IBM patents granted on 14 October 2008

102 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,437,767 Method for enabling a trusted dialog for collection of sensitive data
2 7,437,762 Method, computer program element and a system for processing alarms triggered by a monitoring system
3 7,437,760 Antiviral network system
4 7,437,741 Method, system, and program for invoking methods between computer languages
5 7,437,735 Hierarchical event filtering for storage server
6 7,437,730 System and method for providing a scalable on demand hosting system
7 7,437,709 Providing assistance for editing markup document based on inferred grammar
8 7,437,707 Systems and methods for generating applications that are automatically optimized for network performance
9 7,437,697 System and method of criticality prediction in statistical timing analysis
10 7,437,691 VLSI artwork legalization for hierarchical designs with multiple grid constraints
11 7,437,690 Method for predicate-based compositional minimization in a verification environment
12 7,437,686 Systems, methods and computer program products for graphical user interface presentation to implement filtering of a large unbounded hierarchy to avoid repetitive navigation
13 7,437,678 Maximizing window display area using window flowing
14 7,437,670 Magnifying the text of a link while still retaining browser function in the magnified display
15 7,437,669 Method and system for dynamic creation of mixed language hypertext markup language content through machine translation
16 7,437,667 System and method of processing a document targeted for one system on another system
17 7,437,665 SEF parser and EDI parser generator
18 7,437,663 Offline dynamic web page generation
19 7,437,661 Latches-links as virtual attachments in documents
20 7,437,637 Apparatus and method for programmable fuse repair to support dynamic relocate and improved cache testing
21 7,437,626 Efficient method of test and soft repair of SRAM with redundancy
22 7,437,622 Implementation-efficient multiple-counter value hardware performance counter
23 7,437,620 Method and system for extending the useful life of another system
24 7,437,618 Method in a processor for dynamically during runtime allocating memory for in-memory hardware tracing
25 7,437,617 Method, apparatus, and computer program product in a processor for concurrently sharing a memory controller among a tracing process and non-tracing processes using a programmable variable number of shared memory write buffers
26 7,437,611 System and method for problem determination using dependency graphs and run-time behavior models
27 7,437,608 Reassigning storage volumes from a failed processing system to a surviving processing system
28 7,437,595 Row fault detection system
29 7,437,593 Apparatus, system, and method for managing errors in prefetched data
30 7,437,570 Method, system, and program for distributing software between computer systems
31 7,437,545 Apparatus and system for the autonomic configuration of a storage device
32 7,437,543 Reducing the fetch time of target instructions of a predicted taken branch instruction
33 7,437,539 Issue unit for placing a processor into a gradual slow mode of operation in response to a detected livelock condition within a processor pipeline
34 7,437,529 Method and mechanism for efficiently creating large virtual memory pages in a multiple page size environment
35 7,437,520 Adaptive snoop-and-forward mechanisms for multiprocessor systems
36 7,437,517 Methods and arrangements to manage on-chip memory to reduce memory latency
37 7,437,508 Method and system for storing data in an array of storage devices with additional and autonomic protection
38 7,437,504 Reading a storage medium
39 7,437,490 Channel communication array queues in hardware system area
40 7,437,484 Method for optimizing synchronization
41 7,437,470 Tunneling IPv6 packets
42 7,437,468 Method and system for secure URL-based access control
43 7,437,447 Method and system for authenticating a requestor without providing a key
44 7,437,443 Administering devices with domain state objects
45 7,437,432 Client device configuration with configuration services providers
46 7,437,421 Collaborative email with delegable authorities
47 7,437,417 Method for publish/subscribe messaging
48 7,437,392 Transitioning a filter function of a two-port lattice-form planar waveguide optical delay line circuit filter from a start filter function to a target filter function
49 7,437,381 Rapid access to parts of an electronic document via GUI
50 7,437,374 Efficient XML schema validation of XML fragments using annotated automaton encoding
