IBM patents granted on 14 August 2007

52 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,257,811 System, method and program to migrate a virtual machine
2 7,257,805 Restoring debugging breakpoints subsequent to program code modifications
3 7,257,788 Method and apparatus for converting globally clock-gated circuits to locally clock-gated circuits
4 7,257,783 Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
5 7,257,781 Method, circuit library and computer program product for implementing enhanced performance and reduced leakage current for ASIC designs
6 7,257,777 System and method for automatic control of window viewing
7 7,257,745 Array self repair using built-in self test techniques
8 7,257,734 Method and apparatus for managing processors in a multi-processor data processing system
9 7,257,718 Cipher message assist instructions
10 7,257,713 Automatic password configuration during error reporting
11 7,257,691 Writing and reading of data in probe-based data storage devices
12 7,257,686 Memory controller and method for scrubbing memory without using explicit atomic operations
13 7,257,674 Raid overlapping
14 7,257,663 Initiating and using information used for a host, control unit, and logical device connections
15 7,257,657 Method and apparatus for counting instruction execution and data accesses for specific types of instructions
16 7,257,617 Notifying users when messaging sessions are recorded
17 7,257,616 Network switch and components and method of operation
18 7,257,592 Replicating the blob data from the source field to the target field based on the source coded character set identifier and the target coded character set identifier, wherein the replicating further comprises converting the blob data from the source coded character set identifier to the target coded character set identifier
19 7,257,591 Method of referencing data via edge definition
20 7,257,587 Method and system for intra-table referential integrity for relational database systems
21 7,257,580 Method, system, and program for restricting modifications to allocations of computational resources
22 7,257,577 System, method and service for ranking search results using a modular scoring system
23 7,257,569 System and method for determining community overlap
24 7,257,537 Method and apparatus for performing dialog management in a computer conversational interface
25 7,257,516 Method, apparatus, and program for eliminating thread skew in multithreaded performance benchmarks
26 7,257,373 Method and apparatus for determining adjacency of wireless device to POS terminal
27 7,257,250 System, method, and program product for extracting a multiresolution quadrilateral-based subdivision surface representation from an arbitrary two-manifold polygon mesh
28 7,257,247 Mask defect analysis system
29 7,257,238 System, apparatus, and method for image scanning quality adjustment
30 7,257,199 Telephony based remote location monitoring
31 7,257,124 Method and apparatus for improving the fairness of new attaches to a weighted fair queue in a quality of service (QoS) scheduler
32 7,257,091 Controlling the state of duplexing of coupling facility structures
33 7,257,042 Enhanced sensing in a hierarchical memory architecture
34 7,256,736 Location system with swept digital beacon
35 7,256,719 Digital data decompression implemented in a field programmable array device
36 7,256,670 Diaphragm activated micro-electromechanical switch
37 7,256,647 Method and apparatus for presetting an amplifier
38 7,256,503 Chip underfill in flip-chip technologies
39 7,256,458 Doubly asymmetric double gate transistor structure
40 7,256,439 Trench capacitor array having well contacting merged plate
41 7,256,415 Memory device and method of manufacturing the device by simultaneously conditioning transition metal oxide layers in a plurality of memory cells
42 7,256,399 Non-destructive in-situ elemental profiling
43 7,256,148 Method for treating a wafer edge
44 7,256,146 Method of forming a ceramic diffusion barrier layer
45 7,256,114 Process for oxide cap formation in semiconductor manufacturing
46 7,256,081 Structure and method to induce strain in a semiconductor device channel with stressed film under the gate
47 7,256,078 High mobility plane FinFETs with equal drive strength
48 7,255,577 Protective cover for DIMM circuit card
49 7,255,571 Temperature dependent semiconductor module connectors
50 7,255,476 On chip temperature measuring and monitoring circuit and method
51 7,255,153 High performance integrated MLC cooling device for high power density ICS and method for manufacturing
52 7,254,888 Method for manufacturing graphite-base heat sinks