IBM patents granted on 14 August 2012

178 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,245,298 Port scanning method and device, port scanning detection method and device, port scanning system, computer program and computer program product
2 8,245,289 Methods and systems for preventing security breaches
3 8,245,283 Region access authorization in a virtual environment
4 8,245,273 Sharing referenced content through collaborative business applications
5 8,245,246 Method, system, and computer program product for implementing a web service interface
6 8,245,241 Arrangements for interactivity between a virtual universe and the world wide web
7 8,245,238 Routing workloads based on relative queue lengths of dispatchers
8 8,245,237 Providing resources to a job comparing estimated execution time on currently available nodes and estimated execution time on nodes available after completion of a currently executing job
9 8,245,236 Lock based moving of threads in a shared processor partitioning environment
10 8,245,233 Selection of a redundant controller based on resource view
11 8,245,231 Method of launching low-priority tasks
12 8,245,214 Reliably updating computer firmware while performing command and control functions on a power/thermal component in a high-availability, fault-tolerant, high-performance server
13 8,245,213 Method for determining a close approximate benefit of reducing memory footprint of a Java application
14 8,245,211 Method and system for finding problems caused by access to partially uninitialized data storage which is accessed using index expressions
15 8,245,209 Detecting dangling pointers and memory leaks within software
16 8,245,208 SIMD code generation for loops with mixed data lengths
17 8,245,204 Parameter management using compiler directives
18 8,245,201 Method and system for recording and replaying service interactions
19 8,245,200 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically injecting logging statements into web 2.0 javascript applications
20 8,245,199 Selectively marking and executing instrumentation code
21 8,245,194 Automatically generating unit test cases which can reproduce runtime problems
22 8,245,191 Policy application rules for automated configuration of software components
23 8,245,189 Generically managing the configuration of heterogeneous software artifacts
24 8,245,188 Flash presentation markup language (FLML) for textually expressing flash presentations
25 8,245,184 System and method for graphically building business rule conditions
26 8,245,182 Class selectable design sharing
27 8,245,178 Method for multi-cycle clock gating
28 8,245,173 Scheduling for parallel processing of regionally-constrained placement problem
29 8,245,169 Generating capacitance look-up tables for wiring patterns in the presence of metal fills
30 8,245,166 Optimal correlated array abstraction
31 8,245,164 Method of verification of address translation mechanisms
32 8,245,159 Gradient based search mechanism for optimizing photolithograph masks
33 8,245,154 Most-recently-used task switching among parent and child windows
34 8,245,153 System and method for displaying gantt charts with other project management tools
35 8,245,140 Visualization and consolidation of virtual machines in a virtualized data center
36 8,245,135 Producing a visual summarization of text documents
37 8,245,134 Differential dynamic content delivery with a session document recreated in dependence upon an interest of an identified user participant
38 8,245,127 Method and apparatus for a document annotation service
39 8,245,122 Method and system for modeling user requests, applications and components used in dynamic application assembly
40 8,245,113 Convolution-encoded RAID with trellis-decode-rebuild
41 8,245,105 Cascade interconnect memory system with enhanced reliability
42 8,245,086 Visual feedback system for multiple partitions on a server
43 8,245,084 Two-level representative workload phase detection
44 8,245,080 Model-based testing of an application program under test
45 8,245,069 Multiple power supplies providing enhanced power efficiency
46 8,245,065 Power gating processor execution units when number of instructions issued per cycle falls below threshold and are independent until instruction queue is full
47 8,245,042 Shielding a sensitive file
48 8,245,018 Processor register recovery after flush operation
49 8,245,016 Multi-threaded processing
50 8,245,013 Mapped offsets preset ahead of process migration
51 8,245,012 Adaptively preventing out of memory conditions
52 8,245,009 Simulating memory hot add
53 8,245,004 Mechanisms for communicating with an asynchronous memory mover to perform AMM operations
54 8,245,002 Call stack protection
55 8,244,988 Predictive ownership control of shared memory computing system data
56 8,244,979 System and method for cache-locking mechanism using translation table attributes for replacement class ID determination
