IBM patents granted on 15 April 2008

97 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,360,248 Methods and apparatus for verifying the identity of a user requesting access using location information
2 7,360,246 Communications monitoring, processing and intrusion detection
3 7,360,239 Biometric multimodal centralized authentication service
4 7,360,238 Method and system for authentication of a user
5 7,360,222 Extensions to coupling channels to support multiple coupling facility sharing, interrupts, and message passing
6 7,360,218 System and method for scheduling compatible threads in a simultaneous multi-threading processor using cycle per instruction value occurred during identified time interval
7 7,360,205 Minimizing interaction costs among components of computer programs
8 7,360,204 Grouping breakpoints by a criteria
9 7,360,201 Automated analysis and identification of options in project management
10 7,360,199 Iterative method for refining integrated circuit layout using compass optical proximity correction (OPC)
11 7,360,188 Method and apparatus for characteristics impedance discontinuity reduction in high-speed flexible circuit applications
12 7,360,185 Design verification using sequential and combinational transformations
13 7,360,181 Enhanced structural redundancy detection
14 7,360,168 Automatically scaling the information and controls in navigation tabs per available window area
15 7,360,167 User interface expander and collapser
16 7,360,149 Displaying text of video in browsers on a frame by frame basis
17 7,360,143 Redundant storage of computer data
18 7,360,140 Apparatus and method for tracking packets in a reliably connected transmission system
19 7,360,138 Verification of the design of an integrated circuit background
20 7,360,135 Apparatus and method for automatically self-calibrating a duty cycle circuit for maximum chip performance
21 7,360,120 Methods for adaptive problem determination in distributed service-based applications
22 7,360,114 Logging of exception data
23 7,360,112 Detection and recovery of dropped writes in storage devices
24 7,360,095 Method and apparatus for a proximity warning system
25 7,360,082 System and method for downloading security context elements governing execution of downloadable and distributable agents
26 7,360,080 Non-transferable anonymous credential system with optional anonymity revocation
27 7,360,071 Method to establish contexts for use during automated product configuration
28 7,360,067 Method and data processing system for microprocessor communication in a cluster-based multi-processor wireless network
29 7,360,063 Method for SIMD-oriented management of register maps for map-based indirect register-file access
30 7,360,062 Method and apparatus for selecting an instruction thread for processing in a multi-thread processor
31 7,360,058 System and method for generating effective address
32 7,360,053 Facilitating non-contiguous allocation of a large object within a java heap
33 7,360,048 Storage system with multiple copy targeting and disk failure protection
34 7,360,041 Method for priority scheduling and priority dispatching of store conditional operations in a store queue
35 7,360,035 Atomic read/write support in a multi-module memory configuration
36 7,360,032 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for a cache coherency protocol state that predicts locations of modified memory blocks
37 7,360,021 System and method for completing updates to entire cache lines with address-only bus operations
38 7,359,992 Method of preserving symmetrical routing in a communication system based upon a server farm
39 7,359,990 Editing files of remote systems using an integrated development environment
40 7,359,982 System and method for facilitating access to content information
41 7,359,977 Ubiquitous visited links
42 7,359,975 Method, system, and program for performing a data transfer operation with respect to source and target storage devices in a network
43 7,359,947 Autonomic e-mail processing system and method
44 7,359,941 Method and apparatus for filtering spam email
45 7,359,936 Method and apparatus for electronic mail interaction with grouped message types
46 7,359,932 Method and data processing system for microprocessor communication in a cluster-based multi-processor system
47 7,359,923 Online incremental deferred integrity processing and maintenance of rolled in and rolled out data
48 7,359,909 Generating an information catalog for a business model
49 7,359,908 Techniques for managing interdependent data objects
50 7,359,885 System and method for device-based access privilege to an account
51 7,359,874 Method and system for facilitating parts procurement and production planning across an extended supply chain
52 7,359,872 System and method for calculating parameters for a commerce system
53 7,359,852 Systems and methods for natural spoken language word prediction and speech recognition
54 7,359,847 Tracking converage results in a batch simulation farm network
55 7,359,824 Systems and methods for a distributed execution environment with per-command environment management
56 7,359,820 In-cycle system test adaptation
57 7,359,768 Route input system
58 7,359,758 Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a reusable new product planning model
59 7,359,717 Method for transmitting an assignment through wireless transmission
60 7,359,565 Method of filtering pixels in a video encoding process
61 7,359,432 Speed negotiation for serial transceivers
62 7,359,378 Security system for preventing unauthorized packet transmission between customer servers in a server farm
63 7,359,335 Automatic configuration of network for monitoring
64 7,359,318 Method and systems for ordered dynamic distribution of packet flows over network processing means
65 7,359,196 Dual impeller push-pull axial fan heat sink
66 7,359,156 Magnetic tape head system method specifying parameters for near-constant resolution at varying tape velocities
67 7,359,135 Dynamically adapting a magnetic tape read channel equalizer
68 7,359,054 Overlay target and measurement method using reference and sub-grids
69 7,358,969 Method and system for partitioning the surface of a three dimentional digital object model in order to map a texture
70 7,358,823 Programmable capacitors and methods of using the same
71 7,358,787 Dual operational mode CML latch
72 7,358,785 Apparatus and method for extracting a maximum pulse width of a pulse width limiter
73 7,358,586 Silicon-on-insulator wafer having reentrant shape dielectric trenches
74 7,358,573 Triple-well CMOS devices with increased latch-up immunity and methods of fabricating same
75 7,358,572 Radiation tolerant electrostatic discharge protection networks
76 7,358,551 Structure and method for improved stress and yield in pFETs with embedded SiGe source/drain regions
77 7,358,182 Method of forming an interconnect structure
78 7,358,172 Poly filled substrate contact on SOI structure
79 7,358,166 Relaxed, low-defect SGOI for strained Si CMOS applications
80 7,358,164 Crystal imprinting methods for fabricating substrates with thin active silicon layers
81 7,358,148 Adjustable self-aligned air gap dielectric for low capacitance wiring
82 7,358,140 Pattern density control using edge printing processes
83 7,358,130 Method for monitoring lateral encroachment of spacer process on a CD SEM
84 7,358,122 High performance FET devices and methods thereof
85 7,358,120 Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) read only memory (ROM) array and method of making a SOI ROM
86 7,358,035 Topcoat compositions and methods of use thereof
87 7,358,029 Low activation energy dissolution modification agents for photoresist applications
88 7,358,027 Copolymer for use in chemical amplification resists
89 7,357,995 Magnetic tunnel barriers and associated magnetic tunnel junctions with high tunneling magnetoresistance
90 7,357,977 Ultralow dielectric constant layer with controlled biaxial stress
91 7,357,684 Control system for a linear propulsor array
92 7,357,682 Method and apparatus for fastening two coplanar edges without a weld
93 7,357,675 Universal EMC gasket
94 7,357,609 Locking member for pallet ramp safety retainers
95 7,357,333 Mechanism for storing authenticity information about a written or printed document
96 7,357,332 Providing diagnostic information on the processing of variables in source code
97 7,357,316 Retail environment