launch-capture clock pairs in order to minimize cycle-time overlap violations
24 7,519,923 Method for generating a tree view of elements in a graphical user interface (GUI)
25 7,519,917 Method and apparatus for graphically displaying compatible workflow steps
26 7,519,915 System and method for dynamic uploading of user interface generation logic
27 7,519,913 System and method for providing indicators of component interaction capability across navigation elements
28 7,519,912 Method and system for sensing and communicating the use of communication modes by remote users
29 7,519,910 Method for transferring files from one machine to another using adjacent desktop displays in a virtual network
30 7,519,904 Differential dynamic delivery of content to users not in attendance at a presentation
31 7,519,902 System and method for enhanced browser-based web crawling
32 7,519,889 System and method to reduce LBIST manufacturing test time of integrated circuits
33 7,519,886 Apparatus and method for integrated functional built-in self test for an ASIC
34 7,519,871 Plug-in problem relief actuators
35 7,519,866 Computer boot operation utilizing targeted boot diagnostics
36 7,519,859 Fault recovery for transaction server
37 7,519,854 Internal failover path for SAS disk drive enclosure
38 7,519,852 Apparatus, system, and method for redirecting an instruction pointer to recovery software instructions
39 7,519,843 Method and system for dynamic processor speed control to always maximize processor performance based on processing load and available power
40 7,519,824 Time stamping method employing multiple receipts linked by a nonce
41 7,519,812 Architecture and design for central authentication and authorization in an on-demand utility environment
42 7,519,809 Operating system-wide sandboxing via switchable user skins
43 7,519,807 Method and system for implementing a diagnostic or correction boot image over a network connection
44 7,519,801 Post-install configuration of modules during startup of a modular application platform
45 7,519,793 Facilitating inter-DSP data communications
46 7,519,780 System and method for reducing store latency in symmetrical multiprocessor systems
47 7,519,779 Dumping using limited system address space
48 7,519,777 Methods, systems and computer program products for concomitant pair prefetching
49 7,519,773 On-demand cache memory for storage subsystems
50 7,519,763 Apparatus, system, and method for deliberately preventing unauthorized access to data stored in a non-volatile memory device
51 7,519,761 Transparent PCI-based multi-host switch
52 7,519,752 Apparatus for using information and a count in reissuing commands requiring access to a bus and methods of using the same
53 7,519,741 Apparatus, system, and method for automating adapter replacement
54 7,519,739 Synchronizing a client user interface with a server backend
55 7,519,730 Copying chat data from a chat session already active
56 7,519,726 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for enhanced access to resources within a network
57 7,519,725 System and method for utilizing informed throttling to guarantee quality of service to I/O streams
58 7,519,724 Method, system and article for dynamic real-time stream aggregation in a network
59 7,519,721 Computer program products for security processing inbound communications in a cluster computing environment
60 7,519,718 Server-side protocol configuration of accessing clients
61 7,519,717 Quality of service for network connected clients
62 7,519,715 System using IP transmission priority for improving overall network response time in TELNET 3270 sessions
63 7,519,711 Method for middleware assisted system integration in a federated environment
64 7,519,707 Facilitating monitoring and simultaneously analyzing of network events of multiple hosts via a single network interface
65 7,519,704 Filtering non-invasive data collection
66 7,519,702 Method and apparatus for measuring web site performance
67 7,519,701 System and method of propagating status among related entities
68 7,519,699 Method, system, and computer program product for delivering data to a storage buffer assigned to an application
69 7,519,693 Apparatus, system, and method for integrating an enclosure
70 7,519,691 Selective update of console parameters from other consoles
71 7,519,684 Extensible URI-pattern-based servlet request processing framework
72 7,519,683 Dynamic media content for collaborators with client locations in dynamic client contexts
73 7,519,679 Targeted web page redirection
74 7,519,672 Active session queue management using contextual systems with an instant messaging proxy service
75 7,519,670 Method for disappearing ink for text messaging
76 7,519,666 Data transmission and reception system with accurate time information
77 7,519,663 System for recalling declined meetings
