IBM patents granted on 14 March 2006

42 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,013,466 Method and system for supporting object oriented programming class replacement
2 7,013,463 Latch mechanism for concurrent computing environments
3 7,013,461 Systems and methods for service and role-based software distribution
4 7,013,455 System for automatically altering environment variable to run proper executable file by removing references to all except one duplicate file in the path sequence
5 7,013,441 Method for modeling integrated circuit yield
6 7,013,425 Data processing method, and encoder, decoder and XML parser for encoding and decoding an XML document
7 7,013,424 Dedicated processor for efficient processing of documents encoded in a markup language
8 7,013,423 Omitting forwarder pages in a history list in a browser
9 7,013,422 Noise removal in multibyte text encodings using statistical models
10 7,013,400 Method for managing power in a simultaneous multithread processor by loading instructions into pipeline circuit during select times based on clock signal frequency and selected power mode
11 7,013,394 Data flow pattern recognition and manipulation
12 7,013,388 Vault controller context manager and methods of operation for securely maintaining state information between successive browser connections in an electronic business system
13 7,013,385 Remotely controlled boot settings in a server blade environment
14 7,013,375 Configurable directory allocation
15 7,013,344 Massively computational parallizable optimization management system and method
16 7,013,336 Method and structure for efficiently retrieving status for SCSI accessed fault-tolerant enclosure (SAF-TE) systems
17 7,013,334 Network system, device management system, device management method, data processing method, storage medium, and internet service provision method
18 7,013,312 Web-based strategic client planning system for end-user creation of queries, reports and database updates
19 7,013,311 Providing XML cursor support on an XML repository built on top of a relational database system
20 7,013,307 System for organizing an annotation structure and for querying data and annotations
21 7,013,305 Managing the state of coupling facility structures, detecting by one or more systems coupled to the coupling facility, the suspended state of the duplexed command, detecting being independent of message exchange
22 7,013,286 Generation, distribution, storage, redemption, validation and clearing of electronic coupons
23 7,013,280 Disambiguation method and system for a voice activated directory assistance system
24 7,013,231 Method and program product to optimize manufacturing test time of electrical devices
25 7,013,205 System and method for minimizing energy consumption in hybrid vehicles
26 7,013,045 Using multiple documents to improve OCR accuracy
27 7,012,956 Circuit for optimizing a delay line used to de-skew received data signals relative to a received clock signal
28 7,012,925 System for transmitting local area network (LAN) data frames
29 7,012,839 Register file apparatus and method incorporating read-after-write blocking using detection cells
30 7,012,826 Bitline twisting structure for memory arrays incorporating reference wordlines
31 7,012,807 Thermal dissipation assembly and fabrication method for electronics drawer of a multiple-drawer electronics rack
32 7,012,806 Portable electronic device with adaptive sizing
33 7,012,627 System and method for presentation of room navigation
34 7,012,528 Using radio frequency identification with transaction-specific correlator values written on transaction receipts to detect and/or prevent theft and shoplifting
35 7,012,499 Method of fabrication of thin film resistor with 0 TCR
36 7,012,440 Wafer test apparatus including optical elements and method of using the test apparatus
37 7,012,316 Isolation structures in semiconductor integrated circuits (IC)
38 7,011,980 Method and structures for measuring gate tunneling leakage parameters of field effect transistors
39 7,011,923 Negative photoresist and method of using thereof
40 7,011,531 Membrane probe with anchored elements
41 7,011,503 Fan blade for allowing airflow with fan in failure condition
42 7,011,143 Method and apparatus for cooling electronic components