IBM patents granted on 14 December 2010

101 US patents granted on 14 December 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,854,014 Media enclosure with access to product information
2 7,854,009 Method of securing access to IP LANs
3 7,854,004 Computer immune system and method for detecting unwanted code in a computer system
4 7,853,956 Message system and method
5 7,853,953 Methods and apparatus for selective workload off-loading across multiple data centers
6 7,853,950 Executing multiple threads in a processor
7 7,853,949 Method and apparatus for assigning fractional processing nodes to work in a stream-oriented computer system
8 7,853,948 Method and apparatus for scheduling grid jobs
9 7,853,942 Siebel SPF template file update utility
10 7,853,938 Creating multiple and cascading business interpretations from raw application data using transformation layering
11 7,853,932 System, method and computer program product for checking a software entity
12 7,853,930 Annotating graphs to allow quick loading and analysis of very large graphs
13 7,853,929 Dynamically profiling consumption of CPU time in Java methods with respect to method line numbers while executing in a Java virtual machine
14 7,853,928 Creating a physical trace from a virtual trace
15 7,853,926 Automated context-sensitive operating system switch
16 7,853,917 System for building binary decision diagrams efficiently in a structural network representation of a digital circuit
17 7,853,912 Arrangements for developing integrated circuit designs
18 7,853,907 Over approximation of integrated circuit based clock gating logic
19 7,853,898 Method and apparatus for managing image display in a digital image display apparatus
20 7,853,894 Method and system for enveloping a group of toolbar icons
21 7,853,883 Content aggregation view layout based on weights
22 7,853,882 Portlets having different portlet specific enablement states
23 7,853,848 System and method for signature-based systematic condition detection and analysis
24 7,853,827 Isotropic processor
25 7,853,823 System and method for reconstructing lost data in a storage system
26 7,853,820 System and method for detecting a faulty object in a system
27 7,853,812 Reducing power usage in a software application
28 7,853,808 Independent processor voltage supply
29 7,853,794 Efficient method for providing secure remote access
30 7,853,771 Page allocation management for virtual memory
31 7,853,764 Tape storage emulation for open systems environments
32 7,853,758 Avoiding failure of an initial program load in a logical partition of a data storage system
33 7,853,757 Avoiding failure of an initial program load in a logical partition of a data storage system
34 7,853,738 Efficient load/store buffer memory management in a computer communications network data transmission switch
35 7,853,728 System and article of manufacture for executing initialization code to configure connected devices
36 7,853,726 FCP command-data matching for write operations
37 7,853,693 Location based networked device utilization
38 7,853,690 Non-invasive collection of data
39 7,853,688 Method and system for proactively monitoring the coherency of a distributed cache
40 7,853,681 Method for controlling host throughput to a computer storage subsystem
41 7,853,675 Automatically enforcing change control in operations performed by operational management products
42 7,853,673 Client device configuration with hooks
43 7,853,659 Method for presenting personalized, voice printed messages from online digital devices to hosted services
44 7,853,652 Instant messaging system with privacy codes
45 7,853,646 Assured validation for facade method invocations
46 7,853,639 Performing process migration with allreduce operations
47 7,853,638 Structure for a flexibly configurable multi central processing unit (CPU) supported hypertransport switching
48 7,853,635 Modular binary multiplier for signed and unsigned operands of variable widths
49 7,853,633 System and method for generating random permutations of elements
50 7,853,625 System for defining data mappings between data structures
51 7,853,624 System and method for optimizing distributed and hybrid queries in imperfect environments
52 7,853,615 Hierarchical space partitioning for scalable data dissemination in large-scale distributed interactive applications
53 7,853,613 Access controller using tree-structured data
54 7,853,611 System and method for deriving a hierarchical event based database having action triggers based on inferred probabilities
55 7,853,610 Virtual foldering system for blending process and content in a collaborative environment
56 7,853,594 System and method for determining founders of an information aggregate
57 7,853,585 Monitoring performance of a data processing system
58 7,853,584 Multi-partition query governor in a computer database system
59 7,853,580 Method, system and computer program for downloading information based on a snapshot approach
60 7,853,576 Dynamic and selective data source binding through a metawrapper
61 7,853,574 Method of generating a context-inferenced search query and of sorting a result of the query
62 7,853,549 Method for rule compliance situation checking and related checking system
63 7,853,548 Methodology and computer program product for effecting rule evaluation in policy based data management
64 7,853,545 Preserving privacy of one-dimensional data streams using dynamic correlations
65 7,853,543 Block allocation times in a computer system
66 7,853,498 Method, system, and computer program product for on-demand creation and distribution of customized dynamic contracts
67 7,853,471 Instance messaging auto-scheduling
68 7,853,446 Generation of codified electronic medical records by processing clinician commentary
69 7,853,443 Transient simulation using adaptive piecewise constant model
70 7,853,420 Performing temporal checking
71 7,853,345 Offset determination method for measurement system matching
72 7,853,105 Coupling element alignment using waveguide fiducials
73 7,853,015 Group key exchanges with failures
74 7,852,693 Apparatus for and method of current leakage reduction in static random access memory arrays
75 7,852,600 Apparatus and method for reading out data recorded on tape
76 7,852,599 Apparatus, system, and method for tape drive head
77 7,852,337 Scalable property viewer for a massively parallel computer system
78 7,852,336 Dynamic determination of optimal spatial index mapping to processor thread resources
79 7,852,219 Container manifest integrity maintenance system and method
80 7,852,218 Finding and packing travel articles
81 7,852,151 Variable gain amplifier
82 7,852,103 Implementing at-speed Wafer Final Test (WFT) with complete chip coverage
83 7,851,923 Low resistance and inductance backside through vias and methods of fabricating same
84 7,851,919 Metal interconnect and IC chip including metal interconnect
85 7,851,911 Semiconductor chip used in flip chip process
86 7,851,885 Methods and systems involving electrically programmable fuses
87 7,851,865 Fin-type field effect transistor structure with merged source/drain silicide and method of forming the structure
88 7,851,783 Method and apparatus for fabricating a carbon nanotube transistor
89 7,851,376 Compressive nitride film and method of manufacturing thereof
90 7,851,357 Method of forming electrodeposited contacts
91 7,851,353 Method of forming a metal silicide layer, devices incorporating metal silicide layers and design structures for the devices
92 7,851,323 Phase change material with filament electrode
93 7,851,321 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having high-Q wafer back-side capacitors
94 7,851,315 Method for fabricating a field effect transistor having a dual thickness gate electrode
95 7,851,299 Subgroundrule space for improved metal high-k device
96 7,851,288 Field effect transistor using carbon based stress liner
97 7,851,283 Field effect transistor with raised source/drain fin straps
98 7,851,064 Methods and structures for promoting stable synthesis of carbon nanotubes
99 7,850,574 Device for monitoring a user’s posture
100 7,849,731 Nanoindentation surface analysis method
101 7,849,592 Method of compensating for thermal expansion in SMT interconnects