IBM patents granted on 14 May 2013

80 US patents granted on 14 May 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,443,453 Ad hoc trust delegation in human based workflow systems using one time access key
2 8,443,404 Session life-cycle quality-of-experience orchestration for VOD flows in wireless broadband networks
3 8,443,372 Methods and systems for partitioning data in parallel processing systems
4 8,443,371 Managing operation requests using different resources
5 8,443,359 Method and system for providing a filter for a router
6 8,443,352 Processing strings based on whether the strings are short strings or long strings
7 8,443,345 Dynamic processing of embedded compiled programming language code
8 8,443,324 Routing and timing using layer ranges
9 8,443,322 Using layout enumeration to facilitate integrated circuit development
10 8,443,314 Abstraction level-preserving conversion of flip-flop-inferred hardware description language (HDL) to instantiated HDL
11 8,443,313 Circuit design optimization
12 8,443,309 Multifeature test pattern for optical proximity correction model verification
13 8,443,304 Conditional modification of browser content
14 8,443,298 Method and apparatus for repositioning a horizontally or vertically maximized display window
15 8,443,287 Interactive tool for visualizing performance data in real-time to enable adaptive performance optimization and feedback
16 8,443,281 Constructing a labeled treemap with balanced layout
17 8,443,273 Data dependent NPML detection and systems thereof
18 8,443,241 Runtime dynamic performance skew elimination
19 8,443,228 Transitional replacement of operations performed by a central hub
20 8,443,227 Processor and method for workaround trigger activated exceptions
21 8,443,220 Automated voltage control for scheduled server outage in server cluster by determining future workload increase for remaining servers based upon service level objectives and determining associated voltage adjustments
22 8,443,210 Power management module enforcing computer power capping by reading power cap information from nameplate having both machine readable module and human readable designation for providing such information
23 8,443,189 Trust event notification and actions based on thresholds and associated trust metadata scores
24 8,443,176 Method, system, and computer program product for reducing cache memory pollution
25 8,443,154 Managing shared data objects to provide visibility to shared memory
26 8,443,149 Evicting data from a cache via a batch file
27 8,443,146 Techniques for cache injection in a processor system responsive to a specific instruction sequence
28 8,443,141 Intelligent write caching for sequential tracks
29 8,443,136 Method and apparatus for protecting data using variable size page stripes in a FLASH-based storage system
30 8,443,078 Method of determining equivalent subsets of agents to gather information for a fabric
31 8,443,048 Method, system and program product for assigning a responder to a requester in a collaborative environment
32 8,443,029 Round for reround mode in a decimal floating point instruction
33 8,443,027 Implementing a floating point weighted average function
34 8,442,999 Semantic discovery and mapping between data sources
35 8,442,993 Ruleset implementation for memory starved systems
36 8,442,992 Mixed mode (mechanical process and english text) query building support for improving the process of building queries correctly
37 8,442,988 Adaptive cell-specific dictionaries for frequency-partitioned multi-dimensional data
38 8,442,979 System for creating markup language documents at a receiving display station from multiple sources with markup for displaying the state of sets of content reviews
39 8,442,971 Execution plans with different driver sources in multiple threads
40 8,442,961 Method, system and computer programming for maintaining bookmarks up-to date
41 8,442,955 Virtual machine image co-migration
42 8,442,951 Processing archive content based on hierarchical classification levels
43 8,442,873 Order processing system, method and program product
44 8,442,851 Providing feedback to a chairperson in an electronic meeting scheduling system in order to enable improved meeting resource management
45 8,442,831 Sound envelope deconstruction to identify words in continuous speech
46 8,442,377 Intelligent recording
47 8,442,362 Method for manufacturing optical coupling element, optical transmission substrate, optical coupling component, coupling method, and optical interconnect system
48 8,442,324 Method and system for displaying image based on text in image
49 8,442,299 Evaluation of image processing algorithms
50 8,442,187 Secure voice transaction method and system
51 8,442,067 Using gathered system activity statistics to determine when to schedule a procedure
52 8,442,028 Packet communication system, communication method and program
53 8,441,847 Programming multi-level phase change memory cells
54 8,441,702 Scanning and capturing digital images using residue detection
55 8,441,475 Arrangements for enhancing multimedia features in a virtual universe
56 8,441,103 Embedded series deep trench capacitors and methods of manufacture
57 8,441,084 Horizontal polysilicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor
58 8,441,071 Body contacted transistor with reduced parasitic capacitance
59 8,441,043 Maskless process for suspending and thinning nanowires
60 8,441,042 BEOL compatible FET structure
61 8,441,039 Nanopillar E-fuse structure and process
62 8,441,000 Heterojunction tunneling field effect transistors, and methods for fabricating the same
63 8,440,999 Semiconductor chip with graphene based devices in an interconnect structure of the chip
64 8,440,917 Method and apparatus to reduce impedance discontinuity in packages
65 8,440,552 Method to form low series resistance transistor devices on silicon on insulator layer
66 8,440,547 Method and structure for PMOS devices with high K metal gate integration and SiGe channel engineering
67 8,440,544 CMOS structure and method of manufacture
68 8,440,532 Structure and method for making metal semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) with isolation last process
69 8,440,523 Micromechanical device and methods to fabricate same using hard mask resistant to structure release etch
70 8,440,522 Increasing an electrical resistance of a resistor by oxidation
71 8,440,519 Semiconductor structures using replacement gate and methods of manufacture
72 8,440,505 Semiconductor chips including passivation layer trench structure
73 8,440,497 Fabricating kesterite solar cells and parts thereof
74 8,440,494 Single-crystalline silicon alkaline texturing with glycerol or ethylene glycol additives
75 8,440,490 CMOS imager photodiode with enhanced capacitance
76 8,440,387 Graded topcoat materials for immersion lithography
77 8,439,728 Reticle carrier
78 8,439,561 Fluid distribution apparatus and method facilitating cooling of electronics rack(s) and simulating heated airflow exhaust of electronics rack(s)
79 8,439,072 Hydrocarbon gas delivery system
80 8,438,903 Molecule detection device formed in a semiconductor structure