IBM patents granted on 14 April 2015

163 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,009,849 Region-based sharing of pictures
2 9,009,846 Virtual avatar authentication
3 9,009,842 Using data analytics and crowdsourcing to determine roles for a computer system
4 9,009,841 Testing web applications for file upload vulnerabilities
5 9,009,831 Scalable virtual appliance cloud (SVAC) and methods usable in an SVAC
6 9,009,821 Injection attack mitigation using context sensitive encoding of injected input
7 9,009,815 Increasing chosen password strength
8 9,009,784 Automated correction and reporting for dynamic web applications
9 9,009,777 Automatic role activation
10 9,009,730 Transaction capable queuing
11 9,009,723 Distributed acceleration devices management for streams processing
12 9,009,722 Collaborative negotiation of system resources among virtual servers running in a network computing environment
13 9,009,717 Managing scheduling of processes
14 9,009,716 Creating a thread of execution in a computer processor
15 9,009,715 Object optimal allocation device, method and program
16 9,009,707 Sharing reconfigurable computing devices between workloads
17 9,009,705 Authenticated distribution of virtual machine images
18 9,009,703 Sharing reconfigurable computing devices between workloads
19 9,009,697 Hybrid cloud integrator
20 9,009,687 De-serialization of objects based on difference in information content
21 9,009,684 Method, apparatus and product for porting applications to embedded platforms
22 9,009,681 Obtaining profile data for use in optimizing computer programming code
23 9,009,679 Determining snapshot placement
24 9,009,678 Software debugging with execution match determinations
25 9,009,676 Common recording and replaying performance test tool for a client-server environment
26 9,009,675 Verification of complex workflows through internal assessment or community based assessment
27 9,009,673 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with collaborative step over operation
28 9,009,671 Crash notification between debuggers
29 9,009,665 Automated tagging and tracking of defect codes based on customer problem management record
30 9,009,656 Source code analysis archival adapter for structured data mining
31 9,009,652 Method and system for handling software design conflicts
32 9,009,650 Generating a semantic graph that allows a user to intelligently and efficiently connect with people and assets involved in projects
33 9,009,642 Congestion estimation techniques at pre-synthesis stage
34 9,009,638 Estimating transistor characteristics and tolerances for compact modeling
35 9,009,613 System to overlay application help on a mobile device
36 9,009,609 Interaction with a visualized state transition model
37 9,009,606 Instant messaging association to remote desktops
38 9,009,602 Assisted browser navigation
39 9,009,587 Browser locking tool to control navigation away from a current webpage to a target webpage
40 9,009,548 Memory testing of three dimensional (3D) stacked memory
41 9,009,545 Pulsed-latch based razor with 1-cycle error recovery scheme
42 9,009,538 Analysis of tests of software programs based on classification of failed test cases
43 9,009,537 Diagnostic data capture in a computing environment
44 9,009,536 Test case production utilizing problem reports
45 9,009,535 Anomaly detection at the level of run time data structures
46 9,009,527 Recovering a volume table and data sets from a corrupted volume
47 9,009,520 Closed-loop multiphase slew rate controller for signal drive in a computer system
48 9,009,503 Branch circuit determination without external synchronization
49 9,009,490 Implementing dynamic banding of self encrypting drive
50 9,009,489 Device archiving of past cluster binding information on a broadcast encryption-based network
51 9,009,487 Device archiving of past cluster binding information on a broadcast encryption-based network
52 9,009,473 Providing consistent cryptographic operations across several applications
53 9,009,472 Providing consistent cryptographic operations
54 9,009,456 Automatic update of persistent boot parameter storage
55 9,009,452 Computing system with transactional memory using millicode assists
56 9,009,443 System and method for optimized reclamation processing in a virtual tape library system
57 9,009,438 Space reclamation in multi-layered and thin provisioned storage systems
58 9,009,435 Methods and systems for data cleanup using physical image of files on storage devices
59 9,009,434 Methods and systems for data cleanup using physical image of files on storage devices
60 9,009,430 Restoration of data from a backup storage volume
61 9,009,424 Data placement for loss protection in a storage system
62 9,009,421 Dynamically improving memory affinity of logical partitions
63 9,009,420 Structure for performing cacheline polling utilizing a store and reserve instruction
64 9,009,415 Memory system including a spiral cache
65 9,009,406 Determining server write activity levels to use to adjust write cache size
66 9,009,403 Multi-updatable least recently used mechanism
67 9,009,401 Multi-updatable least recently used mechanism
68 9,009,392 Leveraging a hybrid infrastructure for dynamic memory allocation and persistent file storage
69 9,009,386 Systems and methods for managing read-only memory
70 9,009,359 Emulating multiple universal serial bus (USB) keys so as to efficiently configure different types of hardware
71 9,009,350 Determining a path for network traffic between nodes in a parallel computer
72 9,009,328 System and method for dynamic negotiation of device name with wildcard character
73 9,009,324 Managing and reconciling information technology assets in a configuration database
74 9,009,312 Controlling access to a resource in a distributed computing system with a distributed access request queue
75 9,009,303 Correlating event streams from independent processes in a complex business system using metadata associated with the transport interconnections
76 9,009,301 Active probing for real-time diagnosis
77 9,009,295 System for indicating to network user the cost of service provided to each device on network
78 9,009,294 Dynamic provisioning of resources within a cloud computing environment
79 9,009,283 Using push notifications to reduce open browser connections
