IBM patents granted on 14 July 2009

110 US patents granted on 14 July 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,562,388 Method and system for implementing security devices in a network
2 7,562,387 Method and apparatus for selective disabling of tracking of click stream data
3 7,562,382 Specializing support for a federation relationship
4 7,562,370 Stateless session Enterprise Java Bean initialization method
5 7,562,368 Universal driver server
6 7,562,365 Random access for processing messages in a message queue
7 7,562,355 Systems and methods for optimal component composition in a stream processing system
8 7,562,344 Method, system, and computer program product for providing real-time developer feedback in an integrated development environment
9 7,562,343 User configurable language independent code assist engine method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product
10 7,562,342 Method and apparatus for incrementally processing program annotations
11 7,562,340 Method for graphically building business rule conditions
12 7,562,337 OPC verification using auto-windowed regions
13 7,562,325 Device to cluster Boolean functions for clock gating
14 7,562,320 Asic based conveyor belt style programmable cross-point switch hardware accelerated simulation engine
15 7,562,310 Slider control movable in a two-dimensional region for simultaneously adjusting values of multiple variables
16 7,562,306 System and method for reducing memory use associated with the graphical representation of a list control
17 7,562,293 Method and apparatus for processing a parseable document
18 7,562,284 Apparatus, system, and method for mandatory end to end integrity checking in a storage system
19 7,562,281 Autonomic parity exchange
20 7,562,273 Register file cell with soft error detection and circuits and methods using the cell
21 7,562,272 Apparatus and method for using eFuses to store PLL configuration data
22 7,562,267 Methods and apparatus for testing a memory
23 7,562,265 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing self-quiesced logic to handle an error recovery instruction
24 7,562,262 Error monitoring of partitions in a computer system using supervisor partitions
25 7,562,260 Method and system for performing recovery of a single-threaded queue
26 7,562,254 Checkpointing and restarting long running web services
27 7,562,252 High availability multi-processor system
28 7,562,247 Providing independent clock failover for scalable blade servers
29 7,562,237 Semiconductor integrated circuit device with internal power control system
30 7,562,227 Method of authenticating a user on multiple devices using a procedural memory based password
31 7,562,214 Data processing systems
32 7,562,175 Internet SCSI communication via UNDI services
33 7,562,171 Method for interfacing components of a computing system with a pair of unidirectional, point-to-point buses
34 7,562,168 Method of optimizing buffer usage of virtual channels of a physical communication link and apparatuses for performing the same
35 7,562,163 Apparatus and method to locate a storage device disposed in a data storage system
36 7,562,154 System and method for filtering stale messages resulting from membership changes in a distributed computing environment
37 7,562,152 User input based allocation of bandwidth on a data link
38 7,562,145 Application instance level workload distribution affinities
39 7,562,144 Dynamic determination of master servers for branches in distributed directories
40 7,562,143 Managing escalating resource needs within a grid environment
41 7,562,133 Method, system and computer program product for delivering data to a storage buffer assigned to an application
42 7,562,132 Method and system for restricting and enhancing topology displays for multi-customer logical networks within a network management system
43 7,562,124 Systems and methods for determining completion of building a presentation space in a TN3270 environment
44 7,562,118 E-mail route trace functionality
45 7,562,116 Apparatus for determining availability of a user of an instant messaging application
46 7,562,114 Method and system for supporting responding to inquiry regarding digital content
47 7,562,090 System and method for automating data partitioning in a parallel database
48 7,562,079 Message generator
49 7,562,075 Change approvals for computing systems
50 7,562,072 Apparatus, system, and method for enhancing help resource selection in a computer application
51 7,562,065 Method, system and program product for estimating transaction response times