78 7,519,660 Controlling instant messaging settings based on calendar application entries
79 7,519,659 Dynamic media content for collaborators
80 7,519,658 Automatic blogging during media viewing
81 7,519,650 Split socket send queue apparatus and method with efficient queue flow control, retransmission and sack support mechanisms
82 7,519,649 System and method for performing decimal division
83 7,519,647 System and method for providing a decimal multiply algorithm using a double adder
84 7,519,645 System and method for performing decimal floating point addition
85 7,519,639 Method and apparatus for dynamic incremental defragmentation of memory
86 7,519,638 Method for developing enterprise information life cycle management policies and solutions
87 7,519,635 Method of and system for adaptive selection of a deduplication chunking technique
88 7,519,634 System and method for preserving memory resources during data backup
89 7,519,633 Asynchronous replication of data
90 7,519,629 System and method for tolerating multiple storage device failures in a storage system with constrained parity in-degree
91 7,519,627 Method for automatic deletion scheduling of the plurality of files in multi-user a digital playback system
92 7,519,624 Method for proactive impact analysis of policy-based storage systems
93 7,519,613 Method and system for generating threads of documents
94 7,519,610 Method and apparatus for efficiently storing audit event data having diverse characteristics using tiered tables
95 7,519,606 Schema mapping specification framework
96 7,519,599 System and method for scalable distribution of semantic web updates
97 7,519,592 Method, apparatus and computer program for key word searching
98 7,519,586 Method of searching
99 7,519,583 Detecting and tracking monotonicity for accelerating range and inequality queries
100 7,519,582 System and method for performing a high-level multi-dimensional query on a multi-structural database
101 7,519,580 Search criteria control system and method
102 7,519,576 Integrated user interface mechanism for recursive searching and selecting of items
103 7,519,574 Associating information related to components in structured documents stored in their native format in a database
104 7,519,572 System and method for efficiently obtaining a summary from and locating data in a log file
105 7,519,561 System, method and program to manage software licenses
106 7,519,556 Resource reduction financial impact analysis
107 7,519,553 Method and system for debt collection optimization
108 7,519,550 Storage medium for facilitating parts procurement and production planning across an extended supply chain
109 7,519,547 E-commerce transaction aggregation and processing
110 7,519,528 Building concept knowledge from machine-readable dictionary
111 7,519,527 Method for a database workload simulator
112 7,519,526 Charge-based circuit analysis
113 7,519,525 Post initial microcode load co-simulation method, system, and program product
114 7,519,524 Program product for providing a configuration specification language supporting incompletely specified configuration entities
115 7,519,510 Derivative performance counter mechanism
116 7,519,498 Thermal sensing method and apparatus using existing ESD devices
117 7,519,472 Inferring static traffic artifact presence, location, and specifics from aggregated navigation system data
118 7,519,341 Radio station preference translational mapping
119 7,519,322 Tracking locally broadcast electronic works
120 7,519,227 Finding structures in multi-dimensional spaces using image-guided clustering
121 7,519,216 Systems and methods of maintaining equipment for manufacturing semiconductor devices
122 7,519,214 System and method of determining image skew using connected components
123 7,519,181 System and method for enforcing network cluster proximity requirements using a proxy
124 7,519,178 Method, system and apparatus for ensuring a uniform distribution in key generation
125 7,519,177 Method and system for processing a data set
126 7,519,173 Method for managing resources in a multi-channeled customer service environment
127 7,519,164 System and method for sending information between users with a teleponic device while a call is in progress
128 7,519,130 Front end interface for data receiver
129 7,519,070 Method and apparatus for deep packet processing
130 7,519,067 Method, system, and computer product for controlling input message priority
131 7,519,008 Ineligible group member status
132 7,519,007 Method utilizing a single agent on a non-origin node for measuring the roundtrip response time of web pages with embedded HTML frames over a public or private network
133 7,518,989 Method and apparatus for recovery from faults in a loop network
134 7,518,942 Semiconductor storage device