80 9,009,279 Computer network system including a proxy for interconnecting network management tools with network segments
81 9,009,273 Address server
82 9,009,257 Direct return to source (DRS) routing of customer information control systems (CICS) transactions
83 9,009,247 Responding to a page retrieval request from a client terminal
84 9,009,242 Email-read status
85 9,009,241 Determining crowd topics from communications in a focus area
86 9,009,238 Mirroring messaging status
87 9,009,237 Propagating instant message status change
88 9,009,227 Facilitating meeting invitation extension
89 9,009,214 Management of process-to-process inter-cluster communication requests
90 9,009,205 Activity-based block management of a clustered file system using client-side block maps
91 9,009,193 Techniques providing a software fitting assessment
92 9,009,189 Managing and improving question and answer resources and channels
93 9,009,181 Accessing objects in a service registry and repository
94 9,009,173 Using views of subsets of nodes of a schema to generate data transformation jobs to transform input files in first data formats to output files in second data formats
95 9,009,147 Finding a top-K diversified ranking list on graphs
96 9,009,138 Transparent analytical query accelerator
97 9,009,122 Optimized resizing for RCU-protected hash tables
98 9,009,120 Active memory expansion in a database environment to query needed/uneeded results
99 9,009,119 Compressing a multivariate dataset
100 9,009,085 Integrated automatic user support and assistance
101 9,009,079 Planning assignment of software licenses
102 9,009,018 Enabling reuse of unit-specific simulation irritation in multiple environments
103 9,009,007 Simulating stream computing systems
104 9,008,952 Managing vehicles on a road network
105 9,008,844 System and method to route airflow using dynamically changing ducts
106 9,008,710 Controlling communication between whitespace devices
107 9,008,588 System and method for the calibration and verification of wireless networks with control network
108 9,008,477 Alignment of single-mode polymer waveguide (PWG) array and silicon waveguide (SiWG) array for providing adiabatic coupling
109 9,008,433 Object tag metadata and image search
110 9,008,428 Efficient verification or disambiguation of character recognition results
111 9,008,393 Vessel identification using shape and motion mapping for coronary angiogram sequences
112 9,008,359 Detection of static object on thoroughfare crossings
113 9,008,317 Key encryption and decryption
114 9,008,196 Updating interface settings for an interface
115 9,008,085 Network interface card having overlay gateway functionality
116 9,007,962 Deadlock-free routing using edge-disjoint sub-networks
117 9,007,937 Techniques for segregating circuit-switched traffic from packet-switched traffic in radio access networks
118 9,007,929 Correlating communication transactions across communication networks
119 9,007,909 Link layer reservation of switch queue capacity
120 9,007,905 System to improve an Ethernet network
121 9,007,904 System to improve an ethernet network
122 9,007,858 SRAM global precharge, discharge, and sense
123 9,007,857 SRAM global precharge, discharge, and sense
124 9,007,825 Reduction of read disturb errors
125 9,007,800 Three-dimensional memory array and operation scheme
126 9,007,763 Airflow control apparatus
127 9,007,718 Write head having a device for reducing the effects of stray flux
128 9,007,712 Backward compatible head for quasi-static tilted reading and/or recording
129 9,007,709 Optimum tape layout selection for improved error correction capability
130 9,007,240 Disparity reduction for high speed serial links
131 9,007,212 Using a RFID paging infrastructure
132 9,007,084 Support structure for installation of a component assembly housed in a rotating, translating carriage chassis
133 9,007,077 Flexible current and voltage sensor
134 9,006,895 Interconnect structures containing nitrided metallic residues
135 9,006,837 Structure and method of T.sub.inv scaling for high k metal gate technology
136 9,006,836 Method and structure for controlling stress in a transistor channel
137 9,006,827 Radiation hardened memory cell and design structures
138 9,006,816 Memory device having multiple dielectric gate stacks and related methods
139 9,006,810 DRAM with a nanowire access transistor
140 9,006,801 Method for forming metal semiconductor alloys in contact holes and trenches
141 9,006,797 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) capacitive ohmic switch and design structures
142 9,006,789 Compressive strained III-V complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) device
143 9,006,783 Silicon controlled rectifier with integral deep trench capacitor
144 9,006,739 Semiconductor test and monitoring structure to detect boundaries of safe effective modulus
145 9,006,703 Method for reducing lateral extrusion formed in semiconductor structures and semiconductor structures formed thereof
146 9,006,700 Resistive memory with a stabilizer
147 9,006,667 Surface-modified fluorescent carbon nanotubes for product verification
148 9,006,373 Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof
149 9,006,108 Methodology for fabricating isotropically recessed source and drain regions of CMOS transistors
150 9,006,094 Stratified gate dielectric stack for gate dielectric leakage reduction
151 9,006,087 Diode structure and method for wire-last nanomesh technologies
152 9,006,071 Thin channel MOSFET with silicide local interconnect
153 9,006,064 Multi-plasma nitridation process for a gate dielectric
154 9,006,054 Lateral diode compatible with FinFET and method to fabricate same
155 9,006,052 Self aligned device with enhanced stress and methods of manufacture
156 9,006,049 Fabricating photonics devices fully integrated into a CMOS manufacturing process
157 9,006,048 Fabricating photonics devices fully integrated into a CMOS manufacturing process
158 9,005,887 Detection of an analyte in a sample
159 9,005,464 Tool for manufacturing semiconductor structures and method of use
160 9,005,338 Silicone-based chemical filter and silicone-based chemical bath for removing sulfur contaminants
161 9,005,175 Ostomy pouch technology
162 9,004,700 Three dimensional image projector stabilization circuit
163 9,004,674 Indication of print media quality to printer users