51 7,437,372 Systems, methods, and computer program products to reduce computer processing in grid cell size determination for indexing of multidimensional databases
52 7,437,363 Use of special directories for encoding semantic information in a file system
53 7,437,352 Data plotting extension for structured query language
54 7,437,349 Adaptive probabilistic query expansion
55 7,437,314 Method and system for referencing trading agreements
56 7,437,310 Third party contract depository for E-commerce transactions
57 7,437,304 System and method for project preparing a procurement and accounts payable system
58 7,437,297 Systems and methods for predicting consequences of misinterpretation of user commands in automated systems
59 7,437,291 Using partial information to improve dialog in automatic speech recognition systems
60 7,437,289 Methods and apparatus for the systematic adaptation of classification systems from sparse adaptation data
61 7,437,282 Method and apparatus to provide alternative stimulus to signals internal to a model actively running on a logic simulation hardware emulator
62 7,437,277 Model independent simulation
63 7,437,205 Method for manufacturing with engineering change override
64 7,437,124 Satellite radio receiver that displays information regarding one or more channels that are not currently being listened to
65 7,436,966 Secure approach to send data from one system to another
66 7,436,962 Method and apparatus for providing secured communication connections using a secured communication connection object
67 7,436,955 Encrypting and decrypting a data stream
68 7,436,945 Rerouting ongoing telecommunications to a user
69 7,436,853 Reducing memory accesses in processing TCP/IP packets
70 7,436,786 Telecommunications system for minimizing the effect of white noise data packets for the generation of required white noise on transmission channel utilization
71 7,436,773 Packet flow control in switched full duplex ethernet networks
72 7,436,748 Storage device and method for operating a storage device
73 7,436,687 Intelligent direct current power supplies
74 7,436,662 Hot swappable cooling fan system
75 7,436,657 Keyboard illumination device for portable computer
76 7,436,615 Using a measured error to determine coefficients to provide to an equalizer to use to equalize an input signal
77 7,436,609 Apparatus method and system for concurrent gain control in a magnetic read channel
78 7,436,407 Topology determination, decomposable shape generation, and structured mesh generation
79 7,436,394 Apparatus, system and method of importing data arranged in a table on an electronic whiteboard into a spreadsheet
80 7,436,211 Transparent latch circuit
81 7,436,169 Mechanical stress characterization in semiconductor device
82 7,436,159 Compound power supply
83 7,436,057 Elastomer interposer with voids in a compressive loading system
84 7,436,044 Electrical fuses comprising thin film transistors (TFTS), and methods for programming same
85 7,436,034 Metal oxynitride as a pFET material
86 7,436,030 Strained MOSFETs on separated silicon layers
87 7,436,029 High performance CMOS device structures and method of manufacture
88 7,436,006 Hybrid strained orientated substrates and devices
89 7,435,990 Arrangement for testing semiconductor chips while incorporated on a semiconductor wafer
90 7,435,676 Dual damascene process flow enabling minimal ULK film modification and enhanced stack integrity
91 7,435,674 Dielectric interconnect structures and methods for forming the same
92 7,435,671 Trilayer resist scheme for gate etching applications
93 7,435,653 Methods for forming a wrap-around gate field effect transistor
94 7,435,652 Integration schemes for fabricating polysilicon gate MOSFET and high-K dielectric metal gate MOSFET
95 7,435,627 Techniques for providing decoupling capacitance
96 7,435,622 High performance reworkable heatsink and packaging structure with solder release layer and method of making
97 7,435,537 Fluorinated half ester of maleic anhydride polymers for dry 193 nm top antireflective coating application
98 7,435,114 Method for docking a printed circuit board
99 7,435,074 Method for fabricating dual damascence structures using photo-imprint lithography, methods for fabricating imprint lithography molds for dual damascene structures, materials for imprintable dielectrics and equipment for photo-imprint lithography used in dual damascence patterning
100 7,434,663 Retail checkout station including a plurality of selectively deployable barriers for intra-order separation of purchased items
101 7,434,512 Printing in a medium
102 7,434,308 Cooling of substrate using interposer channels