57 8,244,977 Displaying memory statistics for a keydrive
58 8,244,976 Monitoring performance of a storage area network
59 8,244,974 Method and system for equalizing usage of storage media
60 8,244,972 Optimizing EDRAM refresh rates in a high performance cache architecture
61 8,244,954 On-demand paging-in of pages with read-only file system
62 8,244,943 Administering the polling of a number of devices for device status
63 8,244,938 Sliding write window mechanism for writing data
64 8,244,932 Dynamic stabilization for a stream processing system
65 8,244,924 Discovery and configuration of device configurations
66 8,244,918 Resource sharing expansion card
67 8,244,911 Method and apparatus for concurrent and stateful decompression of multiple compressed data streams
68 8,244,907 Browser-based logoff from distributed and federated environments
69 8,244,893 Computer program product for dynamically optimized handling of messages received from a message transmission backbone by a data processing system node
70 8,244,880 Connection management method, system, and program product
71 8,244,879 Surreptitious web server bias towards desired browsers
72 8,244,873 Method, system and computer program product for server selection, application placement and consolidation planning of information technology systems
73 8,244,868 Thin-provisioning adviser for storage devices
74 8,244,866 Matching an autonomic manager with a manageable resource
75 8,244,865 Method and apparatus for autonomic management of connection pools
76 8,244,856 Network management system accelerated event desktop client
77 8,244,847 Management of a service oriented architecture shared service
78 8,244,839 Network problem determination
79 8,244,828 Digital guide system
80 8,244,827 Transferring a logical partition (`LPAR`) between two server computing devices based on LPAR customer requirements
81 8,244,826 Providing a memory region or memory window access notification on a system area network
82 8,244,805 Communication integration between a virtual universe and an external device
83 8,244,800 Virtual space system, method and program
84 8,244,794 Consolidated business service for integrating service oriented architecture services with customer resources
85 8,244,793 Resetting a HyperTransport link in a blade server
86 8,244,790 Multiplier and cipher circuit
87 8,244,784 Generating a number based on mask and range constraints
88 8,244,783 Normalizer shift prediction for log estimate instructions
89 8,244,776 Method and device for customizing a mail history
90 8,244,768 Implementing service oriented architecture industry model repository using semantic web technologies
91 8,244,765 Avoiding three-valued logic in predicates on dictionary-encoded data
92 8,244,755 Search engine optimization using page anchors
93 8,244,754 System and method for object searching in virtual worlds
94 8,244,748 Including annotation data with disparate relational data
95 8,244,747 Middleware for query processing across a network of RFID databases
96 8,244,735 Efficient and scalable data evolution with column oriented databases
97 8,244,734 Apparatus and method for transmitting file and apparatus and method for receiving file
98 8,244,728 Method and apparatus for data exploration
99 8,244,724 Classifying documents according to readership
100 8,244,719 Computer method and apparatus providing social preview in tag selection
101 8,244,713 Content management system that retrieves data from an external data source and creates one or more objects in the repository
102 8,244,706 Method and apparatus for semantic just-in-time-information-retrieval
103 8,244,702 Modification of a data repository based on an abstract data representation
104 8,244,695 Validating stored copies of data images to load into memory
105 8,244,694 Dynamic schema assembly to accommodate application-specific metadata
106 8,244,686 High throughput, reliable replication of transformed data in information systems
107 8,244,683 System and method for manipulating a registry
108 8,244,657 Multi-objective optimization using weight adjustment of initial and corrected solutions
109 8,244,649 Structured differential learning
110 8,244,644 Supply chain multi-dimensional serial containment process
111 8,244,631 Data transfer system using mobile terminal and two-dimensional barcode
112 8,244,591 Accounting for spatial and environmental factors in equipment order configurations
113 8,244,568 Method and apparatus for gathering participant free time to schedule events on an electronic calendar
114 8,244,554 System, method, and apparatus for managing price information with locking mechanisms
115 8,244,548 Augmenting service oriented architecture governance maturity
116 8,244,520 Use of defining ignorable rectangles to assist with iterative translation testing
117 8,244,518 Input/output processor (IOP) based zSeries emulation
118 8,244,516 Formal verification of models using concurrent model-reduction and model-checking