135 7,518,918 Method and apparatus for repairing embedded memory in an integrated circuit
136 7,518,899 Method of providing optimal field programming of electronic fuses
137 7,518,876 Retractable operator control panel with universal hinge design and dual orientation features
138 7,518,875 Securing heat sinks to a device under test
139 7,518,871 Liquid-based cooling system for cooling a multi-component electronics system
140 7,518,868 Apparatus, system, and method for efficient heat dissipation
141 7,518,865 Real time adaptive active fluid flow cooling
142 7,518,850 High yield, high density on-chip capacitor design
143 7,518,845 RC-triggered power clamp suppressing negative mode electrostatic discharge stress
144 7,518,822 Data storage cartridge gripper with deep-reach
145 7,518,715 Method for determination of efficient lighting use
146 7,518,620 Method of displaying local and remote data objects and of interacting with same
147 7,518,597 Apparatus, method and program for performing layout operations on space
148 7,518,570 Method and apparatus for miniaturizing digital light processing displays using high refractive index crystals
149 7,518,550 Method and system to control operation of registered devices in response to local law via the global positioning system (GPS)
150 7,518,535 Generating a Gray code sequence for any even length using an intermediate binary sequence
151 7,518,520 RFID reader having antenna with directional attenuation panels for determining RFID tag location
152 7,518,514 Adaptive rule based electronic reminder for personal objects
153 7,518,486 Method for locking an electrical device to a given locale
154 7,518,395 IO driver with slew rate boost circuit
155 7,518,264 Digital current share method for power supplies in parallel
156 7,518,235 Method and structure to provide balanced mechanical loading of devices in compressively loaded environments
157 7,518,229 Versatile Si-based packaging with integrated passive components for mmWave applications
158 7,518,225 Chip system architecture for performance enhancement, power reduction and cost reduction
159 7,518,221 Apparatus and methods for packaging integrated circuit chips with antennas formed from package lead wires
160 7,518,215 One mask hyperabrupt junction varactor using a compensated cathode contact
161 7,518,193 SRAM array and analog FET with dual-strain layers comprising relaxed regions
162 7,518,191 Silicon on insulator devices having body-tied-to-source and methods of making
163 7,518,190 Grounding front-end-of-line structures on a SOI substrate
164 7,518,145 Integrated multiple gate dielectric composition and thickness semiconductor chip and method of manufacturing the same
165 7,518,069 Apparatus and method for providing a control panel that reduces overall size while providing integrated button protection for functional advantage
166 7,517,814 Method and system for forming an oxynitride layer by performing oxidation and nitridation concurrently
167 7,517,806 Integrated circuit having pairs of parallel complementary FinFETs
168 7,517,802 Method for reducing foreign material concentrations in etch chambers
169 7,517,795 Stabilization of Ni monosilicide thin films in CMOS devices using implantation of ions before silicidation
170 7,517,790 Method and structure to enhance temperature/humidity/bias performance of semiconductor devices by surface modification
171 7,517,789 Solder bumps in flip-chip technologies
172 7,517,767 Forming conductive stud for semiconductive devices
173 7,517,764 Bulk FinFET device
174 7,517,736 Structure and method of chemically formed anchored metallic vias
175 7,517,731 Semiconductor package
176 7,517,718 Method for fabricating an inorganic nanocomposite
177 7,517,716 Method of forming optical sensor that includes three pairs of electrodes formed at different depths in a semiconductor substrate
178 7,517,637 Method of producing self-aligned mask in conjunction with blocking mask, articles produced by same and composition for same
179 7,517,241 Apparatus for releasing latching connectors
180 7,517,230 Customizable backer for achieving consistent loading and engagement of array package connections
181 7,517,163 Pressure pad engagement mechanism using sliding actuator
182 7,516,884 Method and system for private information exchange in smart card commerce
183 7,516,879 Method of producing coaxial solder bump connections using injection molding of solder
184 7,516,820 Collapsible multiple arm bag holder for a retail checkout station
185 7,516,819 Self-checkout system with plurality of capacity-detecting loading stations
186 7,516,818 Item accumulation area divider for a checkout counter
187 7,516,776 Microjet module assembly
188 7,516,674 Method and apparatus for thermally induced testing of materials under transient temperature
189 7,516,520 Dual member handle system and method of operating the same