IBM patents granted on 14 June 2016

94 US patents granted on 14 June 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,370,122 Cooling apparatus with a resilient heat conducting member
2 9,369,664 Automated creation and maintenance of video-based documentation
3 9,369,572 Information sharing for third party applications in cellular telecommunication infrastructure
4 9,369,566 Providing visual cues for a user interacting with an automated telephone system
5 9,369,526 Distributed storage time synchronization based on retrieval delay
6 9,369,525 Highly resilient protocol servicing in network-attached storage
7 9,369,519 Network-aware structured content downloads
8 9,369,517 Synchronized data changes
9 9,369,510 Cost and resource utilization optimization in multiple data source transcoding
10 9,369,485 TCP connection resource diversity using tunable geometric series
11 9,369,410 Chatbots
12 9,369,350 Method and system of network transfer adaptive optimization in large-scale parallel computing system
13 9,369,349 Automatic extraction, modeling, and code mapping of application user interface display screens and components
14 9,369,346 Selective computation using analytic functions
15 9,369,334 Implementing redundancy on infiniband (IB) networks
16 9,369,308 Signal transmission reducing coupling caused delay variation
17 9,369,301 Overlay network capable of supporting storage area network (SAN) traffic
18 9,369,298 Directed route load/store packets for distributed switch initialization
19 9,369,274 Cipher text translation
20 9,369,263 Calibration of sampling phase and aperature errors in multi-phase sampling systems
21 9,368,852 Method for performing frequency band splitting
22 9,368,666 Solar cell with reduced absorber thickness and reduced back surface recombination
23 9,368,660 Capping layers for improved crystallization
24 9,368,653 Silicon photonics integration method and structure
25 9,368,599 Graphene/nanostructure FET with self-aligned contact and gate
26 9,368,593 Multiple thickness gate dielectrics for replacement gate field effect transistors
27 9,368,574 Nanowire field effect transistor with inner and outer gates
28 9,368,572 Vertical transistor with air-gap spacer
29 9,368,569 Punch through stopper for semiconductor device
30 9,368,512 Double diamond shaped unmerged epitaxy for tall fins in tight pitch
31 9,368,489 Interconnect circuits at three-dimensional (3-D) bonding interfaces of a processor array
32 9,368,415 Non-destructive, wafer scale method to evaluate defect density in heterogeneous epitaxial layers
33 9,368,350 Tone inverted directed self-assembly (DSA) fin patterning
34 9,368,343 Reduced external resistance finFET device
35 9,368,155 Determining updates for a video tutorial
36 9,367,861 Timer-based ad placement in content retrieval applications
37 9,367,818 Transductive Lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems
38 9,367,802 Determining a preferred node in a classification and regression tree for use in a predictive analysis
39 9,367,801 Optimal non-recursive method for finding a minimal subset satisfying an upward-closed property
40 9,367,635 Contact center co-browsing for a mobile device
41 9,367,620 Local context search results improvements
42 9,367,598 Merging an out of synchronization indicator and a change recording indicator in response to a failure in consistency group formation
43 9,367,597 Automatically managing mapping and transform rules when synchronizing systems
44 9,367,594 Determining statistics for cost-based optimization of a workflow
45 9,367,592 Using metaphors to present concepts across different intellectual domains
46 9,367,586 Data validation and service
47 9,367,582 Systems and methods involving information objects
48 9,367,576 Indexing of significant media granulars
49 9,367,556 Hashing scheme using compact array tables
50 9,367,555 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
51 9,367,542 Facilitating access to resource(s) idenfitied by reference(s) included in electronic communications
52 9,367,538 Analyzing messages and/or documents to provide suggestions to modify messages and/or documents to be more suitable for intended recipients
53 9,367,537 Analyzing messages and/or documents to provide suggestions to modify messages and/or documents to be more suitable for intended recipients
54 9,367,521 Content and context based handling of instant messages
55 9,367,505 Coherency overcommit
56 9,367,504 Coherency overcommit
57 9,367,501 Dynamic streaming data dispatcher
58 9,367,479 Management of destage tasks with large number of ranks
59 9,367,478 Controlling direct memory access page mappings
60 9,367,460 Implicit I/O send on cache operations
61 9,367,458 Programmable coherent proxy for attached processor
62 9,367,433 Generating input values for a test dataset from a datastore based on semantic annotations
63 9,367,430 Decomposing application topology data into transaction tracking data
64 9,367,427 Embedding and executing trace functions in code to gather trace data
65 9,367,424 Method for performance monitoring and optimization via trend detection and forecasting
66 9,367,408 Optimizing placement plans for host failure in cloud computing environments
67 9,367,407 Optimizing placement plans for host failure in cloud computing environments
68 9,367,384 Admission control based on the end-to-end availability
69 9,367,378 Facilitating transaction completion subsequent to repeated aborts of the transaction
70 9,367,369 Automated merger of logically associated messages in a message queue
71 9,367,364 Broadcasting shared variable directory (SVD) information in a parallel computer
72 9,367,362 Administration of virtual machine affinity in a cloud computing environment
73 9,367,359 Optimized resource management for map/reduce computing
74 9,367,358 Virtualizing a set of managers to form a composite manager in an autonomic system
75 9,367,324 Saving/restoring selected registers in transactional processing
76 9,367,323 Processor assist facility
77 9,367,322 Age based fast instruction issue
78 9,367,320 Techniques for hybrid computer thread creation and management
79 9,367,316 Run-time instrumentation indirect sampling by instruction operation code
80 9,367,313 Run-time instrumentation directed sampling
81 9,367,304 Integrated development environment-based repository searching in a networked computing environment
82 9,367,293 System and method for compiler assisted parallelization of a stream processing operator
83 9,367,290 Contraction aware parsing system for domain-specific languages
84 9,367,289 Method and apparatus for enabling agile development of services in cloud computing and traditional environments
85 9,367,264 Transaction check instruction for memory transactions
86 9,367,263 Transaction check instruction for memory transactions
87 9,367,250 Enabling throttling on average write throughput for solid state storage devices
88 9,367,249 Determining weight values for storage devices in a storage tier to use to select one of the storage devices to use as a target storage to which data from a source storage is migrated
89 9,367,223 Using a scroll bar in a multiple panel user interface
90 9,367,123 Systems and methods for collaborative browsing on the telecom web
91 9,366,883 Using google glass to project a red overlay that enhances night vision
92 9,366,591 Determining magnitude of compressive loading
93 9,366,566 Offset current compensation for photodiodes
94 9,364,832 Nanofluidic channels with gradual depth change for reducing entropic barrier of biopolymers