119 8,244,515 Structure for detecting clock gating opportunities in a pipelined electronic circuit design
120 8,244,514 Correlating out interactions and profiling the same
121 8,244,502 Knowledge-based models for data centers
122 8,244,463 Method and system for providing directions for driving
123 8,244,391 Method for minimizing productivity loss while using a manufacturing scheduler
124 8,244,311 Time-related power systems
125 8,244,282 Performing recipient based routing of a phone call
126 8,244,274 Enhanced wireless access point communications while traveling
127 8,244,178 Intelligent device integration using RFID technology
128 8,244,170 Tracking locally broadcast electronic works
129 8,244,008 Methods involving optimizing and mapping images
130 8,243,987 Object tracking using color histogram and object size
131 8,243,954 System and method for a device sound interface manager
132 8,243,910 Single point of contact personal communication system
133 8,243,904 Methods to improve security of conference calls by observation of attendees’ order and time of joining the call
134 8,243,901 Securing teleconferences with unique, single-use passcodes
135 8,243,900 Visually rearranging telephone call trees
136 8,243,661 Establishing user accounts for RFID-based telecommunications routing
137 8,243,646 Method and system for digital communication through infrastructure network with receiving stations according to their geographical status
138 8,243,618 Steering fragmented IP packets using 5-tuple based rules
139 8,243,611 Method and system for configuring a device that has failed to obtain network address
140 8,243,598 Load-balancing via modulus distribution and TCP flow redirection due to server overload
141 8,243,597 Application layer synchronous traffic shaping
142 8,243,507 Programmable via devices in back end of line level
143 8,243,470 Ferrite inductors integrated within top-mounted input/output cable port assembly of an electronics rack
144 8,243,469 Ferrite inductors integrated within input/output cable port assembly of an electronics rack
145 8,243,396 Tape drive system
146 8,243,390 Reading multi-layer continuous magnetic recording media
147 8,243,385 Magnetic head having first, second and third arrays of writers
148 8,243,298 Low-paper sensor using rollers
149 8,243,081 Methods and systems for partitioning a spatial index
150 8,243,073 Tree insertion depth adjustment based on view frustum and distance culling
151 8,242,892 System, method and program product for communicating a privacy policy associated with a radio frequency identification tag and associated object
152 8,242,793 Electromagnetic profiling to validate electronic device authenticity
153 8,242,784 Qualifying circuit board materials
154 8,242,604 Coaxial through-silicon via
155 8,242,600 Redundant metal barrier structure for interconnect applications
156 8,242,593 Clustered stacked vias for reliable electronic substrates
157 8,242,591 Electrostatic chucking of an insulator handle substrate
158 8,242,584 Structure and method to create stress trench
159 8,242,578 Anti-fuse device structure and electroplating circuit structure and method
160 8,242,561 Semiconductor devices with improved self-aligned contact areas
161 8,242,560 FinFET with thin gate dielectric layer
162 8,242,549 Dynamic random access memory cell including an asymmetric transistor and a columnar capacitor
163 8,242,544 Semiconductor structure having reduced amine-based contaminants
164 8,242,542 Semiconductor switching device employing a quantum dot structure
165 8,242,485 Source/drain technology for the carbon nano-tube/graphene CMOS with a single self-aligned metal silicide process
166 8,242,384 Through hole-vias in multi-layer printed circuit boards
167 8,242,353 Nanowire multijunction solar cell
168 8,242,030 Activation of graphene buffer layers on silicon carbide by ultra low temperature oxidation
169 8,242,012 Integrated circuit structure incorporating a conductor layer with both top surface and sidewall passivation and a method of forming the integrated circuit structure
170 8,242,010 Electrical interconnect forming method
171 8,241,995 Bonding of substrates including metal-dielectric patterns with metal raised above dielectric
172 8,241,992 Method for air gap interconnect integration using photo-patternable low k material
173 8,241,981 Method of fabricating a deep trench (DT) metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor
174 8,241,971 MOSFET with a nanowire channel and fully silicided (FUSI) wrapped around gate
175 8,241,970 CMOS with channel P-FinFET and channel N-FinFET having different crystalline orientations and parallel fins
176 8,241,957 Negative thermal expansion system (NTES) device for TCE compensation in elastomer composites and conductive elastomer interconnects in microelectronic packaging
177 8,241,131 Avatar protection within a virtual universe
178 8,240,024 Methods for fabricating magnetic transducers using post-deposition tilting