52 7,562,061 Context-based failure reporting for a constraint satisfaction problem
53 7,562,055 Resolve trace minimization
54 7,562,050 Aging of electronic payment units
55 7,562,043 Method, system, and program for implementing an auction using calendar information
56 7,562,041 Method and apparatus for facilitating business processes
57 7,562,035 Automating responses by grid providers to bid requests indicating criteria for a grid job
58 7,562,029 Integrated project management and development environment for determining the time expended on project tasks
59 7,562,022 Packaging and distributing service elements
60 7,562,004 Determining better configuration for computerized system
61 7,562,003 Method for performing dynamic simulations within virtualized environment
62 7,562,001 Creating a behavioral model of a hardware device for use in a simulation environment
63 7,561,974 System and method for identifying genes
64 7,561,698 Auto shutoff for portable audio devices
65 7,561,676 Method for sending telephone message tag from calling party to recipient
66 7,561,674 Apparatus and method for providing automatic language preference
67 7,561,529 Optimizing the speed of an FC-AL switch domain in a data storage network
68 7,561,489 System and method of selective row energization based on write data
69 7,561,483 Internally asymmetric method for evaluating static memory cell dynamic stability
70 7,561,382 Reusable ESD shorting member and cable
71 7,561,372 System and method for writing data to magnetic tape
72 7,561,228 Liquid crystal display panel and device thereof
73 7,561,178 Method, apparatus and computer program product for synchronizing separate compressed video and text streams to provide closed captioning and instant messaging integration with video conferencing
74 7,561,158 Method and apparatus for presenting feature importance in predictive modeling
75 7,561,060 Electroluminescent data cable identification and computer system diagnostics
76 7,561,059 Anti-tamper electronic obscurity using E-fuse technology
77 7,561,050 System and method to automate placement of RFID repeaters
78 7,561,023 Comparing counter contents for timing critical applications
79 7,560,966 Method of testing connectivity using dual operational mode CML latch
80 7,560,964 Latch and clock structures for enabling race-reduced MUX scan and LSSD co-compatibility
81 7,560,951 Characterization array circuit
82 7,560,950 Packaging reliability superchips
83 7,560,946 Method of acceptance for semiconductor devices
84 7,560,945 Integrated circuit failure prediction
85 7,560,913 Input-tracking, automatic output-margining method and system
86 7,560,798 High performance tapered varactor
87 7,560,794 DUV laser annealing and stabilization of SiCOH films
88 7,560,784 Fin PIN diode
89 7,560,778 Charge modulation network for multiple power domains for silicon-on-insulator technology
90 7,560,761 Semiconductor structure including trench capacitor and trench resistor
91 7,560,758 MOSFETs comprising source/drain recesses with slanted sidewall surfaces, and methods for fabricating the same
92 7,560,753 Field effect transistor with thin gate electrode and method of fabricating same
93 7,560,721 Phase change material with filament electrode
94 7,560,692 Method of TEM sample preparation for electron holography for semiconductor devices
95 7,560,501 Encapsulant of epoxy or cyanate ester resin, reactive flexibilizer and thermoplastic
96 7,560,387 Opening hard mask and SOI substrate in single process chamber
97 7,560,382 Embedded interconnects, and methods for forming same
98 7,560,375 Gas dielectric structure forming methods
99 7,560,361 Method of forming gate stack for semiconductor electronic device
100 7,560,360 Methods for enhancing trench capacitance and trench capacitor
101 7,560,347 Methods for forming a wrap-around gate field effect transistor
102 7,560,345 Method of assessing potential for charging damage in integrated circuit designs and structures for preventing charging damage
103 7,560,328 Strained Si on multiple materials for bulk or SOI substrates
104 7,560,326 Silicon/silcion germaninum/silicon body device with embedded carbon dopant
105 7,560,312 Void formation for semiconductor junction capacitance reduction
106 7,560,310 Semiconductor constructions and semiconductor device fabrication methods
107 7,560,222 Si-containing polymers for nano-pattern device fabrication
108 7,560,141 Method of positioning patterns from block copolymer self-assembly
109 7,560,070 Cantilever sensors and transducers
110 7,559,446 Automated dicing tool for semiconductor substrate materials